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Does a Bedroom Need a Mirror? How to Decorate With or Without a Mirror

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If you’re decorating a bedroom, you may be wondering if it needs a mirror. Bedrooms don’t necessarily need mirrors, but bedroom mirrors are common. Find out if using a bedroom mirror is necessary and what options you have for styling a bedroom without a mirror.

Does a Bedroom Need a Mirror?

Room without a mirror

Bedroom mirrors aren’t necessary. But, if you don’t have one in your bedroom, you’ll want to keep a mirror close by. As long as you have a mirror nearby, either in your closet, hallway, or bathroom, you’re fine. 

It’s important to have a mirror nearby so that you have somewhere to check how you look after you get ready. Again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your bedroom, but it should be nearby so you have easy access. If you don’t like the idea of a bedroom mirror, that’s fine. Keep the mirror out of the bedroom and in a close by room.

Pros to Having a Mirror in Your Bedroom

A room with large sliding mirrors

Having a mirror in your bedroom is very convenient. You have easy access to check your hair, makeup, and outfit without having to leave the room. If you need to change or fix anything, you can do it quickly.

Because mirrors are reflective, they also add light to your space. Whether you have natural light or use lamps and chandeliers, mirrors will reflect light. Having a mirror or many mirrors will increase the light in your space. The reflective property of mirrors can also help highlight an accent wall or a special piece of art or furniture.

Considerations if Your Bedroom Doesn’t Have a Mirror

A room with no mirrors but with large sliding door window

If you choose to not have a bedroom mirror, think of the things you’ll miss out on. You won’t be able to easily check out how you look when getting ready. So, without a mirror, you’ll need to walk out of your bedroom to finish getting ready.

Also, not having a mirror can make a space look odd— like it’s missing a key piece of furniture. Mirrors are often found over dressers or vanities. You can substitute the space where a mirror would go with a work of art. Doing so will help take up the space and make the room look more complete.

What Does Feng Shui Say About Mirrors in a Bedroom?

A round mirror with several mini round mirrors

Based on most Feng Shui expert recommendations, mirrors are bad in a bedroom when facing the bed. The belief is that mirrors will bounce bad energy around your room. This can reduce your quality of sleep and even cause nightmares.

Therefore, Feng Shui advises against having bedroom mirrors facing a bed. Outside of creating restlessness and anxiety, Feng Shui teaches that mirrors can cause infidelity. The idea that the energy in a room can be duplicated means a third person could be added to a relationship.

If you follow the school of thought of Feng Shui, do not have a mirror facing your bed. Consider other placements for a mirror in your bedroom. You can also opt out of a bedroom mirror altogether and use the mirror in your closet, hallway, or bathroom.

Where Should a Mirror Be Placed in a Bedroom?

A cozy room with sliding mirror door

More often than not, mirrors are placed above dressers and vanities. This is an easy place to check your reflection while getting ready in the morning. Your mirror placement should be thoughtful. Make sure to select a space where you’ll easily be able to check your reflection while you’re getting ready.

If you have a full length body mirror, place it near your closet. This will make changing outfits and checking them very convenient. If you don’t have tons of space near your closet, hang it on the back of the closet door. Another choice is hanging it on the back of your bedroom door.

Place a mirror opposite your bedroom windows to add light. The natural light will brighten your space. If you don’t have a bedroom window, use the same concept with your artificial light. Place your mirror opposite your lamps to create light reflection throughout the space.

Ideas for Styling a Bedroom Without a Mirror

A bedroom cabinet with a sliding mirror door

If you choose to not use a mirror in your bedroom, consider the following alternative styling options.

Hang a unique piece of artwork over your dresser

You can find artwork in the same sizes and shapes as dresser mirrors. This makes it easy to find a unique piece that you’ll love. Be creative and use this as an opportunity to add color and energy to your bedroom. You can even use a collection of photos or artwork to help fill the space.

Hang greenery or plants on shelves

A great way to bring nature and calmness inside your bedroom is to add plant life. You can hang shelves in the space your mirror would go. Add potted plants and vines— natural or artificial— to add organic energy.

Place your TV in a spot with great visibility

If you opt out of putting a mirror over your dresser, that space could be a great spot for a TV if it’s across from your bed. Choose a TV that fits your dresser size well and sit back and enjoy shows and movies you love.

Create a minimalist space without clutter

Not having a mirror over your dresser creates more space. If your goal is a clean, minimalist space, this is a great choice. Eliminating a mirror, wall art, and extra pieces softens and cleans up the room. You can keep a mirror in a space near your bedroom and drop the extra piece of decor.


Placing a mirror in a bedroom can be tricky. Consider a few different placement options and decide which will best fit your needs. Remember that a mirror’s purpose is to create reflection. Place your mirror in a space that will help you when you’re getting ready and that will also reflect light throughout your bedroom.

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