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6 Curtain Colors That Go With a Silver Gray Sofa

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Do you have a silver gray sofa? Choosing curtains to go with it can be a challenge. We put together a list of our favorite curtain picks for silver gray sofas. Check out our unique list below.

Classic Black

Black curtains with silver gray sofas create a serious and elegant look. Whether you choose a deep texture like velvet or sheer drapes, the black adds boldness. You can choose from a variety of solid black curtains or go with designs. It will be impossible to clash black and silver gray, this color is a safe bet.

We love the depth and elegance that black velvet curtains offer. The softness and plush texture adds a unique softness and flow to the room. These are also a great choice for room darkening. The black will contrast the silver gray couch and highlight it.

For a lighter look, try black sheer panels. This look will bring in the same bold look, but will incorporate much more light. You’ll get much extra sunlight and natural lighting in your space.

An in-between look would be black polyester drapes. These add texture and depth without being as rich as velvet. Create the look of movement and flow with the polyester’s natural falling pattern.

Tie in the shine of a silver gray couch with black and gold foil geometric curtains. The minimalist yet elegant gold foil pattern creates a unique metallic shimmer. This metallic sheen will tie in the metallic look of the silver gray sofa.


The cool tones of navy blue are a perfect pair with silver gray. Elegant and cool, these two colors make a room feel cool, calm, and serene.

Lush navy ruffle drapes create the look and feel of running water. This is perfect for a space with a silver gray sofa. The texture and flow of these curtains bring in a natural element and feel to the room.

To combine both colors, we love the look of silver tree branches on navy curtains. This unique look also brings in a natural, yet modern element. With trees, the room has a softer natural flow. The cool tones of the silver trees and couch are tied together to offer a modern appeal to your space.

These navy blue and silver geometric printed curtains are less obvious. This style offers a subtle silver color pop while still creating a space with movement in the soft geometric pattern.

Emerald Green

Bring your space to life with the natural, yet cool tone of emerald green. The boldness of emerald adds elegant flair to a space while still creating a natural and organic look. Resembling plants and forests, this color will add a unique boldness to your space.

This light diamond pattern on emerald green drapes is perfect. The subtle print adds texture and energy to the room without overwhelming it. This color is a cool tone, like silver gray. These two colors will work very well together in a space, creating a natural and modern vibe.

For more lightness in this natural and cool-toned combo, try sheer emerald panels. These curtains will allow so much natural light to shine through. This will add to the natural look of the space and the airiness.

Do you love a unique, bold, and modern look? If so, this emerald green, gray, and gold marbled look is a great choice. This bold look ties in greens, grays, and whites with a flair of metallic accent in the gold. The gray and gold will pair perfectly with our silver gray couch, accenting the color and metallic look.

Bright White With Silver Foil

Create a modern and clean-looking space with white curtains. Tie your look together by using white curtains with a silver foil accent. This will make your curtains and silver gray sofa work together in harmony.

For a dramatic look, try these white and silver foil plush velvet drapes. These add a certain elegance, flow, and height to the space. Plenty of soft texture and warmth is added while still keeping a modern and clean look.

Add a bit more shimmer pop to the space with these white and silver curtains. Mostly white, the small silver flecks will create a contrast and tie to your sofa. The overall lightness of the white color and texture will make your space feel bright and open.

Monochromatic Gray

Are you a fan of monochromatic spaces? Go with gray on gray. Solid gray curtains will make your space feel like a big open cool toned room. This monochromatic look creates a very modern and edgy vibe.

For an alternative modern look, try these gray and white ombre drapes. The slow progression of the color change adds movement to the cool colored room. The silver gray couch should flow right into the curtains keeping an edge to the room’s look.

For a cooler open and airy space, consider sheers. These light gray sheer curtains with diamond print offer a little texture. They will allow tons of light in while still maintaining a monochromatic room style.

Deep Crimson

Silver gray and crimson make for a dramatic color combination. The brightness of crimson pops loudly against the mild tones of silver gray. This is perfect for an elegant and dramatic look.

To preserve the elegant flair, try a solid velvet crimson look. These plush and flowy drapes will add tons of texture, drama, and personality to your space.

Want to elevate your elegance even more? These embossed crimson drapes look as though they belong in a palace. Their embossed print creates a royal and dramatic look. These pair perfectly with silver gray in a room made to be dramatic and bold.

For a geometric multicolored look, go with gray, crimson, white and black striped drapes. The vertical stripes will add height to your room and the geometric pattern will add balance. The gray in the curtains will tie in your sofa while still adding the pop of crimson.


Silver gray lends itself to pairing well with many different colors. Make sure to define how you want your space to feel. Once you’ve created the feel you want with your preferred color palette, choose your curtains. Select from a bold variety of choices to create a unique living room.

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