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Emperor vs Super King Beds

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When it comes to the size of your bed, you might wonder if bigger is always better. Is a queen size better than a full size? Is a king better than a queen? Work your way up to the biggest size, and you find the emperor bed.

Is an emperor size a better bed than a super king bed? Is there a point where it just becomes too much bed for someone, or is a bigger bed always better?

Keep reading to learn whether a super king or an emperor size bed is better for your home.

Emperor Size Bed vs Super King

We understand that any comparison will come down to matters of personal taste. One might be better on paper or it might just make sense to go with the biggest bed. But, you need to match your bed size with your needs and existing limitations.

So, here’s a short list of pros and cons of each type:


Emperor bed: Emperor beds allow you to share your sleeping space comfortably with a partner, kids, and pets. It’s 7’ x 7’, which gives everyone room to stretch out while maintaining a sense of intimacy.

Super king: At 6’ x 6.5’, a super king is big enough to share, but is a little smaller than an emperor size bed. So, it’s easier to fit into rooms. It’s also likely to cost a little less because it’s a little smaller.

In addition, it’ll be easier to find mattresses and accessories for a super king than for an emperor bed.


Emperor bed: While its large size is a positive aspect of this bed, it’s also its primary drawback. It’s a giant bed and will make small rooms look tiny, and that’s without figuring in the frame. It also weighs more than a super king.

Also, emperor-size beds are not carried by every retailer. You might have difficulty finding a new mattress and bedding. We recommend looking into their availability before deciding on this size.

Super king: A super king is large enough to share with your family and pets, but it’s slightly smaller than an emperor. That means you’ll have less room to stretch out. If you’re going to upgrade your bed size, it doesn’t hurt to just upgrade all the way.

Is an Emperor Bigger Than a Super King?

Is an Emperor bigger than a Super King?

When deciding whether an emperor-size bed is right for your home living situation, the answer depends on the size of your bedroom and your own sleeping needs.

One thing that will factor into that is the size of the bed. Emperor beds measure 7’ x 7’, and super kings are roughly 6’ x 6.5’. So, emperor beds are bigger than super kings.

Is an Emperor Bed the Biggest Bed?

Is an Emperor Bed the Biggest Bed?

At 7’ x 7’, the emperor bed is the largest of any standard-sized bed. But, it isn’t the largest bed on the market. The Texas king bed is as wide as an emperor bed, but a foot longer.

It’s worth noting that there are beds that are even bigger than the Texas king. An Alaska king is 9’ x 9’. Some family beds are 12-feet wide. 

What Bed Is Bigger Than an Emperor?

Two types of king beds are bigger than an emperor, both named after states associated with big things. There’s also a kind of king bed – the Wyoming king – with a mattress that matches the 7’ x 7’ emperor mattress size.

The Texas king is a bigger bed. It’s a bit narrower, but it’s also longer at 6.5’ x 8’. It’s the largest standard-size bed available. If you know where to look, however, you can find the Alaska king, which is 9’ x 9’.

Are Super King Beds Longer?

Are Super King Beds Longer?

At 6’ x 6.5’, super king beds are neither longer nor wider than an emperor bed, which has 7’ x 7’ dimensions. They are also not longer than a standard king bed, which is 6’ x 6’.

What Size Is an Emperor Size Bed?

What Size Is an Emperor Size Bed?

Emperor beds are among the largest mattresses available. It can be hard to find a retailer that carries the mattress, frames, and bedding. We recommend that, before you decide to purchase an emperor bed, you make sure you can find all the accessories for it.

The mattress itself is 7’ x 7’. But, that’s only the size of the mattress. You still need a headboard and a bed frame. It’s a large mattress, so assume that you’ll need a large, durable frame to support it.

A good rule-of-thumb is to leave six inches of space on either side of the mattress, so approximately 8’ x 8’. If your headboard has storage, it’ll be even bigger.

Is a Super King the Same as Two Singles?

Is a Super King the Same as Two Singles?

One under-appreciated thing about buying big beds is that you need to move them. Large mattresses are bulky, heavy, and can be awkward to move around corners. An alternative is to buy two smaller mattresses so they’ll be easier to move.

But, the question is whether you can replicate the size you want.

If you want to replace a super king with two single beds, the difference is insignificant. A super king mattress is 6’ x 6.5’. A single mattress is 3’ x 6.25’. Connected, they give you roughly the same size as a super king.

What Size Is an Emperor Duvet?

Whenever you accessorize a bed, anything that covers it will be a little bit larger so it can drape over the sides. That includes a giant mattress like an emperor, which is 7’ x 7’. While it can use the same size fitted sheet as a super king bed, expect to buy a massive duvet.

Most duvets made for emperor size beds are about 8’ x 9.5’. If that sounds too big, just remember that it needs to hang over both sides of the mattress.

Is an Emperor the Same as a Super King?

The emperor bed has 7’ x 7’ dimensions, which are the same dimensions as a Wyoming king bed. But a Wyoming king bed isn’t the same thing as a super king bed.

A super king bed’s dimensions are 6’ x 6.5’. So, while an emperor bed and the Wyoming king are the same sizes, they are larger than super king beds.

Is a Queen Bigger Than a Super King?

Is a Queen Bigger Than a Super King?

Queen beds are the most popular bed size in the United States. They are large enough for most couples to sleep comfortably, but not so big that it’s difficult to move around them.

They are roughly 5’ x 6’. Therefore, super king beds are larger.

Which Is Better, an Emperor Size Bed or Super King?

Which Is Better, an Emperor Size Bed or Super King?

Since you spend so much time in bed, and because it’s such an intimate place, we can’t decide that a certain size bed is better than another. That’s a conclusion you need to arrive at yourself after considering several things.

Size is one important thing. An emperor is bigger than a super king. So, if you want something giant, an emperor is your choice.

It’s also going to be more expensive and potentially harder to find accessories for a bed that large. You’ll want to take into account how easily you’ll be able to find things like bed frames and parts, as well as sheets and comforters.

The price might be a factor, too. A larger bed with scarcer parts will cost you more money in the long run. However, we think quality sleep is important enough that it’s worth the investment.

Also, don’t overlook the limitations of your space. It’s going to be a bigger headache to move an emperor mattress around than a super king. The bed will be heavier. If your bedroom is up several flights of stairs, maybe shaving a few inches off the mattress will pay off.

What Size Is a Super King Bed?

Super king beds are the largest standard-size mattress at 6’ x 6.5’. If you’re looking at getting a super king bed, the size of your mattress is just the beginning of the measurements you’ll need.

You’ll need to factor in the size of the bed frame, which usually tacks on a foot all the way around. The headboard might also be a little bigger. Just remember that, unless you’re going for a completely minimalist look, the frame for a very large bed will also need to be very large to support it.


The choice between an emperor-size bed and a super king bed comes down to space, price, and whether you want to put in the work.

At 7’ x 7’, Emperor beds are the biggest on the market. You can fit your whole family on it, but they’re more expensive and harder to find. It can also prove difficult to find accessories for them and some retailers just simply won’t carry them.

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