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What Is a Jack and Jill Bedroom?

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You might run across the phrase Jack and Jill bedroom or Jack and Jill bathroom when you’re buying a house, especially if you’re looking for one with children’s bedrooms. This type of bedroom gets its name from the popular nursery rhyme characters, Jack and Jill.

A Jack and Jill bedroom is a suite that includes multiple bedrooms and a shared bathroom.  This bathroom is slightly more complicated than normal bathrooms to allow for efficient use of space while still maintaining privacy. 

Keep reading to learn more about Jack and Jill bedrooms and whether they would be a good fit for you. 

What Is a Jack and Jill Bedroom?

Simple diagram of Jack and Jill bedroom layout

A Jack and Jill bedroom is two bedrooms that are connected by a bathroom. While the bathroom can be a full bath, it is often a half-bath connected to another, smaller room with a shower/bathtub. Most of the time they are intended for use by siblings.

Jack and Jills are designed to make the most efficient use of space and can even eliminate the need for another half bath on the floor. Since the rooms have doors that connect and can be locked, they are also designed to provide privacy.

One person can use the half-bathroom while the person who sleeps in the other room can use the shower/bath. Therefore, they make efficient use of the space between both rooms.

However, they don’t always come with the savings people imagine because you still have all the fixtures of a full bath. They are just spread across two different rooms.

Why Is It Called a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Male siblings using the mirror in their Jack and Jill bathroom

Jack and Jill Bathrooms draw their name from the famous nursery rhyme because they are usually used by two siblings. Since both bedrooms have access to this bathroom, that eliminates the need for additional bathrooms on that floor.

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a full bathroom that is sometimes chopped into two rooms— one containing a sink/toilet and the other the shower/tub.

Suites with divided bathrooms allow each sibling to use either the toilet/sink of a half-bath or the shower/bathtub without invading the privacy of the other sibling. This type of bathroom is intended to make efficient use of the bathroom space and to free up room for other uses.

What Is Another Name for a Jack and Jill Bedroom or Bathroom?

Simple shared bathroom

Jack and Jill bedroom/bathroom suites are sometimes also called Hollywood bathrooms, but there is a slight difference in layout between the two.

While a Jack and Jill suite includes a single bathroom that is sometimes divided, a Hollywood bathroom has a full half-bath for each different bedroom. You can also access the half baths in a Hollywood bathroom from multiple entryways.

Hollywood bathrooms aren’t as efficient as Jack and Jill bathrooms, but they’re supposed to be a little more luxurious.

Are There Jack and Jill Bathrooms With Three Doors?

Bathroom door

A traditional Jack and Jill suite has a bathroom between the bedrooms of two siblings so both siblings can use the bathroom at the same time. In this day and age, there is no need to stick to tradition if something else works better.

It’s possible to find Jack and Jill bathrooms with doors to either bedroom plus a door from a different access point. That might be a third bedroom or it might be from a hallway. But, the design needs to be creative or some of the sense of privacy is lost.

How Do You Get Rid of a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Demolished Jack and Jill bathroom

Your home might come with a Jack and Jill suite that you decide needs to go. Perhaps you’re looking at the resale value and decide that full bath access from the entire floor might increase the home’s value. Perhaps you find a Jack and Jill suite incompatible with your kids.

The good news is that it’s not hard to get rid of a Jack and Jill bathroom.

If your Jack and Jill suite consists of two bathrooms, then you’ll need to remove the wall and add a door from the hallway. That might require that you move a fixture. Then, replace the door sections to the bedrooms with a wall.

If it’s one bathroom, you’ll follow the same steps except you won’t need to remove the interior wall. Make sure you consult a licensed contractor to make sure you’re not removing a load-bearing wall.

Do Jack and Jill Bathrooms Hold Their Resale Value?

Man checking cabinetry in a Jack and Jill bathroom

It’s hard to say what will hold its resale value because that always depends on the buyer. Someone looking for a home to raise small children might find a Jack and Jill appealing. However, someone with older kids who value more privacy might be less interested.

Overall, a house with a Jack and Jill might be harder to sell than a house without one because the market is more limited. That could drive down the price. But, someone looking for one might be willing to pay more for it.

One thing worth considering is how the Jack and Jill suite fits into the overall design of the house. If it forms a natural flow of space, you might wish to keep it. If the house flows better by converting it to a standalone full bath, switch it over.

What Are Some Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas?

Sample layout of bedroom bathroom design

One thing that complicates a Jack and Jill suite is that the two kids have their own tastes and style. That could create conflict when it comes to the shared bathroom. Here are some ideas for how to handle that.

Incorporate things both children like in ways that complement each other. For example, if one child’s favorite color is orange and the other’s is green, use both colors in the bathroom so there is a sense of unity. 

Use design elements both children like. Hopefully, you can find one thing, like animals, that both kids like. If not, try to blend individual elements in ways that complement each other. Remember, you want your children to feel a sense of ownership in a shared bathroom.

Keep decor uniform throughout the bathroom if it’s split into two rooms. Don’t change the decor from the toilet/sink room to the bathroom/shower room. Consistency is important.

Keep the basics neutral. Leave the individualized colors for accents and decorations. Use neutral colors for things both kids will touch.


Jack and Jill suites are a great way to provide two bedrooms with a bathroom. They’re most commonly associated with siblings and get their name from the famous nursery rhyme.

These types of bathrooms can make efficient use of space between bedrooms. When done right, they can also add some value when you’re trying to sell the house. They are also not hard to get rid of if one isn’t right for you.

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