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Common Lazy Boy Problems and How to Fix Them

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Even though La-Z-Boy is one of the most beloved brands in the recliner space, plenty can still go wrong. Has your recliner stopped working and you’re looking for a quick fix? In this article, I’ll outline some common issues with La-Z-Boy recliners and how to fix them.

From problems with the hand control to problems with the footrest, I’ll break down the most common fixes.

Power Recliner Common Problems

Lazy boy power recliner problems for electric

This first section will look at some general problems that can occur in an electric recliner.

Recliner Doesn’t Recline

There are a lot of moving parts to a recliner. Due to this, as your recliner is closing, wires can become snagged and come loose. To fix this problem, you’re going to have to reconnect any loose wires.

First of all, flip your recliner upside down. The headrest should be resting on the floor. Open up the bottom of the recliner. Depending on your model, you may have to remove some screws holding down the bottom fabric.

Once you’ve done this, look for any wires that have come loose. Be sure the mains is off when you are doing the next step. Now, reconnect any loose wires. Flip your chair back the other way and you’ll have a fully working chair.

Hand Control Doesn’t Work

issues with lazy boy remote power recline

Much like the above issue, this comes down to the electrics. If your hand controller isn’t making the chair move, the chair may have cut the wires. The recliner mechanism, when moving backwards, has a tendency to snip this wire in half.

Flip your chair upside down and remove any coverings. Once you have exposed the inside of the chair, trace from the hand control down into the mechanism. You should find a portion of the chair cut clean in half.

Twist the two wires back together. Once you’ve done this, you can secure the wires with electrical tape. Try moving the wire out of the pathway of the mechanism. You can fix the wire to the side using something as simple as hair ties. Try to make sure the wire won’t’ fall in the way of the mechanism again.

Mechanism is Tilting to One Side

If your recliner begins to tilt to one side when it moves back, there will be structural damage. Some of the parts may bend out of shape internally. Unfortunately, if this is the case, this is not an easy fix.

If the tilt is not too extreme, try bending the rods back into shape. However, this is easier said than done. Most of the time, you’ll only be able to fix this if you go to a professional. Luckily, La-Z-Boy has some fantastic warranty schemes that can cover you.

Headrest Problems

Broken and Worn Down

La-Z-Boy headrests are often built into the design. Due to this, if they break, it will most likely be a clean snap. Due to this, you can simply replace the part.

If the pillow and fabric wear down at the headrest, you’ll need a few tools. First of these is a fabric cutter, which will open up the upholstery. Open the pillow up and then push some replacement pillowing inside. You can buy soft materials in bulk from amazon. These will bulk out your pillow and restore that fresh feeling.

Once you have filled up the headrest as much as you want, sew the ripped seam shut. The best place to cut is close to the bottom, or right at the top of the headrest. These areas are mostly hidden and will ensure no one sees your handiwork.

Rocker Recliner Problems

Lazyboy Rocker Recliner Not Rocking

problems with lazy boy rocker recliner not rocking

If your rocking recliner is failing to rock, clearly something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the harder issues to fix. It won’t be moving as your rocking springs will have worn out. Sometimes they will have worn out completely, and sometimes they will only be a little stiff.

Your first step is to open up the recliner. Flip it over, remove the bottom cover, and pull back any fabric. Next, you want to locate the spring, which should be near the side of the recliner. Take a look at it and determine if it is completely worn out or only stiff.

If it’s only stiff, you can use WD-40 to lubricate the spring. This will make the movements of the spring more fluid, and help move the rocker.

If the spring has worn out completely, you will have to replace it. Click here if you want to take a look at a visual guide.

Your first step will be to unscrew the screws that hold the springs in place. There are commonly two or three screws. Once you’ve done this, you can then replace the spring. You can order these online or from a local retailer. Screw the new spring back in place.

Cover the bottom of the recliner back up, and flip it upright. Your new springs should work correctly and begin to rock your recliner.

Footrest Problems

LAzy boy recliner footrest problems

There are only really two issues that impact the footrest. One is a lack of movement, and the other is too much movement. Let’s go through them.

Footrest Doesn’t move

If your footrest doesn’t move when you pull the lever, there is an easy fix. This is due to stiff internal joins. Flip your recliner upside down with the footrest extended. Where the internal mechanism near the lever is will be the base of the footrest.

You’re going to need some WD-40. Spray this on the internal mechanism, making sure you get any part where the metal bends. These are points of contact, which move the footrest. This WD-40 will lubricate the mechanism, and make sure it is not stiff.

Flip the recliner back upright and try the lever. It should now move, allowing your footrest to move with it.

Footrest won’t stay up

If your lever is working, but your footrest won’t stay upright, then you have a spring problem. Flip your recliner upside down to expose the internal mechanism.

Trace the outside of the recliner until you find a series of connected springs. These are what hold the recliner footrest in place when it extends. They may have come loose and fallen away. If that is the case, you’ll need to reconnect them. This is an easy process, you just need to hook the end of the spring back to the end of the footrest.

If the spring has snapped or is difficult to manoeuvre, you will have to replace the part. You can buy springs online or from a local hardware store. Order some new springs and then remove the old ones by unclipping them. You will then slip the new springs in exactly where the old ones were. This should fix your footrest and ensure it stay upright when activated.


This list has gone through some of the most common problems that occur with La-Z-Boy recliners. You can fix a lot of these problems cheaply, without incurring large replacement costs. If you can’t fix something yourself, you’ll then have to replace the part.

However, remember that La-Z-Boy has a fantastic warranty system in place for their products. Before you consider replacing any of their parts, be sure to check your warranty!

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