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10 Curtain Ideas for Yellow Walls

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Finding the right curtains for your space can be quite a challenge. If your walls are yellow, you may be wondering what on earth to pair with them. We’ve put together a list of our top picks for curtains with walls in different shades of yellow. 

Creamy Tan Curtains for Buttermilk Walls

The softness of buttermilk walls creates a light and smooth looking room. We love the idea of adding light to your space by using traditional tan linen curtains. Linen will allow even more light to flood into your room. So, you can create a room that’s airy and bright.

Buttermilk is a common color used in homes with a farmhouse decor style. If that is the case for your space, try a tan and white buffalo check. This pattern is timeless in farmhouse decor and adds a pop of texture. And, the lightness of this pattern and combination still creates an open, airy space.

Steel Gray Curtains for Honey Colored Walls

Honey is a vibrant gold tone. It creates a space that is bright, and that’s filled with movement and warmth. Steel gray provides a wonderful anchor to such a bright color because it balances the warmth with its cool tone.

Geometric patterns are great with honey colored walls, resembling a honeycomb. Try Nottingson velvet drapes or a gray and silver diamond print.

If you don’t love geometric patterns, try adding metallic texture instead. Use textured linen gold foil drapes. The gold in this gray and gold contrast mimics the depth of the honey colored walls. This curtain style is perfect to bring both colors together in harmony.

Plant Inspired Curtains for Mustard Walls

Mustard offers a bright space while still creating an elegant look. Adding in drapes with plant life themes softens the space and adds in a natural look and flair. We love these rustic flower curtains, and love the fun color pops in the wildflowers. If you want to stick with green and white, try a palm tree banana leaf style for your drape set.

If you like a bit of a softer look, go with an olive and cream leaf pattern. This style and color combo creates a lightness and airiness for your space. It still adds some color, but it will create a little less contrast.

Stone Blue Curtains for Flaxen Walls

Create a light and elegant space with the warm neutral tones of flaxen walls. This color will add a refreshing contrast with its cool tones of bluish gray. In addition, you can bring in texture, softness and depth with stone blue velvet drapes. Or, to brighten the space a bit, try a light blue linen panel set.

To create a French Country look, add a little pattern and mix of stone blue and cream. These curtains will bring an extra lightness into the room, creating a bright and balanced space.

Classic Deep Black Curtains for Pineapple Walls

We love the idea of going with a bold print on black drapes for this color. Pineapple walls already show your bold personality, so why not compliment them with a bold print, too? For a bohemian look, try a geometric print on semi blackouts.

If you want to allow a little more light into the space, try a sheer black with a leaf print. If you’re looking to mix your bold look with an elegant flair, go with a classic print, like black silky damask drapes. They add in serious length, texture, and personality, which creates a unique contrast.

Rusted Orange Curtains for Light Daffodil Walls

By choosing light daffodil yellow for your walls, you’re hoping to create a brighter space. Floral curtains with a light daffodil color add a certain playfulness and lightness to the room. For a color pop, try a multicolored floral rusted orange drape set. To add color but stay on the lighter side, go with a lighter colored floral pattern.

If you’re not crazy about flowers, try a different print. We think a consistent print is perfect to contrast your light colored walls on this one. Try a nouveau rust drape set.

Mossy Green Curtains for Gold Walls

To create a brighter space with gold walls, we suggest bringing in as much natural light as possible. Start with sheer moss curtain panels. These will pop against the gold walls while still creating a light and bright space.

For a more elegant and dramatic space, go with a heavier drape, like some darkening velvet moss drapes. These unique curtains add a heavier texture and look to the room, creating an elegant flair. By pairing these color tones and textures together, you will create a lounge-like look.

Light Gray Curtains for Chartreuse Walls

Chartreuse is certainly a bold color choice. This greenish-yellow color is bright and screams movement and electricity. The cool icy tone of light gray is perfect for adding balance to your space.

Try a light gray blackout drape style in a solid color to tone down the mood. This solid allows you to bring in patterns from other places if you want. If you prefer a low key pattern, go for a light gray semi sheer drape with a subtle diamond pattern.

Plum Purple Curtains for Lemon Curd Walls

Purple and yellow make a fantastic complementary color pair. While yellow adds brightness and excitement, purple creates a simultaneous calmness. We love the depth of plum with the brightness of lemon curd walls. For a luxurious look, try a lush deep velvet plum drape set.

To keep an elegant look but brighten the space a bit, try Victorian embroidered sheer drapes in plum to add tons of texture and color. This style will bring in a unique look and create great contrast against your walls.

Timeless Navy Curtains for Vanilla Colored Walls

Navy and vanilla create a harmonious space that feels restful and calm. To add a bit of movement and interest to the space, go with a navy ruffled drape. These will make your walls seem even taller and will add a certain elegance to the space.

To add some pattern and curiosity to the space, try a navy and white medallion drape. This will bring in a bohemian vibe and keep the calm feel spreading throughout your room.


It can be a hassle to pair curtains with yellow walls sometimes. Don’t spend time stressing about making the perfect match. Instead, check out our list of curtain recommendations and start from there. Feel confident in your decision when you pair the right curtain style and color with your yellow walls.

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