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6 Curtain Ideas for Teal Walls

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Teal is a fun color, but it can be intimidating to decorate with. When you have teal walls, you have to choose curtains that will complement, and not compete with, your unique walls. We’ve put together a list of our favorite curtain picks for teal walls. Keep in mind, with such a bold wall color, your room will have plenty of personality.

Beige Curtains

This light, neutral contrast against teal creates an explosive look. Try a soft linen look to add more light to your space with textured semi sheer drapes. For a more elegant look, use thick satin drapes that will add a silky smooth texture to the room. Both options add lightness and balance to your teal walls.

To add a bit of pattern to the room, try a classic vertical beige and white stripe. This stripe will draw the eye up and make your room look more open. For a more eclectic pattern on beige, try a beige and cream leaf pattern. This beautiful style adds unique character and a natural element to the depth of the teal walls.

Colorful Bohemian Style Curtains

Teal is a color that expresses a bold personality. So, why not make your space one-of-a-kind with a bohemian chic vibe? Some linen patchwork drapes will add bright pops of color, texture, and pattern to your room.

For more of a hippie vibe, try some Indian vintage sari curtains. This style is sure to bring in cultural flair and interest. A traditional peacock mandala pattern will create a zen, hippie look.

If you love a bohemian space, but want to elevate it from casual to elegant, blue and gold embroidered curtains are perfect. They’ll let in plenty of light for a bright room. And, the blue curtains will enhance the green tones of your teal wall, creating a lively space.

Black and White Geometric Curtains

Black and white create quite a pop when used with a bright color like teal. Use geometric patterns to create interest in the space and to complement the boldness of teal. Black and diamond flax textured curtains create a natural look that will add light to the space while maintaining an earthy feel.

To add even more pattern to your space, try darker black and beige diamond curtains. For a low key monochromatic bohemian look, try natural and black geometric curtains. The tassels add a unique flair and interest. These curtains will contrast your teal walls well, adding balance to the room.

Are you using teal walls in a clean, modern space? If so, some simple white with black stripe curtains will work great. This clean, simple look would also complement a farmhouse style home well. Black and white always create a nice look to pair with brighter colors, such as teal.

Bold and Rusty Orange Curtains

Teal and rust make a stunning contrast. For a bold one-of-a-kind space, use textured rusted velvet curtains. Their color alone creates wonder, but the unique pattern and texture adds a certain uniqueness to the space.

If you think teal and rust may be too dark together, use curtains that allow a lot of light in. We suggest woven linen rusty drapes. Or, to add a bit of pattern, try diamond semi sheer faux linen curtains. Both of these options bring these bold colors together without creating a space that’s too dark.

If you’re looking to add a bohemian element to your space, use these hippie style rust orange curtains. The light pattern adds an element of earthiness and a good vibe. Rust and teal perfectly complement each other and create a bold and enjoyable space.

Soft Velvet Curtains

Create an elegant look and feel when you use lush velvet curtains. The rich contrast of teal walls and gold velvet curtains will create a modern, royal look. If you’re into cooler tones, try deep gray velvet drapes. Both of these curtain options offer a solid color look with great texture.

If you like solids but want a little flair, add a bit more texture. Use deep dusted rose velvet curtains with pom poms. The extra detail on the curtains adds a playful element to your room.

Although velvet curtains are usually solid, you can find patterned ones, too. For an edgy, more modern look, try metallic velvet curtains. Their gray and gold contrast will add a pop of light to the space and will contrast nicely against your teal walls.

For a more formal look, try vintage floral embroidered velvet curtains. They’re a deep chocolate brown color with white embroidery. This color combination would pair beautifully with your teal walls and would add in a great neutral colored contrast.

Uniquely Patterned Curtains

You can style teal walls in so many different ways. We love the look of a lighter room with an airy feel. For that, try some light blush floral curtains. Or, you can use a light blue vintage curtain with floral elements and birds for a natural look.

Teal is often used in southwestern style spaces. We love the rustic, unique look of a room with teal walls and Wild West style curtains. This look is playful and fun, creating a truly one-of-a-kind space.

To add an indefinite pattern, choose from a variety of geometric shapes on curtains. Try darkening thermal blue and beige curtains to add flow to your space. The dark blue should pair well with the teal, and the geometric pattern creates a look of movement.

Or, a fun and unique black and white pattern on curtains is always interesting. The geometric shape almost resembles a bird. The look of the bird with open wings is contemporary and clean. And, the cleanliness of the black and white color combination pairs well with teal walls.


Teal walls are fabulously bold, but can be hard to decorate around. By knowing some great go-to styles and colors, you’ll be able to pick the best curtains. Create a light and airy space, or an eclectic, interesting room by choosing the right curtains for your teal walls.

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