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5 Curtain Colors That Go With Purple Walls

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Are the walls in your home purple, making it hard to find colors that go with them? Are you trying to find out what curtain colors go best with purple walls?

Let’s talk about the best curtain colors that you can use with all shades of purple walls. Purple is a difficult color to work with and can be very far outside of most people’s comfort zone.

The good thing is that purple walls actually go with several different colors. These can create an amazing ambiance in a room. So, if your home has purple walls, don’t worry. There are plenty of colors that you can add to pull everything together.

Shades of cream, linen, sage green, and white are all great options. Especially when paired with a room that has bold purple-colored walls.

To find out what color of curtains will go best with different shades of purple walls, keep reading.

1. White Curtains for All Shades of Purple Walls

White curtains are great if you are asking what curtain colors go with purple walls. This neutral choice is the perfect option for anyone who can’t decide on a curtain color.

White will look great alongside purple walls both light and dark. A light lavender purple or a deep shade of eggplant. The crispness of the white will brighten up the room. White creates a stark contrast against the purple background, lightening up the space.

White curtains will make light purple walls feel whimsical and fresh. They will also open up the room and make it feel larger. While white curtains will make dark purple walls look darker and richer.

You can choose to go with bright and heavy white curtains to give the room a classic feel. Or, you could choose light and airy curtains that are sheer to add more whimsy to the space. 

This is a great color choice to make the room feel less closed in, as purple walls can feel dark and dingy all on their own.

2. Purple Curtains for Purple Walls

One easy color pairing with purple walls is purple colors to give the room a cohesive and matching look to it. This can help you to not have to make any bold color decisions. Something that will blend into the room.

This monochromatic look is still bold without being in your face the minute you walk into the room. It helps the walls to become a focal point of the room. It avoids color clashes that other curtains might bring to the picture.

The only downside to this combination is that it can be hard to find purple curtains to match your walls. You may have to do some deep searching to find the right shade of purple to create a monochromatic look.

This is one of the best ways to let your purple walls shine without putting them next to a bold color. It will make the room look larger and the purple shades will have more depth.

3. Sage Green Curtains For Rich Purple Walls

Sage green is a versatile curtain color that has a unique ability to pair well with rich shades of purple. This shade of green gives darker purple shades a rich and sophisticated look.

Sage green curtains make darker shades of purple look even more moody and luxurious. It is the perfect combination for a classic space that feels luxurious and expensive.

This combination is ideal for spaces with high ceilings and historical details. It makes the room look larger while giving it a feel that is still sophisticated. The colors will feel balanced throughout the room.

This is a bold color choice, but it can elevate a space and completely transform it. Sage green curtains will also compliment the purple walls and make them a focal point of the room. Instead of trying to hide them in the background.

4. Linen Curtains for Light Purple Walls

Linen curtains are a beautiful curtain option that has a distinct recognizable color. Linen has a wholesome and natural feel that can lighten a space and make it feel more welcoming.

Linen curtains go best with light purple walls that are very pale, or lavender in color. The lightness of the purple with the linen creates a beautiful pairing. It brings a room together and makes it feel well thought out.

The color of linen also brings some warmth to the walls, helping the room to feel more open and inviting. Purple shades tend to make a room feel cooler. Linen can help to reduce that coolness and bring warmth to the purple.

Linen is versatile and can leave room for other colors in the room. It is a great option if you want to include other colors without making the space feel too colorful and loud.

5. Cream Curtains for All Shades of Purple Walls

Cream-colored curtains are an amazing option for all shades of purple walls. When trying to find out what curtain colors go with purple walls, this neutral shade is a great option.

Cream is a classic neutral that is just a step above white. It is soft and warm and tends to bring a feeling of calm and sophistication to a space.

This color is ideal for any shade of purple walls as it can go with light or dark purples alike. The shade of purple is what will define what the room feels like with cream-colored curtains.

Light purple and lavender with cream curtains create a calming and zen-like space. Dark shades of purple with cream curtains will look moody and sophisticated.

No matter what shade of purple is on your walls, cream curtains will help to bring the room together. Making the space feel complete.


As you can see, there are all kinds of colors that go with purple walls. Some of them may feel intimidating. These curtain colors are a great way to change the mood of a room and make the purple walls either blend in or stand out.

If you have any questions about what curtain colors go with purple walls, leave a comment, and we will get back to you.

Purple walls can be an intense color for any room. There are several curtain colors that can help balance it out. You can use colors like white, cream, and sage green to pull the room together and create a harmonious space.

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