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What Color Curtains Pairs Well With Yellow Walls?

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Yellow represents happiness, energy, inspiration, and warmth. The cheerful, fun, and bright color that yellow walls bring into a room can also overpower it. Therefore, the curtain color should not compete for attention, as yellow is a focal point. What yellow walls need is a color to de-power or cancel out their glow.

So, what color curtains go with yellow walls? The usual suspects, yellow and white, are two safe selections. Nature-themed colors against yellow walls invite the outdoors indoors. Bicolor designs challenge yellow’s vivid vibe for a calming and easy-on-the-eyes finish.

The Safest Selections

Solid Yellow Curtains

The simple decision for yellow walls is yellow curtains. Sure, it’s bland to mix yellow with yellow, but the pairing can give the room some detail. Give it contrast and variety by adding dark yellow curtains to light yellow walls. Add light yellow curtains to dark yellow walls. 

Solid White or Sheer White Curtains

The second safest choice for yellow walls is white. Since it blends with every other color imaginable, it will work with yellow too. White and yellow connect because of their shared brightness, happiness, and comfort. However, white counterbalances yellow for a calming and soft finish.

Check the white curtain’s brightness next to the yellow walls. Snow white, pure white, or Chantilly Lace are too white for yellow walls, making both bland. Instead, choose white shades to calm and de-power yellow’s brightness. Examples are ivory, cream, eggshell, Navajo, vanilla, bone, off-white, or milky white. 

You can choose both solid and sheer curtains in white because both look good on yellow walls. 

The Complementary Colors

Solid Purple Curtains

On the color wheel, yellow’s complementary color is purple. Complementary colors rely on cool and warm tones of colors for balance and contrast. Purple is a cool color, yellow is a warm color, and both are across from each other on the color wheel. 

The mix of shades and hues with yellow and purple tells a story. For example, dark purple and gold tap into the regal, affluent, and luxurious side. Bright yellow walls with pastel-colored purple shades tap into the colors of spring.

Solid Dark Red Curtains

Red is one-half of purple, and it makes sense that yellow walls would mesh with the colors that make up purple. The colors connect through the complementary color wheel and the warm undertones. Red is next to purple and almost across from yellow from the color wheel. 

Light red curtains emphasize the playful side of yellow. Dark red curtains are striking and sophisticated against yellow walls. Dark reds are better as solid curtain colors as the dark colors are universal with any yellow wall hue.

Solid Blue Curtains

Purple also needs blue. Yellow walls and blue curtains mesh because of their complementary color background. The cool/warm contrast and the dark/light variation also work. The result is elegant and magnificent.

Additionally, blue is a nature-themed color. Blue represents the sky and ocean, and yellow represents the sun. Together, it invites the outdoors indoors. You can also channel springtime year-round by adding a pastel blue color to a bright yellow wall.

The Nature Colors

Solid Dark Brown Curtains

Brown represents trees, autumn leaves, and soil to yellow’s sunny ambiance. Besides having a nature theme, yellow and brown are both warm colors with warm undertones. The dark/light contrast between brown and yellow balance each other. Specifically, brown softens yellow’s vivid color.

While light brown curtains will work, dark brown curtains are universal. It works for all yellow shades. If you want a light brown curtain, the best choice is beige. Any other light brown shade is better off paired with white as a bold design choice.

Solid Beige Curtains

Beige meshes well with yellow’s warm shade because of beige’s warm undertones. It is also a bright color, blending well with yellow’s brightness. Combined, it mutes yellow’s warm and dazzling tone. What’s left is the light/dark combo that naturally balances for a neutral and calm finish. 

While beige is usually brown and white, some beige shades have a hint of yellow. Hence the reason why beige and yellow mesh. In nature, beige represents sand.

Solid Green Curtains

The fourth nature theme to choose from is green. Green represents grass, flowers, and leaves to yellow’s sun. The warm and cool undertones balance green curtains and yellow walls. The right green and yellow variations can channel springtime pastels.

Lovers of finance will embrace green curtains and yellow walls. Yellow represents gold bars and green represents dollar bills.

Green and yellow also pair well because some green hues have yellow elements to play with. Examples are olive green, yellow-green, chartreuse, lime, and army green. 

Solid Gray Curtains

If you prefer decor or furniture to be the focal point, solid gray curtains will mute yellow walls.

Representing rocks and mountains, gray is a nature-themed neutral that compliments yellow walls. The yellow shade brightens up gray’s cold ambiance. The gray curtains stop yellow’s vibrancy from overpowering the room. No color in this combination outshines the other.

The finish is stylish, splendid, sophisticated, and soft.

Bold Designs

White + Any Color Listed Above

Bypassing white for redundancy, white plus any color mentioned is a fantastic choice. Stripes are best, but patterns, chevron, ombre, plaid, or geometric shapes are wonderful choices.

White enhances nature-themed colors, including blue, to bring nature into the room. White represents the wind, snow, and some sand. The color cools off purple, light red, and yellow’s warm tones for a refreshing balance.

Black and White Curtains

It doesn’t matter if it’s stripe, pattern, shape, chevron, ombre, plaid, or block curtains. Black and white is the bicolor pairing to place against yellow walls. The combo dims yellow’s brightness while taking over as the room centerpiece. The results are striking, bold, and eye-catching.

Curtains With Printed Detail

A curtain with flowers, artwork, or drawings is generally tricky to incorporate into a room. There are too many colors to count. With yellow walls, however, you are free to try prints, as yellow is vibrant. 

Consequently, there are rules to nailing a curtain with detail. Not following the rules will backfire. Yellow walls and print curtains can clash and compete for attention, becoming a hot mess.

  1. The color must have yellow as part of the color scheme. The yellow portions connect to the yellow wall, connecting the curtain to the room. 
  2. A second rule is that all colors on the curtain must repeat in the room as decor. Examples are rugs, vases, blankets, pillows, artwork, carpets, and light fixtures. 
  3. A third, yet optional rule, is to have white as the background color. It’s easier to pair bold designs together when white is the backdrop because white is a safe choice. Moreover, any color listed in this article will work as the background.


What color curtains go with yellow walls? White, yellow, nature colors, designs, and complementary colors tame or balance yellow walls. Add accessories that are the same color as the curtain throughout the rest of the room. This will help incorporate the color. A room with yellow walls should be a communal space like a living room or kitchen because of their lively setting.

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