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How Long Will a Pu Leather Sofa Last?

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A Pu Leather sofa will last between 3-5 years. However, this number can significantly alter depending on the care you give the couch. If you look after your Pu leather, you’ll be able to get maximum use out of it.

Be sure to avoid sunlight and sources of heat, as well as properly cleaning your Pu leather. In this article, I’ll go over some of the best strategies for cleaning and maintaining Pu leather. This will help you get the most out of your couch.

What is Pu Leather/ Faux Leather and How durable is it?

Pu Leather is an artificial leather. Its full name is polyurethane leather, based on the chemicals they use in the process of making it. They make this type of leather from a thermoplastic polymer, also used in making shoes.

The world considers Pu leather 100% vegan. Considering it is a chemical-based product, there are no animal products within it. However, if you are buying simply for the 100% vegan fact, be sure to check the label.

If the label mentions that the Pu leather is ‘BiCast’, then it will be part real cow’s leather. Bicast leather is a form of leather that is half chemical and half real leather.

The scraps from the top-quality cuts of leather combined with polyurethane. This coating then solidifies the shape, creating a bi-cast leather material.

In the bicast process, they only use the fibrous remnants of real leather. Considering the poor quality of that leather, you’ll be better off using Pu leather.

Pu Leather is also sometimes known as faux leather. It is also sometimes made reference to as the ‘artificial leather’.

Pu Leather is fairly durable. Compared to Bicast leather, Pu leather will last longer. Roughly for around three – five years. However, real leather can last from ten – fifteen years. Pu leather balances environmental concerns against durability. It has found a happy medium, being durable, cheaper, and better for the planet.

How to Care for Pu Leather to Make it Last and Prevent it from Cracking and Peeling?

PU leather being cared for and treated

If you want your Pu leather to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it. Pu leather is non-porous, meaning no water or products will get into the material. This is a pro and a con.

The pro is that if you spill something on the leather, it will not penetrate into the material. This means stains will sit on the top of the couch. You will simply be able to wipe them off.

However, the con is that cleaning can be a more vigorous process. With bonded leather, its permeability allows the leather conditioner to sink in. You cannot use leather conditioner with Pu leather as it is not absorbed. You will have to use other methods of preventing cracking and peeling.

You will need to moisturise the Pu leather frequently. If it gets too dry, it will become brittle and split. These cracks are unsightly and are something you should try to avoid.

When you are cleaning your Pu leather couch, make sure to use the correct sponge. Don’t use an abrasive cloth. Also, don’t scrub the surface as this will create fissures in the fabric. Instead, use a soft cloth and rub in slow and circular motions to clean. This will stop any friction damage occurring.

Never use bleach or other harsh cleaners. Always opt for alcohol free cleaning products when you are caring for your leather couch.

If you want to prevent cracking a peeling, there are also a few things to stay away from. Keep your Pu leather couch away from sources of heat. The heat can dry out the material, making it more likely to crack.

Similarly, keep the Pu leather away from direct sunlight. The sunlight will act as a source of heat, damaging the leather. Try to either rotate your furniture around the room to only expose once every few days. Or, even better, keep your couch away from windows completely.

Pu Leather vs Bonded Leather vs Real leather

PU leather, bonded leather, and real leather being compared

Pu Leather Pros:

  • Pu leather is the cheapest of the three mentioned here. That means you’ll be able to get more furniture for cheaper.
  • Pu leather is 100% vegan and is, therefore, more sustainable.
  • Pu leather is non-porous, meaning it very easy to clean.
  • Pu leather comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Pu Leather Cons:

  • Is very uniform in color, and therefore can look synthetic.
  • The chemicals manufacturers use in forming the material can smell of plastic.
  • Is less durable than other kinds of leather.
  • Is easy to Puncture as the leather quality is lower.

Bonded Leather Pros:

  • Bonded leather is cheaper than real leather.
  • Bonded leather is 20% real leather, and therefore looks more realistic than Pu leather.
  • The 20% leather can recreate the leather feel and smell that couches have.
  • Bonded Leather Cons:
  • Is of a lower quality than real leather and can therefore damage more easily
  • Is harder to clean as the material is porous
  • Will absorb stains quickly

Genuine Leather Pros:

  • Most durable of the types of leather, will last the longest
  • Looks authentic
  • Smells and feels as leather should
  • Ensures a couch that will last 10+ years
  • Much more breathable than other forms of leather
  • Leather has hypoallergenic qualities and will resist puncturing

Genuine Leather Cons:

  • Is considerably more expensive than other forms of leather. You are paying for quality and durability with genuine leather.
  • Will dry out over time and requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Genuine leather only comes in a few styles and forms. The altering process would degrade the leather.

Ultimately, which leather is best for you depends on a few factors.

If you’re looking for something cheap and easy to clean, Pu leather is a great option. But, if you want something a little more durable, try bonded leather.

If you want something that will last for a really long time, try genuine leather. Genuine leather is the most durable and always looks the part in any home.

How Long Will a Pu Leather Couch Last?

pu leather couch in living room

A Pu leather couch can last as little as one year if it is poorly maintained. However, the majority of Pu leather couches will last between three and five years.

If you want to ensure your couch reaches that five year mark, clean it frequently. As I said above, be sure to avoid sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Five years seems like a long time. However, when compared to genuine leather, this is not very much. Genuine leather can last from anywhere from 10-25 years. However, Pu leather is considerably cheaper.


Pu leather stands for polyurethane leather, a material that is 100% vegan. It is a faux leather that will last from 3-5 years. If you take care of your couch, it may last even longer.

Be sure to avoid light and heat when placing your sofa. Similarly, when you are cleaning, use uniform and smooth sponges. Alcohol based cleaning products will damage the Pu leather, so avoid these.

Maintaining the state of your Pu leather will ensure it lasts for the full 5 years.

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