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8 Curtain Colors That Go With Gold Walls

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Do you have gold walls in your home but don’t know what color curtains to pair with them? Do your curtains clash, or fade into the background against your beautiful gold walls?

In this article, we are going to talk about what color curtains go with gold walls. This list will guide you through the different color varieties that could work for your home.

Gold walls are beautiful, but it can be challenging to choose what colors to combine with them. The good thing is that gold walls are in fact easy to pair with other colors.

  1. Yellow Curtains

Yellow curtains can be an excellent match to compliment the gold walls in your home. They will create a very harmonious room that matches very well. The yellow will not stand out too much in any way.

Yellow is the closest color to gold and is going to pair very well with the various shades of gold on your walls. It is best to try to match the shades as best as you can. The more they match, the more they will harmonize together.

Dark gold walls are best paired with rich, mustard yellow curtains. While light and bright gold walls look best with bright yellow curtains.

Yellow curtains will help to brighten up the space even further and create a very pleasing room to look at. Because yellow and gold go so well together, you can get more daring in other areas of decor in the room.

  1. Blue Curtains

Blue is a complementary color to yellow, making it a natural pairing with gold walls. In fact, you can pair almost any shade of blue curtains with your gold walls, and it will still look harmonious.

Rich shades of navy blue will look breathtaking against gold walls. They will make the room feel luxurious. Light blue curtains will give the room a calmer and cozier vibe while still pairing with the gold.

This is an easy way to make your home look more stylish and sophisticated. All with a simple curtain color to go with your walls. It is also a great way to dress your gold walls up or down depending on the look that you want.

  1. Black and White Curtains

Black and white curtains are a classic combination. They will instantly elevate your space. These two colors already go with gold walls all on their own but pair perfectly as well.

This allows you to get creative and choose black and white curtains that come in patterns. You will add character to the space and make it feel unique. You can have some fun decorating with these colors and patterns to make the room personal to your style.

If you want your room to look sophisticated and sleek, black and white with gold are a great combination. The way the colors contrast will also depend on the pattern and style of curtains that you choose.

The combination gives you plenty of creative freedom and a beautiful space.

  1. Charcoal Curtains

Charcoal colored curtains instantly capture the eye when you walk into a room. This color is an amazing option if you want to know what color curtains go with gold walls.

Charcoal is a rich color and will instantly make the gold walls pop, and appear brighter. Charcoal curtains go best with gold walls that are a deeper shade of gold to match the richness of the curtains.

This is an option that is not risky and can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of the room. It can give the space a cozy feel or make it feel luxurious and expensive.

  1. Olive Green Curtains

Olive green curtains are a bold move that draws the eye and brings the room together. Gold goes very well with many shades of green. It looks especially breathtaking alongside olive green.

Olive green has some yellow undertones to it that pair beautifully with gold walls in a room. The two colors create an amazing contrast that works together to make the room feel complete.

This is a bold color option that will open the room to all kinds of creative color combinations. It also elevates the space and makes it feel more expensive.

  1. White Curtains

White curtains are a great color, when it comes to choosing what color curtains go with gold walls. This color is a very safe option to go with for your gold walls without being dull.

White curtains will help to brighten up the room and make it appear airier and larger. They will bring more light into the room and make the walls stand out to anyone who walks in.

The best thing about white curtains is that they pair well with any shade of gold walls. They will compliment your walls, whether they are pale gold, rich gold, or a dark and metallic gold color.

  1. Brown Curtains

Brown curtains are another warm shade that pairs well with gold walls. Both colors are warm and welcoming. Rich browns go with gold and create a luxurious room that is dark without feeling small.

Brown goes best with a richer shade of gold and will help the gold to appear more metallic. It will also bring out the warm yellow tones. The room will be given a warm feeling that is inviting, while still being sophisticated.

The best shades of brown to go with are dark chocolate browns that are rich and warm.

  1. Red Curtains

Red curtains are a very daring choice and will add sophistication to your room. Dark red naturally goes with gold, and the two colors create a rich harmony that is mesmerizing.

Gold and red are both warm colors and will balance each other out beautifully. Especially if both shades are rich, and on the darker side.

Bold crimson, or cranberry reds go perfectly with darker shades of gold walls. The richness of the two colors will make your room look expensive and regal.


As you can see, there are all kinds of colors that will pair beautifully with the gold walls in your home. It may seem intimidating at first, but they go very well with a variety of curtain colors.

Let us know if you have any questions about what color curtains go with gold walls, or if you have any other color ideas.

The color of the curtains that you choose comes down to your personal taste. They could be navy curtains for a sophisticated room, or white curtains for an open and light space. It all depends on what you want.

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