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7 Colors That Go Best With Brown Walls

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If you are wondering what color goes best with brown walls, this is a good question to ask. Though white is the most common wall color, it is not unusual to find a house with brown walls.

This color can feel overwhelming if you are not used to working with brown walls. Especially if you struggle to find complimentary colors for this deeply earthy tone.

Despite the harshness of brown, there are several colors that go well with it, such as cream or gray for most shades of brown. Mustard is a bold color for dark brown walls or light blue for light brown walls.

Keep reading to find out what color goes best with brown walls so that you can decorate your home in the right way.

7 Colors That Go Best With Brown Walls

Colors That Go Best With Brown Walls

If your home has brown walls, you may love them or hate them. Either way, this can be a tricky color to work with without making the space feel too dark and closed off.

You have to pick the right color according to the shade of the brown walls and what kind of style you like. This is why you should consider color options very carefully before coming to a decision.

Keep reading to find out what colors go best with brown walls and what your best options are for your home.

  1. Green for Dark Walls

Green and brown are natural companions, which is why green pairs so well with dark brown walls. This could either be a shade of sage green or bold dark green, both shades look amazing.

This will create a bold space that attracts attention and interest. This will make the room feel a bit dark, which is why it is best for larger spaces that won’t start to feel too closed in.

This creates a very sophisticated space that is easy to style, depending on the look that you are going for.

  1. Mustard for Dark Walls

Mustard yellow is a very bold color choice that pairs well with dark brown walls. These colors are equally bold and pair beautifully to create a unique-looking space.

This is not for the faint of heart as this color combination is going to be a show stopper. This will immediately catch the eye and make this room feel moody and regal.

Mustard is equally the star of the show without hiding the dark brown walls as they both blend beautifully together.

  1. Navy for Dark Walls

Most shades of navy blue are going to be a wonderful match for dark brown walls. This is a very traditional color pairing that is still very stylish and sophisticated even today.

Navy blue is a similarly dark shade that adds richness to the dark brown walls. This creates a royal appearance that immediately elevates this space.

This is best for large rooms with high ceilings as that compliments the elegance of these two colors.

  1. Cream for Light or Dark Walls

Cream is a very neutral color that is very warm and comforting. This neutral would look fabulous whether you have extra dark brown walls or lighter colored brown walls.

Cream helps to tone down dark walls and make them less harsh on the eyes. While helping to bring out the warmth of lighter brown walls, making the space feel cozy and inviting.

Cream is the perfect balance if you can’t decide on a color combination.

  1. Gray for Light or Dark Walls

Gray is another versatile shade that is a neutral color, making it a good fit for light or dark brown walls. Either a lighter gray or a slate gray would work here, depending on what kind of look you want to create.

Gray is a rich color just like brown, helping to balance out the brown to make it feel like it isn’t in your face as harshly. This is a neutral that goes well with other colors as well so you can incorporate other accent color options.

  1. White for Light Walls

White is a beautiful color to pair with light brown to make this space feel light and airy. This is a very traditional combination that makes the space feel refined and well-styled.

This creates an inviting space that doesn’t feel too dark or dingy. The white adds just enough brightness to perfectly balance the brown walls. Making this ideal for those who do not really like the brown walls to begin with.

This is the perfect way of taming these walls and making them feel less dark and enclosing. It also adds a level of sophistication to help the room feel more intentional, even if you never wanted brown walls to begin with.

  1. Light Blue for Light Walls

Light blue is another common shade paired with light brown walls. These two colors naturally blend well together and light blue brings out the softness of brown shades.

Light blue walls compliment light brown and will make the space feel welcoming. This also helps to keep the walls from making the room feel too dark and closed in.

With these two colors, you can add all kinds of accent colors, such as more brown, cream, white, or light gray.

What Room Color Schemes Go Best With Brown Walls?

What Room Color Schemes Go Best With Brown Walls

If you want to pick a color scheme for a room with brown walls, you have several options to choose from. Color schemes are a great idea as they help to keep your space from feeling bland with just a few colors.

One color scheme that usually works is a very neutral option with creams, whites, and other shades of brown. This makes the space feel open and airy, keeping the brown walls from making the room feel heavy.

More rich color schemes also work, such as a yellow scheme with shades of ich yellow alongside cream and other shades of brown. This is a bold choice, but it can help to bring interest to this space.

What Accent Colors Work Best?

What Accent Colors Work Best

Other shades of brown are oftentimes the best accent colors for brown walls. This is because there are so many shades of brown that pair well together.

This can add depth to the space and make it feel more styled, highlighting the brown walls in a balanced way. Neutrals also work well as accent colors, such as white, cream, beige, and tan.

These accent colors help to pull the other colors in the room together. They are not meant to be the star of the show, they are there to create more eye appeal and to make the space feel complete.

This is important, otherwise, the room could fall flat and look overly matchy if you are only relying on two or three colors.


Brown walls in a home can feel very heavy and dark, but they don’t have to look that way. There are all kinds of colors that you can use to help these walls look more appealing and stylish in your home.

If you have any questions about what color goes best with brown walls, leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.

If your home has brown walls that are dark, you could try pairing them with dark green or a bold shade of mustard yellow. For lighter brown walls, shades like white or light blue are perfect combinations.

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