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How Much Do Stoves Weigh

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Finding out how much do stoves weigh can be a big part of finding out what kind of stove you need to get. This is important if you are renovating your kitchen or replacing an old stove with a new one.

Weight can impact a lot of things depending on your kitchen, the structure of your home, and the type of stove that you are wanting. This is why any homeowner should look into stoves and see how much each option weighs.

The standard stove is going to weigh 130 to 220 pounds as the typical weight amongst most stoves. This can change quite a bit depending on the type of stove, as wall-mounted stoves only weigh 80 to 160 pounds on average.

Standard Stove

Keep reading to find out how much stoves weigh and what options you have to choose from.

How Much Do Stoves Weigh?

You may want to know how much do stoves weigh if you are looking to buy a new stove for your kitchen. This can be important for many reasons and can have a huge impact on the stove that you decide to go with.

Though there are average stove weight ranges that you can go by, these numbers can change quite drastically. It is going to depend on the type of stove that you decide to go with.

This is because different types of stoves are made differently or designed with lighter or heavier materials. And different stove styles will be made to be lighter or heavier depending on how they are installed.

These are things to consider as every type of stove is going to weigh differently. The best option is to look at the average weight range for the kind of stove that you want and go from there.

How Much Does a 30-Inch Electric Stove Weigh?

Electric Stove

A 30-inch electric stove is a pretty large stove that gives you plenty of space to work with in the kitchen. This type of stove usually weighs somewhere around 157 pounds, though it could go over 200 pounds.

This is a hefty stove that sits somewhere in the middle of the options when it comes to weight. It isn’t necessarily a light stove option, but it also isn’t the heaviest in most cases.

Many electric stoves can weigh up to 250 pounds depending on the style and the size that you decide to go with. Many electric stoves have a glass top which will make the overall stove weigh more.

How Much Does a Flat Top Stove Weigh?

Flat Stove

A flat top stove can weigh anywhere from 100 to 250 pounds depending on the other features that it has. Flat top stoves are a very popular option and tend to sell a bit better than other stove top options.

Many times, these flat top stoves have glass tops that allow for quick and even heating that makes cooking very simple. Though it is important to note that glass top stoves can become much heavier due to this feature.

You will want to carefully examine the weight of the flat top stoves that you are considering as the weight can be so drastically different. Some of these stoves are very light, while others are much heavier in build.

How Much Does a Wood Stove Weigh?

Wood Stove

Wood stoves are one of the heaviest stoves that you can buy for your home. Unlike your average cooking stoves, wood stoves have a typical starting weight at 300 pounds.

Though this is on the lower end of the spectrum as a wood stove can weigh as much as 800 pounds depending on the size. This is a huge stove that you will have to decide on before mahjong the purchase.

This is the kind of weight that could impact the structure of your home and floor. This is why you will need to look into your home and how much weight it is built to hold up.

A cast iron wood stove is usually going to weigh somewhere between 400 to 600 pounds, so it is a good option for most homes. Though you will want to be prepared to find a way to safely install this heavy stove.

Cast Iron Stove

Installation can cost quite a lot to install a stove of this weight, though it is often worth it as hiring professionals is the safer option.

How Much Does a Toaster Oven Weigh?

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is probably the smallest of all of the oven options that you have to choose from. This is a small appliance that usually only weighs as much as 25 pounds on average.

This appliance is much smaller because it is not actually your typical oven that you might install in your kitchen. A toaster oven is a small countertop appliance that is used to heat foods such as bread, hence the name.

This is a bit like a microwave though it is used differently as it also toasts foods instead of just heating them up. This is how it is able to be used like an oven as it can toast and brown foods instead of just making them hot to eat.

This is why toaster ovens are the lightest option and are much easier to install as they are not a traditional ocean that you may need for your kitchen.

How Much Does a Commercial Oven Weigh?

A commercial oven weighs around 130 to 220 pounds on average, depending on the size and style that you buy. This is the range that most homeowners will be looking at when buying a new stove for their home.

This is the weight range that most people can expect to see depending on the stoves that they are looking at. This will either go up or down depending on the style, type of stove, and the size that you are wanting.

Larger commercial ovens can weigh as much as 500 pounds if you are looking at heavy-duty ovens or much larger varieties. The bigger the oven, the more weight it is going to have, though materials and the style can also impact the weight.

These are things to keep in mind if you plan on buying a commercial oven for your kitchen.

How Much Does a Wall Oven Weigh?

Wall-mounted ovens are a type of oven that tend to not weigh too much when compared to the other options. This is because a wall oven only weighs 80 to 160 pounds on average, which is quite light.

This is because wall-mounted ovens have to be made lighter in order to be installed. If they weigh too much, they could damage the wall that they are mounted to.


How much an oven weighs is going to depend on several different things and the ovens that you are looking at. Like anything, the weight is going to go up or down depending on the type and size of oven that you want for your kitchen.

If you have any questions about how much do stoves weigh, leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.

The standard oven is going to weigh anywhere from 130 to 220, though different kinds of ovens will have a different scale. You will want to look into the variety and size of oven that you want to see what potential weights you are looking at.

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