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6 Door Colors That Go With a Gray House

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If your home’s exterior is gray, picking the right color for your front door can be a struggle. This is an important detail of any home as the front door is one of the first things that catches the eye when looking at a house. 

The color that you choose for your front door should reflect your style as well as complement the rest of your home. Pick a color that is going to pair beautifully and make a statement.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to give you some color inspiration for that front door.

6 Door Colors That Go With a Gray House

Though gray is a neutral paint color, it can still be challenging to pick the perfect door color to accent your home. As gray is a shade of black, not every color pairs perfectly with it. The undertones of your particular shade of gray will affect how well different colors pair with it. Try to determine if the existing paint feels warm or cool. 

Your door can either be a statement of personal style or it can build on your home’s existing pallet without standing out. That’s a personal choice, and we’ve included options in this guide that will be perfect for both. 

1. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

A rich shade of navy blue is a bold yet classical color choice when it comes to shades of gray. Navy blue and gray naturally go together and compliment each other beautifully.

The richness of a bold navy blue helps to pull out the blue tones from the gray, perfectly pairing the two colors. This creates a sophisticated yet daring look for your home.

A navy blue door is the best of both worlds, it adds a colorful accent without drawing all of the viewers’ attention

Navy blue goes best with shades of gray that have cool undertones, like green, purple, or blue.  This is typically true of darker shades of gray.

2. White


White makes a beautiful impact when paired with gray. The minimalism of white paint will focus attention on the gray and draw out its natural complexity and color. If you have a darker shade of gray, this will also offer the greatest amount of contrast.

This creates a classic look that is sophisticated and charming. White is not a statement color on its own, but it will definitely stand out against the darkness of a gray color.

This is a great option for any homeowners who are nervous about choosing a bold paint color for the front door. White is traditional and will create a perfect pairing with the gray exterior.

3. Black


Having a black door against a gray exterior is a great option if you want your home to look luxurious with a classic touch. As gray is actually a shade of black, the two colors go perfectly together and create a refined monochromatic look.

As with white, pay attention to the darkness of your gray exterior. If you have a lighter existing shade, then adding a black door will create stunning contrast.

Though black is considered to be more of a neutral color than a statement color, it still creates a breathtaking look in any home. The black door against the gray paint stands out and immediately makes your home look modern.

The richness of black brings out the richness of gray paint and creates a moody and classical pairing. If you do not want a statement door color but still want your door to stand out, black paint is a great option.

4. Light Blue

Light Blue

Light blue is one of the door colors that go with gray and creates a beautiful look to the front of your home. A light blue color pairs beautifully with most shades of gray. It brings a softness to this exterior color.

This is the perfect paint color if you want the gray paint to look less ominous and dark. Light blue adds coolness and can help dark shades of gray to look more cozy and welcoming.

Many light blue shades can pair with your gray home, whether you want a cool light blue color or a bird’s egg blue.

5. Red


One door color that goes with gray is a breathtaking shade of red. This is truly a statement color and will immediately upscale your home. It will become instantly recognizable.

Though a dark shade of red isn’t for everyone, this can really have a huge impact on a gray-colored house. Red and gray naturally pair well together, and red helps to mellow out the gray color.

This pairing creates a sophisticated and bold look that will make your home stand out. If you find the gray exterior to be too much for you, a red door will instantly draw most of the attention away from the gray.

Red paint also brings out the cooler and lighter tones in gray paint, making it look less bold next to the bright red door.

6. Gray


One color that you might not have thought of for your door is another shade of gray. This may seem strange if you already have a gray house, but pairing gray with gray can create amazing results.

Pairing two shades of gray will create a monochromatic effect. This will look very cohesive and stylish but no one element is going to stand out. If you decide to take this approach, you still need to pick a shade of gray.

You could choose a lighter shade of gray or a darker shade that is more of a charcoal gray. This color will help your door to blend in, while still being pronounced against the exterior of the home.

For this color combination, it is best to match opposites, such as using a cool gray with a warm gray. This will help the two shades to complement each other rather than clash.

Why Door Colors Matter

The color you choose for your front door is important regardless of the color of your home. A front door should stand out in many ways as it is a focal point of your entire home.

You can either choose to go bold with a shade of red or navy blue or with a subtle touch like white or gray. No matter what color you choose, your door is going to stand out in one way or another.

In order for your home to look cohesive, you want the door color to match the exterior color. These two colors should harmonize and go together just enough to avoid any clashing.

You can easily transform the way your home looks with the color of your door and make it memorable. This is why the color of your door is so important, especially when you have a gray home.

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