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Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

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Farmhouse-style decor is generally defined as the creation of a warm, cozy, inviting living space. This is accomplished by combining modern elements with rustic accents. We generally think of living rooms when the farmhouse idea is considered, but any room in the home can be accented and furnished in this style. Bathrooms are no exception.

Although most of us want the bath area to look sleek and clean, we can choose to soften the mood a bit via the addition of just a couple of eye-catching accents. Below, a few farmhouse bathroom ideas are presented, and this will give the home decorator plenty of choices for giving this important area of the home its own comfortable, warm appearance.

Getting To The Point


This example tells it all with large text. Both of the signs are simple and have a background color that matches the tone of the walls. The picture frames are of simple wood construct, and this represents the rustic accent. Consider a wood-framed mirror and a few glass jars on a wood shelf to create a totally at-home look.

Pamper Yourself


There’s no need to clutter the bathroom counters with everything from combs and brushes to cotton swabs and makeup kits. Instead, focus on the overall look, one that is tidy and yet invites all who enter to make themselves at home. This example has all the essentials at the ready. Toothbrush, a soft white towel, soap dispensers, and portable mirror are laid out in a pleasing manner. The wood frames for the pictures, the woven basket, and the wood sit stool perfectly complement the white wall tone.

Hardwood Countertop


A ceramic or marble countertop can look regal and impressive, but a hardwood countertop says a lot more. It makes for a warm and inviting bathroom atmosphere, and when accented by a wood-framed mirror, a series of wood shelves supported by rope, and a wicker basket, the entire bathroom takes on a pleasant, comfortable appearance. This example shows plenty of neutral tones with very little bright color involved.

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall


The bath area shouldn’t become a house of mirrors, but the ones displayed should reflect the overall atmosphere. The exciting look seen here is created by the placement of mirrors on two different walls. They reflect the entire bathroom, meaning that the complementing light and dark tones are seen everywhere. A metal-framed end table with a towel shelf, soft lighting, and several planters for natural or artificial plants create a homey atmosphere.

Jewel Tones


Bath areas look great when green, blue, silver, and gold are the dominating tones, but even this concept can be altered to create a warm and inviting, soft and comfortable atmosphere. Old-style elbow supports for the wood shelves and wall lamp make for a rustic yet modern look. Add a few wired baskets for toiletries and grooming accessories, and the result is a functional bathroom with both the jewel tones and the homey accents.

Functional Shelving


Thick wood shelve that present a hand-hewn, rough texture look great when stacked vertically. They look even better when they support wired baskets and glass containers filled with bathroom essentials. This example shows medium-toned wood shelves complemented by the off-white walls and the black-and-white towel and shower screen. The one bright accent is a single potted plant.

Old-Style Artwork


This farmhouse-style decor is created by the use of old-style artwork for the mirror and a handmade wall rack. Another wood piece serves as the platform for glass containers. The mirror frame isn’t neutral in tone but is gentle and without bright color. The addition of metal containers hung from the wall rack is a very nice touch. The overall look is modern thanks to the cabinet design, but that modern look is tempered by the softer elements.

Light And Delicate


Relax in the tub and get comfortable surrounded by lightly toned accents. Candles, a bit of sculpture art, and a restrained shower curtain make this bath area the perfect place to soak while reading a book. Note the beautiful wood insert shelf that serves as a place for snacks or a cocktail. Guests will want to visit often so that they can enjoy some time in this delicately designed farmhouse-style bathroom.



Even if the bathroom has no wood paneling, one can achieve a rustic appearance merely by inserting a partial wood wall. This can be a transformed living room cabinet, outdoor weatherproofed paneling, or even a wood chest that’s been taken apart and rebuilt as a wall covering. The complementing white tone of the stand-up sink and the wood medicine cabinet makes for a truly homey atmosphere.

Wise Use Of Materials


Great composers know just how to use every section of the orchestra. The same type of effect is seen in this example. The bathtub area walls are white brick, the cabinet is off-white wood with a thick white countertop, and the mirror has a very thick wood frame. Note the artsy sink faucet and the ruffle-and-pleat design of the shower curtain. There’s nothing expensive here, just a great mix of materials including a single splash of green foliage.

Dual Sinks, Dual Mirrors


Nothing says functionality and forward thinking more than the addition of a dual sink. To balance out the overall look, double up on the mirrors as well. This example is created by using medium, somewhat neutral tones for the mirror frames, the shelving, and the woven basket. Note the tone of the faucet sets. They almost perfectly match the dark tone of the cabinetry.

Back To Basics


Inexpensive wood cabinetry can be found at flea markets and feed and seed stores. For just a few bucks, a truly farmhouse-style bathroom can be created. This cabinet looks barely treated at all, but that’s a good thing. The rustic appearance is highlighted further via the addition of medium-toned wood shelving and wall racks. Only the essential containers are in view. These hold toilet paper, a few soap items, and a spare set of towels.

