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Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel Decor

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Decorating a farmhouse fireplace mantel is a great opportunity to add a visual focal point to your room and draw attention to part of your room. It can also be an ideal place to display collectibles, show off your favorite photos or showcase a family heirloom. 

Whether your mantel is above a large stone fireplace in the family room or a small gas unit in the bedroom, you should style it with intention and but also include items that bring you joy. Try to use items, such as flowers and candles, in groups of three to keep the space from feeling overdone and cluttered. If you want to include a hanging picture or mirror, hang it low enough so guests can use it and appreciate your handiwork. 

To get started on your project, check out these great farmhouse fireplace mantel décor 

2. Stonebriar 2PC Wire METAL CLOCHE SET

Looking for something different, try these bell-shaped wire cages to accent your mantel. Use them to hold candles, display porcelain figurines or alone as decorative pieces. To soften the look, pair them with a potted succulent or a vase full of silk flowers.

3. Eucalyptus Garland

You can’t go wrong adding greenery to a mantel. Whether live or fake, a garland draped across the front of the mantel or hung along a mirror will give your room a festive feeling. Try interspersing the garland with candles or twinkling lights for holiday décor. 

4. CHP Ceramic Flower Vases Set of 3,

When decorating your mantel, choose classic items like these porcelain-like vases that can be used every season. Change the look with flowers in the spring and summer to fall and winter with ornate tree branches.

5. Flameless Candles

Line your outdoor fireplace mantel with an array of flameless candles to set the mood for an intimate dinner, a festive birthday celebration or an outdoor movie night. They provide effortless lighting and eliminate the risk of an unintentional fire.

6. Patton Wall Decor 24×40 

Use a mirror as a focal point above your fireplace. The rustic window-pane design has a casual feel hanging or leaning on the mantel. For more impact, place tall topiaries or potted plants and brightly-colored candles on either side of the mirror.

7. Wooden Mantle Clock

This vintage-inspired mantel clock can be the center of attention in a small room. Straddle the clock with a simple piece of framed art and a vase of fresh cut daisies to keep your farmhouse feeling light and open. 

8. Besti Vintage Pillar Candle Holders

When decorating with candle holders, you want to avoid having all of them at the same height. This set of three pillars allows you to add variety and vertical interest to your mantel while giving your room a decorative shabby chic feel.

9. Cade Rustic Wall Decor Window Barnwood Frames

Is your mantel décor feeling too symmetrical? Break up the pattern by displaying these frames. Hung together on the wall on leaning on the mantel, the different sizes will keep the space from feeling too much like a perfectly mirrored image.

10. Creative Scents Schonwerk Pillar Candle Holder Set

Provide balance to the structural architecture of your mantel by adding accessories of varying shapes and materials. These ornate metal and crystal candleholders contrast nicely with a mantel made of wood or stone.

11. Opps Artificial Lavender Flowers Bouquet

Artificial flowers can be an easy and no-fuss way to add some life to a farmhouse mantel. Display this white ceramic vase atop a dark wooden mantel and against a dark-colored wall to make it stand out.

12. Nearly Natural 4665 Mixed Mini Peony

Try an artificial peony flower arrangement when you want to make your mantel even more decorative for a special occasion. Use two or three arrangements along the length of your mantel to add decoration for a wedding shower, brunch or birthday party.

13. Dublin Decorative Vase Set of 3

Decorate your modern farmhouse fireplace with contemporary accents. These vases, with their modern shape and elegant design, would be striking on your mantel when styled with freshly-cut flowers.

14. Ins Style Vase with Artificial Flower Set

Hosting an anniversary or christening party? Fill your mantel with vases of white roses. Long associated with young love, the flower also represents new beginnings and can make any farmhouse mantel feel fresh and vibrant.

15. Pearl Mantels 610-48B Henry Mantel Shelf

Replace an outdated mantel when you want a more contemporary vibe in your farmhouse. The exposed wood grain and rich color gives this mantel its simple design. Add contrast to any room by hanging it on a stone or plaster wall.

16. Pearl Mantels The Cherokee

This mantel will add a much-needed structural element to a plain wall or fireplace. Elegant arched corbels add a sense of sophistication to the mantel and your room’s design. Accentuate the wood’s texture with a dark-colored stain and style with a rustic metal mirror and candle holders.

17. Small, Vintage Style Distressed White Wood & Metal Wall Decor Panel

The metal scroll design in this white distressed wood frame is the perfect way to add a feminine touch to your mantel décor. Style it in a group of three against a shiplap or brick wall to give your room some country farmhouse flavor.

18. Danya B. ZD16169 Contemporary Metal Shelf Décor

Display this playful modern art piece on your mantel or on a picture frame or mirror hanging above your mantel. The small polished brass sculpture is a subtle addition to a contemporary style farmhouse.

19. VANCORE Shabby Chic Metal Jug Vase

Form and function come together in this antique-looking jug. Displayed on your mantel alone or full of dried flowers, it will help put a finishing touch on your country farmhouse décor.

20. Pearl Mantels Shenandoah Pine Wall Shelf

Easily update a farmhouse kitchen woodstove with a pair of mantels hung side by side or one above the other. Use this simple architectural element to display your vintage collection of fine china or show off your husband’s antique beer steins.

21. Stonebriar Industrial Graphite Wood and Metal Mantel Clock

Want your mantel design to be reminiscent of grandmother’s farmhouse? Style with accessories like this vintage-inspired clock. Add a vase of flowers from your garden and an antique watercolor to complete the look.

22. YK Decor Wooden Family Words Decorative Sign

Let your visitors know that your family is the heart of your home when you display this decorative sign on your mantel. Make the display even more meaningful by adding a few photos of you and your family.

23. NIKKY HOME Table Clock Vintage Metal

A vintage-style clock not only tells time but tells your visitors a lot about your personality. The quirkiness of this clock is evident in its unusual color and French country design.

24. Hosley Set of 3 Black Ceramic Vases 

Use these vases as part of your modern black-and-white themed color palette. Want a punch of color? Fill the vases with a mix of red, orange and pink flowers to stay contemporary. 

25. Howard Miller Tamson Mantel Clock

A mantel clock with unique features such as a teal blue color or distressed wood can act as a standalone accessory. When used in front of a white brick or wood background, it easily becomes the focus of the mantel.

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