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8 Curtain Color Ideas That Go With a Red Couch

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If you have a red couch, you may be wondering what color curtains go with it to pull the room together. Red is a bold color choice for a couch and can feel intimidating when it comes to other elements of the room.

Though red is an intense color, there are several other colors that pair well with it. These include gold, brown, white, or gray. These colors pull the room together and make the space feel cohesive.

Keep reading to find out what color curtains you can choose to pair with a bold red couch. Bring your space together and create balance.

Gold Curtains

Gold-colored curtains are a bold choice that will create a luxurious feeling room. It will definitely grab your attention. Gold is already a bold color, let alone when you pair it with red.

Together, gold and red will give the room a cohesive, sophisticated, and expensive look. The gold curtains and red couch will go together and both become focal points of the room.

Unlike most colors, gold isn’t going to reduce the impact of the red couch or make it the star of the show. Gold curtains will complement a red couch and enhance its bold shade.

Together, these colors create a unique-looking room. An immediate showstopper in your home.

Brown Curtains

Brown curtains are a kind of neutral color that is still impactful in its own way. Brown and red are both deep colors that compliment each other well and add depth to a room.

Brown-colored curtains are earthy and can help to bring some depth to the red. This creates a rich combination that is pleasing to the eye. It makes a room feel moody and sophisticated.

Brown curtains create the perfect backdrop for a red couch, letting it become the star of the show. Though these curtains are bold in their own way, they won’t clash with the red of the couch or try to steal the spotlight.

This is a great color combination to add depth to a room and make the red of the couch look richer and more mature.

Red Curtains

If you are trying to decide what color curtains to match with a red couch, you could go with another shade of red. This is a bold choice that pulls the room together. It makes the room intense and rich-looking.

You could either go with a darker shade of red curtains or the same shade to create a monochromatic look. Either option is bold and will create a space that feels sophisticated and creative.

These curtains will only add to the appeal of the red couch, making it stand out even more. Though the red of the curtains will help to make it look more cohesive with the room instead of looking out of place.

Black Curtains

Black curtains are a classic color option to pair with red. The darkness is a companion to the boldness of red, creating a harmonious combination.

This will elevate the room and make it look more expensive and luxurious. It is a sophisticated color pairing and is going to make the room feel mature and cozy.

This is a great neutral option that still has a lot to offer in the aspect of design. It leaves room for you to use other colors. At the same time, it won’t fade into the background and go unnoticed.

White Curtains

White curtains are another neutral shade that is a great option to go with a red couch. White is a fresh neutral shade that will brighten up the room and make it feel larger.

It will be a stark contrast against the red of the couch and will complement it as the two colors are such opposites. It will pair well without making the red become too bold or too unnoticed.

This is another great way to leave room for other colors in the room as well. You will be able to add other design elements without making the room feel overcrowded.

Gray Curtains

Gray curtains act in a similar way to black curtains. They add another bold color choice to the room. This shade is a beautiful pairing with any shade of bold red and will make it stand out more.

A charcoal gray is a great way to create an impactful room without the harshness of black curtains. It adds richness without overpowering the red of the couch. It can create a stunning backdrop to the room.

Gray curtains can create a minimal, modern, and sophisticated feel to any space. They are moody but still remain a neutral curtain option as they do not clash with other colors.

Purple Curtains

Purple is a color that is often paired with red, as they are both bold and rich shades. Though they are opposites, they still pair well together and can create a jewel-toned room.

This is a very bold curtain color option, and purple curtains are going to become a focal point of the room. Both the red and purple will be stand-out colors and are going to set the tone of the entire room.

This is a great combination if you want a room that is bold and sophisticated. While still feeling unique and personal. Both colors will be the dominating elements of the room that you can build around.

Multicolored Curtains

Multicolored curtains are a great way to bring some fun to a room with a red couch. There are all kinds of colors that pair well with red, leaving you the freedom to get creative with your choices.

You could choose a jewel-toned curtain option that has all kinds of warm colors. Or you could go with something earthy to bring out the richness of the red couch.

You could also get creative with the pattern of the curtains to set the tone of the room. This is great for rooms where you want to be able to include a theme with several different colors.


If you have a red couch, making the room feel cohesive and balanced is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, you can use this focal point as a design element to base the rest of the room around.

If you have any questions about what color curtains go with a red couch, leave a comment, and we will get back to you.

A red couch is a great design element that you can pair with all kinds of curtains. Reds, browns, whites, and even multicolored curtains are great all options.

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