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Can You Put Curtains On Sliding Glass Doors?

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Sliding glass doors lead to the outdoors from the bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen. The reflective glass allows natural sunlight to brighten the room and gives you a beautiful view. They can also be a good source of ventilation. 

For all their advantages, sliding glass doors cannot provide privacy. If you’re aiming for privacy, curtains are your best bet. But, can you put curtains on sliding glass doors? 

Sliding glass doors mimic windows, along with being an exit and a good source of ventilation. A window brings sunlight and a view. Like windows, sliding glass doors by themselves offer no privacy. Therefore, adding curtains to sliding doors is a good option.

Can You Put Curtains On Sliding Glass Doors?

Curtains On Sliding Glass Doors

Curtains are a suitable solution for window privacy. However, you can put curtains over sliding glass doors too. The way to add curtains to sliding glass doors is analogous to window curtains. The curtain color and/or pattern must match and elevate the room.

Are Curtains or Blinds Better on a Sliding Glass Door?

Curtains or Blinds Better on a Sliding Glass Door

Blinds can cover the glass area, or the door itself. They need some tinkering to allow the right amount of light to enter the room. Curtains cover the glass frame, the door frame, the molding trim, and the area around the door. They are easier to rearrange than blinds. 

As for whether one is better than another, it is not that simple. It’s about whether you are more comfortable using curtains or blinds. Cost is another consideration. Curtain installation is cheaper than installing blinds.

It also depends on how much coverage you want on the sliding glass door. Blinds are your best bet for glass frame-only coverings. If you prefer to cover the entire doorway, curtains are the better option. 

Will Curtains Make Sliding Glass Doors Look Better?

Curtains Make Sliding Glass Doors Look Better

Without curtains, sliding doors act as a door. Unlike entry doors, sliding glass doors provide a great deal of light and no privacy. Using curtains will change this. 

With curtains, sliding doors will act as both a door and window. The doors keep their function without being a distraction. The use of curtains makes sliding doors part of the room decor. They aid in making the room feel more attractive.

What Are Some Ideas for Putting Curtains Over Sliding Glass Doors?

Curtain Type

How much light do you want? The curtain type controls the amount of light entering the room. Sheer curtains are lightweight curtains that will reduce sun brightness and offer some privacy. You can add contact paper or privacy screens to aid in privacy with sheer curtains.

Grommet curtains are curtains with shower curtain-like metal rings across the top. Installing them involves sliding a rod inside the holes and hanging up the rod. Grommet curtains are easy to install and use.

Blackout curtains block light completely and offer maximum privacy. Some may include benefits like noise reduction and thermal insulation. There are also sheer and blackout hybrid curtains.

Double Layer

Like windows, you can layer curtains on sliding glass doors. Adding a double curtain rod to the wall offers space for two layers. The layer closest to the door will be sheer curtains. The top layer will be the blackout curtains. 

The result blends the positives – privacy, and sunlight – with no negatives. 

Two Curtain Types on One Rod

The double-layer lovers who prefer the layers on one rod instead of two must try this. The sheer curtains should meet in the center on both sides, so insert those first. The ends should be the blackout curtains. You get the same results as a double layer without dealing with two rods. 

One Panel vs. Two Panels

A one-panel or single curtain is one solid barrier covering both doors instead of one door. To receive light, you open one side of the curtain. To reach the door, you need to open the panel halfway. 

Select a two-panel, double, or dual curtain for better door access and light control. Two panels open in the center to access the sliding door and the outdoor light. However, it will be difficult to close the center without light squeezing through.

Solids vs. Designs

Solid color curtains are one-color curtains that blend in or stand out in the room. The right color must balance and ground the wall color, flooring, and large furniture. These curtains fit areas with plenty of design styles or with a focal point established.

Designs are great for rooms with a set color scheme and no focal point. Standout curtains will add personality to rooms with few decor designs. Examples are stripes, ombre, patterns, prints, abstract, and geometric shapes.

How High Should You Hang Curtains Over a Sliding Door?

The curtains must hover above and extend sideways enough to cover the door. They also need depth so the door can open and close without issue. Expect the curtain rod and the curtains to be wider on sliding panel doors than windows. A curtain rod with a center bracket is a good choice for stability.

With measuring tape, measure the width and length of the sliding glass door. The curtain rod can be taller than the door to add height to the room. The curtain rod needs space for curtains to reside in case both doors are in use. In width, here’s how much extra space to leave on both sides.

  • Doors 60 inches/5 feet wide or fewer need five more inches of space on both sides
  • Doors 61 inches to 72 inches wide need eight more inches of space on both sides
  • Doors over 72 inches need nine to twelve more inches of space on both sides

For curtain rod height, there are three options. You can go with the universal height of 4-6 inches above the door molding. You can mount the curtain rod near the ceiling or find a custom height. If you prefer to find a custom height, measure the sliding glass door wall from floor to ceiling. 

  • Walls less than 8 feet high – hang the rod 4 to 5 inches above the door mold
  • Walls 8 or 9 feet high – hang the rod 6 inches above the door mold
  • Walls ten feet or taller – hang the rod very close to the ceiling

The curtain needs to be floor length to cover the door. It should not drag the floor, or the sliding door will not function properly. The curtain length total is the door height plus the curtain rod height. 

Can You Put Curtains Over a Sliding Glass Door That Already Has Blinds?

You can add curtains and blinds to sliding glass doors. The combination oozes brilliance, charm, and character unique to the room. The combo adds more control over privacy, outdoor view, ventilation, and sunlight. 

The trick is adding blinds to the sliding door first and adding curtains on top of it. It’s easier to pair blinds and curtains of similar colors, shades, and hues together. Mix patterns with solids and light/dark solid hues of the same color for balance and contrast. Layering it wrong will make the combo appear tacky and junky.


It’s a common design strategy to add curtains over sliding glass doors. Curtains keep out unwanted heat in the summer to keep your home cool. They keep out unwanted cold air in the winter to keep your home warm. 

Can you put curtains on sliding glass doors? Once you know the height and width, curtains on sliding glass doors do not differ from windows. Do you have a comment to share about this article? Talk about it in the comment box below and bookmark this page for future reference.

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