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10 Hardware Ideas for Maple Cabinets

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Do you have maple cabinets? You may be debating which hardware color suits them best. There’s such a variety of colors and styles on the market. We’ll offer you some suggestions below. Choose from many unique hardware options for your maple cabinets.

Hammered Copper Pulls

Few styles offer the diversity and timelessness of hammered copper. You can select from round hammered knobs or antique copper knobs.

If you prefer a pull over a knob, a hammered Laurey Nevada pull would be perfect. The warm tones in copper draw out the warmth in your maple cabinets. This hammered texture also gives a unique contrast to the flat finish in the wood.

Colorful Mandala Knobs

Are you looking to add color to your kitchen? Mandala knobs are functional and extremely beautiful. They offer brightness, pattern and a cultural flair.

A variety of colored mandala knobs would pop against natural maple cabinets.

For a traditional mandala look, vintage green knobs are a great choice.

If you like warmer tones, try orange and red hues in mandala knobs.

If you love the look of mandala knobs but want less color, there are some choices.

Black and white ceramic mandala knobs pop against maple.

Black and gold also offer a toned down color choice with an elegant look. Either way, this look is classic and adds a beautiful pattern. Take your maple cabinets from being flat and mundane to interesting and elegant.

Wooden Knobs

Do you love a natural look? Wooden knobs may be right for you, then.

A simple, natural finish wooden knob will create a clean look. If you’re looking to have a minimalistic space, this could be perfect for you. Natural knobs against natural maple cabinets for no contrast and a very clean and simple kitchen.

If you love home projects, staining or painting your own knobs will appeal to you. Start by ordering unfinished wooden knobs. You can then stain or paint them however you want to create your own unique look.

If you’re looking for a natural look with contrast, that can be done. Natural rattan knobs will offer less contrast than a painted knob, but plenty of texture.

A mix of wood and stone knobs will also bring in a natural element and stay minimalistic.

To create a bold, rustic look try a black and barn wood knob. This unique masculine style will certainly pop against maple cabinets. Bring in a little texture and contrast while still keeping a natural look for your kitchen.

Brushed Nickel Pulls

This silver colored style pull creates a modern look. Brushed nickel pulls can be found from the most traditional pull style to a wider rounded drawer handle.

Add a little flair to the kitchen with a twisted pull in brushed nickel.

Create a very modern look by keeping clean lines. Try a wide cabinet handle that is fully squared off. This look is large and will create a modern cabinet look.

A modern simplistic design will add a little flair without being too much. The cool tones of brushed nickel will contrast your maple cabinets beautifully.

Black and Gold Pulls

Elevate your kitchen with the elegant combination of gold and black. This color combo will pop against maple cabinets and make your space look modern.

For long pulls, try a gold and black knurled handle.

A long gold brushed brass will also add length and straight lines.

If you want a funkier look, you have several choices.

Try a smaller sized black and gold pull.

Gold and black hexagonal pulls will stand out and be super unique.

For the most unique look, try a wire wrapped black crystal pull.

Any of these unique choices will create a modern flair in your kitchen with maple cabinets.

Glass Knobs

Add shine and class to your kitchen by using glass knobs. This knob style will add texture and elegance without adding extra color.

You can pick from plain crystal round glass knobs to more fancy gold and glass square knobs.

For a modern look, try a short acrylic pull.

Perfectly round brass and gold knobs will also create a modern look and feel.

To create a pop against your maple cabinets, try a decorative perilla crystal knob.

All glass knobs will look great against your maple cabinets, no matter the finish.

Golden Drawer Pulls

Gold pulls will pop against natural or stained maple cabinets.

Try a traditional gold bin cup pull or a long modern Euro bar pull. Both of these are classic looks that won’t take too much attention away from other pieces.

If you want your pulls to stand out, pick a more unique style.

Gold knurled cabinet pulls add texture and thickness.

Round golden drawer rings are dainty and add elegance. Create a unique look by contrasting hardware with more style to your maple cabinets.

Classic Black

You can never go wrong with black kitchen hardware. Black will go well with any finish on maple cabinets. If your cabinets have rustic knots, the black will contrast the wooden character nicely. You can select from matte black handles, to rounded drawer pulls, or matte black square knobs.

Marble Knobs

Add modern flair and unique texture with marble knobs. If you have marble granite counter tops, you can pick knobs to match. If you don’t, you can still use marble to add texture to your maple cabinet doors.

Add contrast with a black and white minimalistic marble knob.

Or try an earthier toned tan and white marbled knob for warm hues against wooden cabinets.

For a clean lined look, use gray and brass square marble knobs. These will add an earthiness to the kitchen while still keeping a clean look.

If you want to add texture and a color variety, use a black, white and gold brushed marble knob. These are sure to contrast your maple cabinets beautifully and add texture and color to your cabinets.

Uniquely Shaped Pulls

If you really want to draw attention to your maple cabinets, pick a uniquely shaped pull. If you love heavy texture, try a vintage metal look.

An antique bronze drawer pull or a brushed satin pewter cabinet pull will work. Both of these have heavy texture and style, drawing the eye to your decorative cabinet pulls.

To create a modern look, try a brushed curved cabinet pull. This color will contrast your maple well and add some texture and movement with the curved shape.

Use blue agate knobs to create an earthy mood while incorporating a pop of color.


Maple cabinets will offer you a great blank canvas. Elevate the look of your kitchen by selecting from a variety of beautiful hardware options. Make your kitchen sleek and modern or rustic and cozy by picking out the right hardware.

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