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9 Fabulous Curtain Ideas for Pink Walls

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Do you have pink-colored walls? You may be wondering what curtain color pairs best with them. Depending on your shade of pink, you’ll have unique choices. Pink walls are sure to make a statement.

Make sure to select a compatible curtain color to bring the room together. Check out our top picks below for curtain options to go with different shades of pink walls.

1. Sheer Gold Curtains With Dusty Rose Walls

Dusty rose is a classic elegant shade of pink. This color tone is high-end and pairs perfectly with gold. Sheer embroidered gold curtains will elevate the look of your room. This unique style will add to the elegance of your dusty rose wall.

If you prefer a more natural pattern, try sheer gold foil leaves. Both of these styles allow for lots of light and brightness in the space.

Gold creates a unique, warm metallic contrast against dusty rose. This will add some extra light and unique character to the room. If you prefer cooler colors, try silver instead of gold.

2. Sage Green Curtains With Salmon Walls

Create a perfect combo when you pair sage green and salmon together. Green and pink complement each other beautifully. They create a unique harmony of cool and warm tones together.

Try a soft, yet bold print with printed sage bird curtains. If you prefer a cleaner look, go for a solid sage curtain pair against your lively salmon-colored walls.

The warm and bright tones in the salmon are a great pair for sage. The cooler tones in sage green create calmness and peace. This can take a brighter colored salmon wall and make the space feel grounded and delicate.

3. Tan Curtains With Watermelon Pink Walls

Brighter pinks such as watermelon will create their own flair. You want to pair them with more mild curtains, so they don’t compete. Try a light floral linen curtain pair.

A tan and beige medallion print would also complement this color well. Light warm tan tones will enhance the beauty of a watermelon pink wall.

Because watermelon is such a bright color, it needs an anchor. A neutral color such as tan will create the balance you need to go with such a bright-colored wall. Adding soft patterns will also help soften the space and truly create a unique look.

4. Light Gray Curtains With Pink Mauve Walls

Mauve is a timeless color with intense elegance. You’ll want to use cooler colored tones that will make the mauve walls stand out. In keeping with an elegant look, try light gray sheer ruffled panels. If you prefer a more simplistic, clean look goes with solid blackout light gray panels.

Light gray will add depth and serenity to the space. Mauve is a serious feeling color and gray helps to lighten the space. Still maintaining its elegance. If you prefer a darker room, try a charcoal gray instead of light gray.

5. Black and White Striped Curtains With Deep Fuchsia Walls

Fuchsia is a bold color that is a bit eccentric, not for the faint of heart. A classic choice with such a bold color is a combination of black and white. Stick to a classic thin striped panel or go for a bolder, thicker stripe pattern. For an even more unique stripe combo, try a velvet black and white stripe.

The black and white stripes add to the intensity of the room. The fuchsia is so bold it won’t compete with this high-contrast stripe pattern. This look is perfect for a modern space with bold taste.

6. Emerald Green Curtains With Peach Walls

Create a wow factor when you contrast the depth of emerald green with creamy peach walls. Peach has a lightness and brightness factor. It balances with the depth of emerald green. To allow lots of light in the room, try a sheer panel set. If you prefer a more solid curtain, try a pom pom drape or textured hunter green panel set.

You can highlight the warm, light tones in your peach walls with the darkness of emerald curtains. This contrast is notable, yet creates a natural feeling space because of the color balance. The depth of the emerald also mimics greenery and plant life, creating an earthy feel.

7. Mustard Curtains With Crepe Pink Walls

Add the elegant warm tone of mustard to make your crepe-colored pink walls pop. For a lighter and brighter look with a little texture, use a geometric panel pair. To create a more serious, fancy style, use solid mustard velvet drapes. To lighten the space with a playful look, try a lightly textured velvet panel set with tassels.

Both of these warm tones together create a truly inviting space. Keep the space light by accenting with other tones such as gold and copper. This will bring the colors together even more.

8. Navy Curtains With Rosewood Walls

Rosewood is a deep, refined color. Navy is also a color that creates an elegant and luxurious look. If you love patterns, try a navy and gold leaf print or a deep navy and white branch pattern. If you’re a lover of solids, add in a little texture with a dark navy panel set with elegant ruffles on the outside.

If you love the look of dramatic space, these two colors help create that. When you want a serious space that feels magnificent, always go for deep color tones. That will keep your space serious and classy.

9. Cocoa Brown Curtains With Strawberry Walls

Anchor your strawberry pink walls with a neutral brown such as cocoa. A long, light cocoa linen drape set will tone down your room. Using this neutral tone helps create a calm look.

If you want to elevate the look of the space with a bold pattern, use a cocoa Jacquard panel set. This look will bring in some color contrast. The contrasted browns will add a flair of print to your room.

Light brown tones such as cocoa or weathered wood add warmth to a strawberry wall color. They never detract from the brightness of the pink but help create a neutral anchor for the room.


Picking what curtains go with pink walls can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be if you have some great choices to pick from. Find which wall color most resembles our options above and try a suggested curtain pair to go with it. If you have a different pink-colored wall than those mentioned, leave us a comment. We’ll be glad to make a special recommendation.

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