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How Many Rugs Should Be in a Bathroom? Find Out Where to Place Rugs in a Bathroom.

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Placing rugs in a bathroom can be confusing. How do you know how many rugs to use? Which size rugs should you use? Do they need to match or can you mix styles? We’ll help you figure all that out. 

How Many Rugs Should Be in a Bathroom From a Functional Perspective?

Round rugs beside the bath tub

To keep a bathroom functional, it should have at least two rugs. There should always be a rug placed outside the shower and one in front of the vanity.

A rug in front of the shower or bathtub is essential. When you step out of the shower you need a warm, dry place for your feet. These rugs can be short or long, shag or flat weave. Make sure to have a rug that is at least 2′ x 3′ to be a comfortable size. A rug in front of your shower or bathtub will also help prevent slips from wet feet.

Make sure to place a rug in front of your bathroom vanity. When waking up in the morning, most people use the bathroom. After using the bathroom you’ll need to wash your hands. You’ll want a soft, warm surface to stand on first thing in the morning after waking up. A bathroom rug in front of your vanity will keep your space comfortable.

Where Should Rugs Be in a Bathroom From a Functional Perspective?

Close up of rug covering majority of the bathroom

Like we mentioned above, you should keep a rug in front of your shower and your vanity. You can either place them flush to the wall or a few inches in front of it.

Make sure to walk on the rugs to test if the placement is functional. Your rugs should be in an easily accessible stepping space. Remember that the point of the rugs is to keep your feet dry and warm. 

Test your rug placement by stepping out of the shower to make sure it’s accessible. Also, make sure to stand in front of the bathroom vanity to ensure the rug placement is good.

How Many Rugs Should Be in a Bathroom From a Decor Perspective?

Rectangular rugs beside the bath tub

If you have a small bathroom, stick to your two main rugs. If your bathroom is larger, explore an extra accent rug or runner in your bathroom. Also, layering your small rugs will add texture and an interesting look.

Make sure to spread them out evenly throughout the space. If you have too many rugs in a small space, it will look tight and cluttered. If you have two small rugs spread far away in a big bathroom, it will look silly and out of place. Consider the size of your space and try to keep 18″ – 24″ between rugs.

Is It Okay to Mix and Match Rugs in a Bathroom?

Bathroom with a large red rug

You can absolutely mix and match rug styles in your bathroom. If you’re a fan of a cohesive, clean space, you can buy a matching set. But, don’t be afraid to mix and match if you like a little diversity.

To keep harmony with your rugs and ensure they don’t clash, choose a color palette early on. When you know what your room style and colors are, stick to those. When choosing different rugs to go together in your bedroom, don’t choose colors or styles that will clash or compete with one another.

Where Should You Place Rugs in a Bathroom?

Rug in front of the toilet beside the bath tub

Rugs should be placed in the area where you will be standing most. This includes both in front of the shower and the vanity. You may also like a rug around your toilet. Anywhere your feet will be for longer periods of time can use a rug for comfort.

Rugs vs. No Rugs in the Bathroom

Focuses shot of a person's feet on bathroom rug

We suggest having rugs in your bathroom. Most bathroom rugs are pretty heavy-duty because they’re made to stand up to the moisture and humidity in a bathroom. Bathroom rugs should last several years and don’t need to be replaced often.

Having bathroom rugs not only adds comfort and functionality, but also a decorative aspect. You are able to bring in color, pattern, and texture with bathroom rugs.

If you choose to not have any rugs in your bathroom, you won’t be as comfortable. Expect a colder floor and a hard surface to stand on. You’ll also need to be fully dry before getting out of the shower to prevent slipping on the wet floor.

What Are Good Rug Sizes for the Bathroom?

Rug sizes for the bathroom

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes. Below we’ll outline the most common size rugs for bathrooms.

Scatter Rug

Think of a scatter rug as a mat or a throw rug. A scatter rug is the smallest size you’ll find at about 2′ x 3′ in size. They’re perfect to layer with an accent rug in front of a vanity or shower. These can also be placed individually in front of a vanity or shower in a smaller bathroom.

If you have a large bathroom, you can layer a few scatter rugs together. You can also consider putting a scatter rug in front of your toilet or bathroom door.

Accent Rug

Larger than a scatter rug, accent rugs are usually 3′ x 5′ or 4′ x 6′. If your bathroom is medium to large, accent rugs can fill several spots. An accent rug can go in front of either your shower or vanity. You can also layer an accent rug under a scatter rug for a unique style and visual effect.

If your bathroom is wide, consider an accent rug in the center of it. Just make sure you always have a rug in front of the vanity.

Runner Rug

Long and narrow runners are around 2′ x 8′ in size. Runners are perfect in front of vanities, showers or bathtubs. They provide a soft, comfortable stepping space without taking up much space. 

Longer walking spaces are perfect for runners. If you have a double vanity, a runner should be long enough to cover both standing areas in front of each sink.


You should know your rug style and size choices before purchasing bathroom rugs. Make sure to always place rugs in areas that your feet will spend a lot of time on. Measure your bathroom and have fun creatively placing your favorite rugs in your bathroom for a beautiful and comfortable space.

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