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Is Cherry Furniture Out of Style?

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Timeless or outdated? That seems to be the question that comes to our minds whenever cherry furniture is brought up.

People seem to balk at the idea of decorating their living room, or even their dining room, with pieces of cherry furniture.

However, just because cherry wood has an older, more sophisticated look to it, doesn’t mean it’s outdated.

Cherry furniture has a lasting beauty and elegance. Its subtle grain patterns make it anything but outdated.

And, since you have plenty of options in terms of style and color to choose from, you can’t go wrong with cherry bedroom furniture or cherry cabinets. 

Whether we’re talking about black cherry, sweet cherry, Chilean cherry, or Patagonian cherry, this hardwood has proven time and time again that cherry wood is very much in style.

Is Cherry Furniture Out of Style?

awesome cherry dresser standing on a rug in a room

First, we need to distinguish between two types of cherry furniture: real cherry wood and wood treated with cherry varnish.

Although it’s a little expensive, real cherry furniture is always in style and works in different settings, styles, and themes.

Even if you can only afford a single piece of real cherry furniture, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Wood treated with cherry varnish, on the other hand, is marketed as cherry furniture and sold at affordable prices.

But, it lacks the elegance and beauty of the real thing. So, avoid this fake cherry furniture because it looks gaudy, cheap and is definitely not in style. 

Are Cherry Cabinets Dated?

beautiful cherry cabinets in a dining room

Trends come and go, but cherry cabinets continue to be a source of elegance.

And, if the redness of the wood doesn’t go well with your other pieces of furniture, you can always stain the cabinets.

Since they’re made from hardwood, cherry cabinets will never go out of style. 

Also, cherry wood comes in colors other than red. Some cabinets have natural brown or vanilla shades.

And, they can have different patterns from pitch pockets, sapwood or mineral streaks. That variation ensures it will fit in any interior design and complement your style.

Over time, exposure to sunlight will darken the wood. That will give it that priceless, rich and lustrous look that only vintage pieces of furniture have.

This allows it to fit in different color schemes, like neutrals, darks, and pastels.

When Was Cherry Furniture Most Popular?

It’s hard to think of a time when cherry furniture was out of fashion. Even when its high price put it out of reach of many people around the times of the world wars, those who could afford it insisted on having it.

Then, when fake cherry wood came along, everyone became interested in this wood. 

Cherry wood also fits well in many modern interior design styles and adds a touch of class and luster to an otherwise drab-looking room.

You can use it with the following styles:

  • Minimalist: The minimalist look focuses on decluttering the space and only using the basic number of pieces to furnish the room. But, when one or more of those pieces are real cherry, your place will look high-end and stylish at the same time.
  • Mid-Century Modern: After WWII, life looked more promising and styles changed accordingly. The mid-century modern style introduced warm colors and a dash of luster to the modern home, and cherry wood was the obvious choice.
  • Traditional: Cherry furniture is often made for traditional styles. It offers that classic look that some people still look for.
  • Transitional: As interior design was making the leap from traditional to modern styles, it went through a phase called the transitional phase. It incorporates elements from both styles and uses cherry wood to express its classical roots.
  • Bohemian: Some people consider this a tongue-in-cheek style. But in reality, it’s an eclectic style that picks the best elements of different styles and creates a unique look that is totally its own. So, don’t be surprised when you see the odd piece of cherry furniture popping up here and there.

Is Cherry Bedroom Furniture Out of Style?

a bedroom with some cherry furnitures

With its classical look, durability, and the graceful way it ages, cherry bedroom furniture still captures the imagination and has a wide fanbase.

As we have already pointed out, cherry furniture fits well with different styles, color schemes, and themes.

So, whatever the style and look you want for your bedroom, cherry furniture can deliver.

However, you need to use the real cherry furniture instead of fake cherry pieces that are quite common these days.

Over the years, you’ll start to appreciate the costly but genuine hardwood in your bedroom.

Is Cherry Living Room Furniture Out of Style?

cherry furniture sitting in a fancy living room

We all know that the living room is all about comfort and functionality. Cherry furniture might be the opposite of that since it is all about style and durability.

But, you need your living room to also be elegant since it’s a showroom for the rest of the house. 

The durability of cherry living room furniture is a desirable aspect and not a drawback.

If you have active children or precocious pets, then you’ll want sturdy furniture that can tolerate the wear and tear it will receive over the years.

Is Cherry Dining Room Furniture Out of Style?

cherry dining room with some beautiful furnitures

Although it comes down to personal preferences, cherry dining room furniture isn’t just for traditional homes.

If you hold a lot of formal events at home, then you’ll appreciate the classy look of the cherry table and chairs.

We recommend selecting black cherry to give the room a dignified look.

Can You Re-Stain Cherry Furniture or Cabinets to Update Their Look?

Not everyone loves the vintage look of aged cherry furniture. Some people can’t get enough of it, while others simply can’t stand it.

The good news is, you don’t have to put up with the dark look of old cherry furniture if you don’t want to. You can simply re-stain it and get a brand new look.

The two common materials to use on your old cherry furniture are varnish and lacquer.

If you use varnish on visible surfaces such as tabletops, you’ll need to apply a stain finish or semi-gloss.

Varnish is a combination of chemicals that dries slowly and it will lose its glossy finish if not applied carefully. 

If you don’t have experience with these stains, we recommend using lacquer.

It dries fast, maintains a glossy look, and doesn’t leave permanent brush strokes the way varnish does.


Cherry furniture is here to stay. Its elegance and durability are unmatched, which makes cherry furniture pieces a great investment for any home.

No matter what interior design style you choose for your home, cherry furniture will look great in it. 

As it ages, the furniture acquires grace and dignity. The wood actually transforms over time, so you’re sure to love your pieces year after year.

And, even if you don’t like the look of it, you can always stain the piece to recreate it. 

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