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The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Chair Ideas

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Are you loving the farmhouse style trend? What I like about it is that this type of décor goes back to a simpler time, but it is still possible to have a high-end, modern, curated look. There are few hard-and-fast rules, but one thing all farmhouses should have is a cozy, inviting feel. Think: home.

Mix and Match, or Just Match Farmhouse Chairs?

Your home should be comfortable and no-nonsense, and in my opinion, the dining room is most important to this notion. When you have guests, or even if it is just the family gathering for a meal, the chairs you sit on are the focal point. Get chairs that people want to spend time in—unwinding, chatting, and enjoying their meal—not something that reminds them of a cafeteria. 

A home decorated in the farmhouse style ideally comprises heirlooms and flea market finds combined with newer pieces, but for your dining area, there is nothing wrong with having matching chairs.

Food for Thought on Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Think about the type of material you want. Wood? Upholstered? Metal? What goes best with the farmhouse style you’re going for? Is it the cleaner, brighter French Farmhouse with lots of whites, or have you chosen an earthier Prairie Farmhouse aesthetic? 

Do you already have a table, or will you be buying the table and chairs as a set? Is the table round or rectangular? And don’t forget: the picnic-style really says country farmhouse. Or maybe you want a rectangular table with a bench on one side and chairs on the other.

3 Quick Tips To Considers Before Buying A Farmhouse Dining Chair or Set

  • Measure before buying. Make sure you leave enough space for every intended guest at your dining table.
  • Ten inches of leg space, reasonable elbow-room, and about two feet of table-width space for each guest is about right.
  • Allow for at least two feet of space behind each guest at your dining table while they are sitting so no-one’s back is against the wall.

3 Avoidable Mistakes:

  • Think of your lifestyle before you buy. If you like to host dinner parties, select a dining table with an extra leaf, which means you’ll need a couple of extra chairs (and a place to store them).
  • One and done? Easy isn’t always best. Get your pieces from many sources to give your home a layered look. Take the time to enjoy collecting the perfect pieces over time rather than plunking down for everything all at once.
  • Settle on a budget before you shop, then stick to it. Salespeople may encourage you to open a store credit card to purchase a big-ticket item, but don’t be tempted. You could find yourself in debt.

The Top 15 Best Farmhouse Dining Room Chairs

Stone & Beam Leon Modern Farmhouse

These chairs, which come on a set of two (allowing you to mix and match), combine a classic fabric-and-metal look with softness and studs together in harmony. The padded seats and wooden legs allow for cushiness and clean lines. One reviewer says, “They are very comfortable to sit in, and they look more expensive than they are. They don’t overwhelm my dining room; they are just the right size.”

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Whitesburg Dining Chairs

This is a sleek yet casual looking cottage white dining chair with a dark brown stained wood seat and high, slightly curved rake-style back. The design makes it easy to add cushions if desired, but wood is generally comfortable to sit in. The only drawback to these chairs, according to reviews from consumers, is that the legs tend to be uneven after assembly. (Pro-tip: get sticky felt-rounds for the leg bottoms and adjust the height with two or three extra rounds. These also help save your floor from scrapes and your ears from screeches.)

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Furmax Metal Dining Chair

If you don’t spend a lot of time gathered around the dinner table, then metal is the way to go. They are plain and simple and could be the perfect foil to a home that has a lot of soft edges and warm woods. These are also ideal for indoor/outdoor use. 

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Parker Country Farmhouse

Understated and elegant without being overly delicate or modern, these chairs set the standard for country living. These spindle chairs have sturdy crossbars on the legs, allowing one to perch their feet off the floor in comfort, and come in a variety of colors. Reviews are mixed, but most folks agree that these are good for light use.

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Flash Furniture White Metal

This stackable bistro style chair with its 500 lb. weight capacity is ideal for parties and outdoor dining (though one or two would look nice in a mix of a six to eight setting).

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Dorel Living Clairborne Tufted

These upholstered (available in taupe or gray) chairs with their hourglass silhouette and scooped backrest are best for the more upscale farmhouse chic look. The tapered chair back features a diamond pattern tufting with covered buttons and the legs are rich, dark wood. “I’d definitely recommend these if you like the elegant tufted velvet look,” says one user review.

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Kaelyn Dark Oak Side

These simple, understated armless beauties are perfect for a modern farmhouse and would look great with a distressed white dining table.

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Modway Gear Rustic Modern Farmhouse

These chairs have a handcrafted look and seem like a modern take on the popular rattan-and-wicker craze of the 1970s and 80s. “They are very comfortable because the back curves outward slightly and the seat has a bit of padding underneath the rattan. I was glad to see there is wood under the rattan to reinforce it,” says one review. Another person mentioned the wood cracked after a couple of months.

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Ravenna Home Solid Pine

This one is undeniably a simple classic piece that complements both traditional and modern farmhouse styles. The fact that the chair is all-wood makes it easy to clean and care for. It comes in gray or black. 

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Ready To Live Benton X-Back

 X marks the spot with this unusual chair-back design, helping your farmhouse décor stand out (ideally, amongst a mix of other chairs). The finish is distressed but finished to avoid chipping, which is perfect for that desirable lived-in look.

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Roundhill Furniture Lotusville Vintage

 Perfectly at home beside the sofa or at the dining table, these versatile chairs will best compliment a Midcentury-modern farmhouse or an eclectic one. The warm brown leather is upholstered over plastic molded seats and the legs consist of an iron frame in black finish. One review says, “Thanksgiving on these chairs was very comfortable as we sat for a couple hours eating and telling stories.”

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Aldwin Dining Chairs

A sturdy mix of clean, wood lines with a soft, cushioned seat. Equally cozy and chic.

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Roshan Farmhouse Acacia Wood

Similar in looks to other designs noted above, what sets these chairs apart is that they are acacia wood. Acacia is harvested from trees native to Australia and Hawaii and it is twice as hard as oak, making it one of the most durable materials on the market.

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Standard country chic, these simple chairs will fit in with just about any style of farmhouse.

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Kwame Fabric / Walnut Finish

These are the least farmhouse of the lot, but if you’re looking to mix and match one of these could make for a fun “oddball” addition. 

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Which is your favorite farmhouse dining chair? Let us know in the comments below.

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