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How to Decorate a Wall With Windows

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If you have a wall with a window in the center, you may be wondering how to decorate a window wall. This can make decorating complicated, as you literally have an obstacle in the middle of the wall.

This can be frustrating to deal with if you have never had to decorate around a window before. It can be hard to figure out how to create the look you want when half of the wall is taken up by a poorly placed window.

The good thing is that there are all kinds of things that you can do to improve a wall with a window. You can add statement curtains to make the wall look more lively, or you could add a side table to decorate in front of the window.

Keep reading to find out how to decorate a wall window while maintaining your personal style.

6 Ideas for Decorating a Wall With Windows

Wall With Windows

If you have a wall with windows, it can be hard to know what to do with this space in the room. You can’t just hang anything up or create a collage as there is a window in the way.

This can be very frustrating from a design perspective if you already had plans for that wall. A window throws a wrench into what you may have wanted, and you know you have to work around it.

The good thing is that there are so many things that you can do with this space. Just because there is a window there doesn’t automatically mean that your options are limited too significantly.

There are still all kinds of ways that you can dress up a wall that has a window in the center.

  1. Add Statement Curtains
Add Statement Curtains

If you have a window that has literally cut a wall in your home in half, why not add curtains? This is a great time to play around with statement curtains to create a unique wall attraction.

You can use long curtains that will help to lift the eyes of the onlooker to make the ceiling appear taller. This will instantly elevate this area and make it look much grander than it is.

You can choose printed curtains to add some fun energy to the space, or you can use the color that goes best with the rest of your decor. This is a great time to tie this window into the rest of the room so that the whole space flows.

  1. Add a Side Table
Add a Side Table

Adding a side table or a sideboard table to the area under the window in the wall is a great way to add something to the space. This not only gives the area a more finished look, but it also adds a place for you to put decor.

You can use this side table to display decorative pieces or add a vase of flowers to brighten up the room. You can add anything to this table that will help to attract the eye and highlight the beauty of the window.

Just make sure you keep this place organized so that it does not become crowded and negatively attract the eye. You want the table to look clean and well designed, not like it is simply cluttered by items.

  1. Have Two Small Tables

Instead of adding one longer side table, you could go with two smaller side tables on either side of the window. This is a very sophisticated look that will really make the window stand out.

Instead of trying to hide the window, these tables will frame it and attract attention to it. These are great pieces to decorate as well with a few decorative pieces or a vase on each table.

This can create a beautiful space that is refreshing and adds balance to the wall.

  1. Add Shelves on Either Side
Add Shelves on Either Side

Adding floor-to-ceiling shelves on either side of a wall with a window in the center is a breathtaking option. This will give the entire room a very luxurious feeling and will create a statement wall.

These shelves will frame the window while providing eye appeal themselves. This is a great place to display small decorative pieces or line up your favorite books.

This will also add height to the room and make it appear larger than it really is.

  1. Place Chairs Beside the Window
Place Chairs Beside the Window

Placing a sitting chair on each side of the window in the wall is a great way to add extra seating and decorate this area. Two beautiful sitting chairs will transform this space into a cozy sitting area.

This also allows for your family or house guests to enjoy the sunlight as they sit beside the window. This is an elegant way of highlighting this window and will help the room to feel and look more complete.

  1. Add Artwork
Add Artwork

Adding artwork on either side of the window is a great option if you are wondering how to decorate a window wall. This is a very traditional look and is easy to do with a few pieces of artwork.

It is best to keep it simple, especially if there isn’t much wall space left. Three or four pieces of artwork will usually do and add character to the wall without crowding it.

What to Put on a Wall With a Window in the Middle?

What to Put on a Wall With a Window in the Middle

If you want to decorate a wall with a window and you want to hang things, the best thing to do is go for simplicity. You can still hang decorative items on the wall, just don’t be too heavy-handed with this. 

You want to keep some blank space since the wall is already small due to the window. Aim for three to four different sizes of artwork. Or you could choose several smaller family photos to go on either side of the window.

Just try to keep everything minimal so that the wall doesn’t become too crowded.

Should You Cover a Window in the Middle of a Wall?

If you have a window in the middle of a wall, your first instinct may be to cover it. But this is actually not going to be a good idea.

Trying to cover this window will only make it look unattractive and bulky, drawing negative attention to it. It is best to try to decorate around it or make it a statement area of the room.

How Do You Fill a Window Opening?

If you had a wall with a window but removed the window, you will need to fill the window opening. To do this, the space should be filled with insulation and then covered with a material that matches the rest of the wall.

This will usually be drywall panels that can then be painted to match the rest of the home.


Decorating a wall with a window may seem daunting, but it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In fact, you have many options when you are decorating that can compliment any kind of style.

If you have any questions about how to decorate a window wall, leave them below, and we will get back to you.

Decorating a wall with a window can be done by placing some tables nearby or hanging artwork. There are several simple solutions that can help this area to look complete and in tune with the rest of the room.

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