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What Is a Hollywood Bathroom?

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Attach the word Hollywood to anything and it makes you think of glamor and sophistication. So, what about a Hollywood bathroom? Is it a giant room with a built-in bathtub that could serve as a swimming pool? Is it immaculate white porcelain fixtures with brass handles and counters so clean you could eat off them?

We’ve got the answer to those questions and more in this article. By the end of it, you’ll know what a Hollywood bathroom is and whether one is right for your home.

What Is a Hollywood Bathroom?

A bathroom with 2 sinks and mirrors

A Hollywood bathroom is a multi-chamber bathroom. One chamber contains a bath and/or shower and the others contain a sink and toilet. It also has multiple doors so that people can access either part without violating the privacy of people using the other.

While a basic Hollywood bathroom consists of just two sections, the original idea was to connect two bedrooms, each with its own half-bath. Those half-baths are, in turn, connected to a single central room with a shower/bathtub.

Hollywood bathrooms also have multiple doors so that people can access the different chambers while respecting the privacy of people using the others. While traditional Hollywood bathrooms have a door for each function, you might find them with one door per toilet chamber.

Most are intended to replace two full bathrooms. While the extra fixtures, doors, plumbing, and electrical wiring run up the costs, they are a more efficient use of space. They are also great for houses with a lot of bedrooms.

Why is it Called a Hollywood Bathroom?

2 sinks in a hollywood bathroom

Hollywood design was all about the elegance and opulence of Hollywood in its heyday. Homes were castles. Yards were playgrounds for the wealthy and connected. Everything was a little bigger.

A Hollywood bathroom connects two or more bedrooms, each with its own half-bath. However, there is only one shower/bathing area. It provides each bedroom with a private toilet and sink area while maintaining a single private bathing area.

There are examples of Hollywood bathrooms where a single bathroom connects multiple bedrooms, and some where the bathroom services an entire floor. But, for the most part, they are single bathrooms that connect two bedrooms.

Is a Hollywood Bathroom the Same as a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

A man and a woman looking at the hollywood bathroom mirror

A Jack and Jill bathroom is similar to a Hollywood bathroom. They both have multiple doors into a multi-chambered bath that allows for private and efficient use of space. However, the two are slightly different in their design.

A Jack and Jill bathroom was originally conceived to connect two bedrooms – usually for children – through one bath area. The concept gets its name from Jack and Jill of the nursery rhyme.

A Hollywood bathroom is the same concept, except that it is a little larger. Instead of one full bathroom, each connecting room gets a half bath.

Both styles are designed to make efficient use of a small amount of space. They allow multiple people to use the bathroom at the same time in a way that protects their privacy.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Hollywood Bathroom?

Simple modern bathroom with 2 sinks

Hollywood bathrooms are intended to maximize the efficiency of space and reduce costs through shared plumbing. Rather than build two full bathrooms, it relies on half-baths and a single shower/bathing area. So, what are the pros and cons to having one?

Pros: A Hollywood bathroom is efficient in how it uses space. It cuts down the need for multiple bathrooms, but still provides people with privacy. 

This also cuts into the need to find space elsewhere for another half bathroom.

Thanks to its design, a Hollywood bathroom can also save you money. A designer can cut the number of shower/bath units and also keep plumbing closer together. This might lead to money saved by fewer plumbing leaks.

Cons: While it does allow for more efficient use of a smaller space, not everyone would agree that a Hollywood bathroom preserves privacy as advertised. Unless the doors and walls are thick, someone in the shower is likely to hear – or worse, smell – someone using the toilet area.

The cost savings aren’t nearly as great as advertised, either. While there are some savings in plumbing and bath/shower fixtures, the fixtures in the half-bath are still required, as is the electrical wiring.

Are Hollywood Bathrooms Useful?

Hollywood bathroom

It’s hard to answer a question about whether a particular bathroom style is useful. A Hollywood bathroom has its uses. It also has its drawbacks and we think it’s important for people to tailor their home design choices to their needs.

A Hollywood bathroom allows you to efficiently provide two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. They also allow someone to get to the bathroom without leaving their bedroom, which can have its own value.

It’s also possible to design a Hollywood bathroom into a floor plan where it connects a hallway and bedrooms. So, it’s a style that allows you to think outside the box when designing.

However, we caution people to be realistic about the amount of cost savings and privacy a Hollywood bathroom will provide. You still need all the fixtures of a half bath and it might not be as private as you hope.

Do Hollywood Bathrooms Help Resale Value?

Bathroom mirror by the sink

The first determiner of resale value is going to be the personal taste of the person looking to buy. So, it’s not a black-and-white question.

Personal taste is often driven by visuals. So, if you install a Hollywood bathroom, make sure it looks good and is well designed.

One thing to keep in mind is that most homes these days have separate bathrooms. While a Hollywood bathroom might look fabulous to some people, it might look weird to others. It might also seem like you are limiting bathroom access to just bedrooms.


A Hollywood bathroom can help you address bathroom needs in an efficient, space-maximizing way. They connect two or more rooms, offering each a half bath area while leaving just one bath/shower area.

There might be some savings in that, but don’t count on saving a bundle. The savings might be offset by the fact that it isn’t quite the same as having a whole bathroom to yourself.

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