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10 Unique Curtain Ideas for Orange Walls

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Finding the right curtains to go with orange walls can be tricky. Depending on the color and depth of your shade of orange, you’ll have to be creative. We’ve created a list of our top picks for curtains that go with different orange-colored walls. Take a look at our options below for some inspiration.

1. Silver Gray Curtains for Rusty Orange Walls

Make a statement in your room by contrasting the coolness of silver with the warmth of a deep rust. Try a long velvet silver drape pair and add coolness and elegance to your space. If you want to add a bit more texture, go with a crushed silk silver drape. Both of these will offer unique softness and texture to your room.

Rusty orange is such a serious, elegant color. The silver contrast offers a metallic flair that brings in extra elegance. This color combination is perfectly accented with shades of dark charcoal and black.

2. Robin’s Egg Blue Curtains for Clay Walls

Add brightness and fun to your clay-colored walls with a fresh robin’s egg blue contrast. If you want to bring in some pattern, go with a blue and gray floral garden drape. Do you prefer solids? Try a faux silk blue drape to add softness, texture, and a light color.

Blue and orange are a playful combination of lightness and pops of color. This combo will create an airy look for a space. Add in other light blue shades and whites to create an even more open, bright look.

3. Crisp White Curtains for Tangerine Walls

For a light and airy look, tangerine and white make the perfect pair. Add extra light to your space with a solid white sheer or a boho white pom sheer curtain. To create the feel of summer year round, go with classic white linen drapes.

Think of the joy a summer creamsicle brings. This white and tangerine combination does the same. To appreciate the brightness of a color such as tangerine, it helps to anchor it with a neutral. White is the perfect anchor for this bright color as it helps create balance.

4. Timeless Black Curtains for Copper Walls

Rich copper paired with the depth of black screams the height of elegance and class. Create a cozy and romantic room by adding luxury black velvet drapes. This will enhance your copper-colored walls. Add even more elegance to your space with a paisley Jacquard pattern in black.

If you love dark, serene spaces, use this combination of precious metal and timeless black. Think Great Gatsby, and royalty.

5. Olive Green Curtains for Apricot Walls

The cool, serious tones of olive green will ground the brightness of apricot walls. Add a subtle mix of color with faux linen sheer ombre curtains. To add a little playfulness and pattern to your space, go with olive colored geometric drapes. Both of these choices will bring a natural element into your room through the shades of green.

The dark coolness of the olive curtains will create an earthy look in your space. This will help anchor the bright creaminess of the apricot walls.

6. Mauve Curtains for Amber Walls

Create a room full of warm tones and interesting shades when you pair mauve and amber together. A wild rose soft velvet drape will warm your space with color and texture. If you want to keep the room bright and open, go for a pair of sheer curtains. Both will add a special warm and interesting tone to the space.

The pink tones in the mauve curtains will resemble the warmth of your amber walls. Both colors share undertones that create a warm space with less contrast. This is a great look if you want a more open-looking warm room.

7. Plum Purple Curtains for Honey Colored Walls

Add the peaceful flow of purple to a light honey-colored wall. Try going with light tree patterned sheer drapes or crushed texture sheer drapes. Both of these styles will bring in a unique plum color while still letting in plenty of light.

The depth of plum contrasts the lightness of honey. This will create a starker contrast but the space will still be harmonious. The cool tones in the purple will anchor the warmth of the honey-colored walls. A space like this is best accented with gray or tan accent colors.

8. Blue Floral Curtains for Orange Sorbet Walls

Elevate your room with a strong floral print to complement your orange sorbet walls. Try a navy blooming flower print with pink and orange flowers. This will tie in the walls and create harmony. For a bit of a contrast, try a vintage blue drape set with white flowers.

This look is on the bolder side, it’s perfect for someone who loves print. If you want a natural or vintage look, the floral pattern adds just that. Blue and orange are a classic contrast and always create a harmonious room.

9. Crimson Curtains for Sandstone Walls

Take advantage of the lightness of sandstone. Add a little drama with some crimson drapes. For a dark and dreamy room, go with crimson luxury velvet curtains. If you want a bit more of a modern farmhouse look, go for a red printed panel set. For style diversity in your room and extra lightness, go with sheer crimson panels.

The warmth and brightness of crimson will add depth to your more neutral sandstone walls. This will create great contrast and you can use your curtains as your centerpiece. Incorporate other red tones and even mild rusty tones to this color palette.

10. Hunter Green Curtains for Cantaloupe Colored Walls

Create a color pop of bright cantaloupe and deep hunter green with a gold foil panel pair. This panel style creates a more sophisticated look with the gold metallic flair. For a brighter space, try sheer hunter green drapes.

Green and orange make a great complementary pair. The earthy dark tones of the green anchor the brightness of the orange. This creates a harmonious natural look.


Orange walls can be tough to work with. Knowing what color combinations work well together can make a huge difference. Feel confident in selecting the right curtains by following our design tips above. If you have a shade of orange that is different from those we discussed, drop us a comment. We’ll be happy to make a personal recommendation.

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