Uncluttered Appearance


If the bath area is rather small, the last thing one needs is to duck and weave through the maze of shelves, potted plants, and towel racks in order to get to the toilet. Instead, focus on the walls and what to place on them. A mirror, a wood shelf, and a cleverly designed wooden towel rack are within easy reach of the center of the room. This example includes a free-standing sink, and this opens up even more floor space. 

Dominant Bathroom Tone


If multi-colored accents aren’t the goal, consider brightening up the already present light tone of the bathroom. A glass door for the tub and shower reflects very little and yet brightens up the entire room. The tub itself has a modern look but is placed inside a thick wood exterior. The window blinds are white and thick. The only eye-catching accent is the beautiful dark-toned faucet set. This is simplicity at its best.

Dominant Mirror Frame


If wall space is at a premium, don’t worry too much about covering it all up with wood shelving or racks. Instead, make the centerpiece the mirror, and more precisely, the mirror frame. This example shows a rustic mirror frame that looks as if it came straight from the mill. The clever installation of a wired toilet paper rack is a nice touch, and so is the candle that gives off just enough light to brighten up the plant and its holder.

Open Space


Farmhouse-style bathroom decor accents what’s already there, namely the configuration of the room. A linear-configured bath area has dual sinks and plenty of countertop surface. Don’t mess this up by cluttering the bathroom. Instead, focus on the walls and what can be placed on them to accent the room. Double mirrors, a single planter, and an old-style towel ring on the far wall means a comfortable look with all that space remaining for walking about.

Old Style, Modern Touch


The idea is to get the room to speak to whoever is in it. This example shows modern bathroom design with a truly personalized signature. Wood and wire dominate, and the circular mirror and doughnut wall hanging make for a completely customized look that reflects the personality of the homeowner. It’s clean and neat, but it’s also not too regimented.

Available Material


Use wood materials already at hand to create a personalized, rustic bathroom environment. Picture frames, odds and ends made from wood, and an old-style bed table clock work well. Use an old galvanized bucket for the trash receptacle. If this isn’t farmhouse style, then what is?

Wall Accents


Concentrate on decorating the walls if the bath area is relatively small. Use a woven, dark-toned covering for the window shade. Stack a couple of wood shelves above the toilet. Hang a chalk board sign that says something like “We aim to please. Aim too, please”. Add a single shiny accent such as an old-style trash container with a foot pedal.

Large Sink Design


A single sink with two separate faucet sets looks mighty appealing. The large wooden cabinet supporting the sink has all the space needed for storage. The old-style wooden stool in this example is used by the little ones as well as for sitting and combing out hair tangles. The color tone of the sink and cabinet varies little from the wall color, and that’s a good thing.

The Best Rustic Look


The free-standing sink and the wooden trolley seen in this example immediately convey the impression of simplicity and rustic design. The dark-toned wicker basket is out of the way, and the simple wood frames for the mirrors further emphasize the idea of comfort and coziness.

Old-Style Bathtub


These can be purchased at clearance sales from owners who are in the business of fixing up old homes and reselling them. Add a wood shelf to one end of the tub, and place other wooden articles on the walls. The result is a truly farmhouse-style bath area.

Baseboard And Flooring


It’s not very expensive to replace baseboard and kickers with taller, thicker wood planks. This example shows the perfect intersection of lighter-toned wood walls, dark and tall baseboard, and clever choice of floor covering. Add an old wood stool and woven basket for a remarkable farmhouse-style bathroom.

Lighting Effects


Modern farmhouse bathroom design combines the old with the new. This example shows full lighting around the mirror, and this light warms up the medium tones of the wall and floor. Note the upright top-placed sink in the wood countertop. A truly beautiful mix of old and new.

Step Back In Time


White brick, whether genuine or just a surface material, makes the shower stall an historic place of interest. The addition of an old-style glass-front sink cabinet further enhances the look. The modern fixtures act as a buffer, and this brings the past and the present together in an interesting way.

Go Completely Neutral


The mix of off-white, beige, and brown can make a bath area look truly rustic but with the modern touch. Curvy, elegant sink fixtures, round wooden frames for the pictures or prints, and a couple of glass containers results in a look that speaks heavily of timelessness. There are no harsh tones in this example.

Message Of Invitation


Both the homeowner and guests appreciate stepping into a bath area that actually invites them in to do their business. Combine functionality with art to create this effect. Small wood stools that serve as holders for towels, toilet paper, and soaps create a look that tells all to come on in and get comfortable. All are welcome here.

Back In Black


Black is exciting, but only if it’s complemented by white. Use this two-toned idea to create a wonderful look to the bath area. The idea is to use the proper materials to create this effect. Black cabinetry, black mirror frames, and black towel racks stand out against white walls and white sinks. It’s stark, but it’s not outrageous. Instead, it’s actually comfortable and inviting, and it’s one of the most popular farmhouse bathroom ideas considered by homeowners.

It’s Still A Bathroom


Don’t decorate the bath area to make it look like a bedroom or living area. Instead, enhance what a bathroom contains by adding decor that’s visually appealing only in this room and no other. A ring cut from a steel garbage can and set with a shelf is placed on the wall. A wood-framed mirror and an instructive old-style frame on the wall are all the accents needed.

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