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How to Decorate a Room With Yellow Walls

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If you have a room with yellow walls, you are probably wondering how to decorate a room with yellow walls. This is a common concern as yellow walls can be very difficult to style according to what you like.

This is a very intimidating color that can easily overpower a room and make it too much, no matter what decor you add. This can be frustrating, especially if you can’t change the color to something that you like more.

Though there are all kinds of ways that you can decorate a room with yellow walls. Neutral decor is the best way to allow the yellow to shine without becoming overpowering and obnoxious.

Keep reading to find out how to decorate a room with yellow walls even if you aren’t a fan of them.

How to Decorate a Room With Yellow Walls

How to Decorate a Room With Yellow Walls

Decorating a room with yellow walls can be a challenge, but there are ways to do it. This can be a fun way to test your design abilities to see if you can pull this room together.

How you choose to decorate a yellow room is going to depend on the shade of yellow you are working with. This is because every shade of yellow is going to go best with certain colors and decor pieces.

For mustard yellow walls, it is best to compliment them with like colors that are also deep and rich. This creates a space that is more elegant and can be elevated with more luxurious and timeless pieces of decor.

A brighter yellow should be paired with other yellow colors or pastels like coral, peach, or light gray. This creates a fun and cheerful space that is best kept light and airy with decor that isn’t too serious or refined.

5 Ideas for Decorating a Room With Yellow Walls

Decorating yellow walls can be a challenge, but decorating a yellow room can be even more difficult. Though this is not an impossible task, especially if you already have some ideas about what you want.

Keep reading to find out some ideas that you can use to decorate a room with yellow walls.

  1. Add Pattern
Add Pattern

Pattern is a fun addition to any room, though it is especially nice with yellow. You can find all kinds of patterns that go with yellow, whether they be pillows, blankets, curtains, or rugs.

Patterns will make the space feel more fun and give the room a creative and artistic look.

  1. Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple

Keeping a yellow room minimal with minimal colors and decor is a great way to balance out this crazy paint color. This can create a soothing space that feels like the yellow was intentional.

Especially if you use neutral colors that help to balance out the bright yellow.

  1. Add Artwork
Add Artwork

Adding artwork into a room with yellow walls not only adds character but it also helps to disguise some of the colors. You can create amazing artwork collages to help mask some of the brightness from the yellow walls.

This is a creative way to pull the space together while making it less yellow by hiding some of the wall space.

  1. Add Curtains
Add Curtains

If your yellow room has windows, this is a great decor opportunity. You can get all kinds of curtains depending on the colors and styles you want this room to have.

You can go with patterns or a plain color to help neutralize some of the yellow. This is a great way to make the ceiling look taller, helping the room to feel more open and airy.

  1. Use a Lot of White
Use a Lot of White

White is a great color to pair with yellow walls as the two are beautiful and bright. White will act as a neutral while also making the space feel open and fresh.

This pairing looks classical and sophisticated, helping the yellow to feel less crazy in the room. This is especially beautiful in yellow rooms that have a lot of windows to let sunlight into the room.

What Colors Go Well With Yellow Walls?

Though yellow is quite a bright color that can easily feel overwhelming, it does go with several other colors. Yellow can be quite balanced when paired with complementary colors that suit its brightness and shade.

Colors like light blue, light gray, lavender, and peach all compliment yellow and bring out its warmth. These are ideal for yellow walls that are a bright yellow or a creamy yellow to create a refreshing space.

For mustard yellow walls, colors like burnt orange, sage green, peach, and black all compliment this bold shade. Though you may want to not add too many dark colors as they can make theroom feel small and dingy.

What Decorations Go With Yellow Walls?

You can add all kinds of decorations to a yellow room as long as they are in complementary colors. Bold pieces of furniture, soft blankets, and colorful throw pillows are great options.

It is best to stay away from metal tones as these can clash badly with yellow, but besides that many kinds of decor would work here. Many times going neutral is a good option too, if you don’t want the room to overpower.

Neutrals like tan, white, cream, and light gray pull the room together and can help to lower the impact of the yellow walls. These colors help to make the room feel calmer and more balanced when the walls seem too bright.

How Can I Make My Yellow Walls Look Better?

How Can I Make My Yellow Walls Look Better

If you just can’t get used to the yellow walls in this room, you can try to improve the way that they look. The best way to do this is to either go with complementary colors or with neutrals.

Complementary colors will help pull the room together and make the yellow walls make sense in this space. While neutrals will balance out the brightness of the yellow and help the room to feel intentional and styled.

Both options improve the appearance and can help you to find a way to style these walls to your liking.

What Furniture Colors Go With Yellow Walls?

When furnishing a yellow room, it will depend on the colors you want in this room with the yellow. Cream, white, and light gray furniture are some of the best options as they are neutral and cozy.

They pull the room together and compliment any shade of yellow walls. This also leaves room to get creative with the rest of the decor in the room.

Though brighter colors like the same shade of yellow, pastels, or dark colors like burnt orange can also be great options. It all depends on the look you are going for and the chase of yellow walls.


If your home has a room with yellow walls, you may not know what to do with them. After all, this is a pretty bold color choice that can be hard to decorate in many spaces. The good thing is that there are many ways you can improve the look of these walls.

If you have any questions about how to decorate a room with yellow walls, leave them down below.

Yellow walls in a room can be balanced out with colors that compliment like pastels or colors that neutralize, like white or gray. It all depends on what you want the room to look like and how much you like or dislike the wall color.

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