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How To Place a Rug Under a Twin Bed

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Twin beds can be quite problematic. Not only are they difficult to position in a small or medium-size bedroom, but it’s difficult to decorate around them. Figuring out how to place a rug under a twin bed isn’t easy either.

Twin beds with rug that is not at an ideal location

If you use the wrong rug, the bed will look even smaller than it already is. Or, the rug might be too small or so far from the bed that you’ll get out of bed and have to put your feet on the bare floor.

Rug in the middle of twin beds

When you have a twin bed and you want to add a rug to the bedroom, you can place a runner rug in the middle and the side. It will make the twin bed look bigger than its actual size. If you have two twin beds, then a small rug between the two beds will work best. 

Of course, rugs vary in shape, color, and size. So, choosing the right rug is just as important as placing it correctly. Keep reading to learn the best ways to place a rug under a twin bed.

How To Place a Rug Under a Twin Bed

Single twin bed with a rug under it

When looking to place a rug under a twin bed, you need to follow the same rules about rugs that you apply to other rooms in the house. First, you need to take the measurements of the room. Then, measure how much space is available for the rug. If you have a single twin bed, you’ll have more space on both sides of the twin bed. 

Runner rugs placed around a single twin bed

A runner rug is usually the best type of rug to place under a single twin bed. But, instead of placing it under the twin bed, you’ll run it around the sides. It’s okay if the rug tucks a little under the bed. But, you don’t want to allow too much space between the twin bed and the rug. The wider the rug, the more floor it covers, and the better it looks.

Runner rugs place in between twin beds

However, if you have a set of twin beds, you’ll have less space and fewer options for where to place the rug. Again, you’ll need to measure the space between the twin beds and between the beds and the wall. Pick a small rug and place it in the middle between the twin beds. Make sure the sides of the rug disappear under the sides of the bed. 

What Size Rug Is Best for a Twin Bed?

The size of the rug correlates to the size of the twin bed. And, both of these have to fit nicely within the bedroom. So, the size of the bedroom also matters here. The rule of thumb is that the rug should extend beyond the legs of the bed. 

A single twin bed with a rug underneath it with measurements

Since a single twin bed measures 75 inches long and 38 inches wide, a small 5’ x 8’ rug would fit perfectly in a small or medium-size room. If the room is on the larger side, then you can invest in an 8’ x 10’ rug.

Twin beds with a runner rug between them

For two twin beds, you can either follow the same rules as a single twin bed, or you can place a small 4’ x 6’ rug between the two twin beds.

How Should a Rug Be Placed Under a Child’s Twin Bed?

A child’s twin bed is often smaller than a regular twin bed. That leaves plenty of space for you to find the right rug to place under the bed. The above rules about the size and placement of the rug apply here as well.

Make sure the rug covers at least half a foot of the floor under the child’s twin bed. That way, it won’t move away from the bed when your child gets in and out of bed. Make sure that when the child wakes up, their feet land on the rug, not on the floor.

What Color Rugs Make a Twin Bed Appear Larger or Smaller?

The color of the rugs in your bedroom can change your perception of the room’s size. The same applies to other furniture, as well as the color of the walls and the decor. In general, you should choose a rug that is off-white, green, or blue to make the bed look bigger. Combine that with light-colored walls to give the right effect.

Twin beds with a maroon rug in between

Other colors such as maroon, brown, and gray do the opposite. They are too loud and dark, making the bed look smaller. You should also avoid small rugs and instead go with one large rug to make the bed look bigger. And, remember to use matching or complementing colors in the rest of the bedroom when trying to make the twin bed appear larger.

How Can You Use Multiple Rugs Around a Twin Bed?

We don’t recommend using multiple rugs around a twin bed. Remember, a few small rugs in the room would make the twin bed look smaller. However, if that’s the effect you’re going for, and your focus is on the rugs or another focal point in the bedroom, then you need to place the rugs in a way that creates a geometrical shape.

Twin beds with multiple rugs

Depending on how many rugs you’re using, you should space the rugs equally away from each other. Make sure the space between the rugs and the walls of the room is equal to the space between the rugs themselves. The only exception is the rugs closest to the twin bed. These should have their sides disappear under the side of the bed.

How To Place a Rug in Between Two Twin Beds

Two twin beds usually take up most of the available space in the room, which leaves you with fewer options for where to place the rug and for what size rug will work best. Even though we have been advising against using a small rug with a twin bed, that might be the only rug that fits in between two twin beds.

Well-placed rug under twin beds

The best place for the rug is right between the two twin beds. Get the measurements of the space between the two beds and place a rug that extends well under both beds. Each side of the rug should cover at least one foot of floor under each bed. The rug doesn’t have to be longer than the beds. 


When adding a rug to your bedroom, you need to consider the space available, the size of the room, and the color of the furniture and walls. For a single twin bed, choose a runner rug that runs along both sides of the bed. For two twin beds, place the rug between the two beds. 

The color and the size of the rug can either make the twin bed look larger or smaller. We recommend off-white, green, and blue rugs to give the illusion that the twin bed is larger than it really is. Paint the walls with bright colors to accentuate the overall effect of the bright rugs.

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