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How to Decorate a Triangle-Shaped Wall

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Usually found in attics and triangular home structures, a triangular-shaped wall is noticeable. Triangular-shaped wall spaces fit the irregular, odd-shaped, and unusual room category. The wide bottom and pointy top are striking, and lovely to gaze at and enjoy.

The challenge is how to decorate the wall to make its distinctive shape less strong. In this way, the eye will focus more on the room and less on the form of the triangle. We explore six ways to do this. In the end, the wall will be as decorative as standard rectangular and square walls. 

6 Ways to Decorate a Triangle-Shaped Wall

Ways to Decorate a Triangle-Shaped Wall

Balance the Wall

There are three ways to make a triangle-shaped wall appealing. Add something symmetrical on both sides, or add something in the center and the top. You can also balance the triangle by adding a mix of both to the area. The exception to the rule is when a window, door, or vent occupies the spot.

Embrace Windows, Doors, and Vents

If the triangular wall has a window, vent, or door; decorate around it. The window, door, or vent is an automatic centerpiece. These features take up a chunk of the space, so use fewer decorations around them to make the wall appealing. 

For example, in the case of a window, you can add a round or oval table underneath it and decorate the table. You can also add artwork on both sides of the window. If the window is near the ceiling, focus on the bottom half.

Approach doors in a different way. Walls with doors need one or two artwork pieces on top, or on both sides of the door. Another idea is to decorate the door with artwork. 

Since vents carry air throughout the home, don’t decorate the walls with artwork. Instead, add a table underneath and decorate it. 

Soften the Triangular Corners

Paint the triangle-shaped wall the same color as the room. Paint softens the details to make the shape less noticeable and more uniform. Do not paint the triangle wall a different color from the rest of the room. If the paint color is different, it will bring out the triangular shape instead of hiding it.

Select Suitable Furniture

The goal of decorating triangular walls is to soften their edges. Furniture pieces that have strong corner edges and defined lines do not do that. They end up mimicking the edges and lines of the triangle-shaped wall. Instead, place round, oval, and curved edge furniture near the triangle wall as a soft contrast.

Select the Correct Accessories

The best rug shapes for triangle walls are asymmetrical, oval, and round. Avoid hanging mirrors on a triangle wall or near it. Mirrors reflect light and highlight the triangle’s edges, corner points, and defined lines. 

Also, hang small pieces of artwork on the wall. Avoid large artwork because it swallows up the space. 

Clocks, plaques, wall planters, stained glass, murals, decals, signs, and wall sconces fit. Add greenery, trinkets, table lamps, and seasonal items to the table or countertop. You could dedicate some, or the entire wall as a dry erase board, a chalkboard, or a pegboard.

Use Vertical Storage

If the wall includes storage space, go vertical over expanding sideways. Floor-to-ceiling storage is a space saver, especially for small rooms. All wall-mounted, freestanding, and floating shelf storage must follow the slanted outline. The exception in this case is to make the storage area the centerpiece of the wall. 

What Are the Pros of a Triangle-Shaped Wall for Decorating?

Pros of a Triangle-Shaped Wall for Decorating

A Built-In Focal Point

The triangle wall is a built-in focal point. Family and guests who walk into the room will notice the triangular-shaped wall area. That gives them something to discuss. Adding a focal point to the triangular-shaped wall is optional.

Great for Tall, Thin, and Unique Items

On the triangle wall, treat tall and narrow furniture, and wall décor as an optional focal point. This is a suitable space for those items when there’s nowhere else to put them. Place one of those items at the center of the triangle wall and decorate around it. 

Examples are linen cabinets, lingerie chests, bookcases, freestanding kitchen pantries, and armoires. A vertical length artwork piece or tapestry is a great centerpiece item too. 


The unique shape of triangle walls requires items to blend in with them, not to stand out. Once you understand that, it becomes a flexible space that can be whatever you want it to be. Consider it a fun challenge to decorate the wall to your satisfaction. There are many inspiring photos of triangle-shaped walls to be found on the web. 

What Are the Cons of a Triangle-Shaped Wall for Decorating?

Cons of a Triangle-Shaped Wall for Decorating

Less Space

Draw a square and then draw a triangle inside it. Draw a large rectangle, and then draw a triangle inside the rectangle. Either way, the triangle offers less space to decorate than a square or rectangle. The triangle reduces wall space from the rectangle or square and forces you to use the area to the fullest.

Wasted Corner Space

How can you use every inch when the corners of the triangle are so tight? The bottom corners are tough to decorate as no items fit there. Therefore, they are often disregarded rather than welcomed into home design. If those corner spaces are empty, they will be a space for dust bunnies, cobwebs, and dirt to hide.

Difficult Furniture Placement

Adding furniture near a triangle-shaped wall will always look like a tight squeeze. Large freestanding furniture pieces look bulky, and small furniture looks awkward. It requires effort to make sure that furniture pieces look like they belong there. That is problematic because of the wall shape. 


A triangle-shaped wall is the most challenging wall to decorate. There are pros and cons to a triangle-shaped wall area that will give you cause to pause, but don’t let that deter you. Embrace the uniqueness of the space and work with the limitations. A successful wall is a stunning masterpiece in the room.

To anyone with a triangle-shaped wall in their house, tell us how you decorated it in the comments. If learning how to decorate a triangle-shaped wall seems challenging, it will be easier to manage now.

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