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What Color Ceiling Fan Should You Buy?

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Most ceiling fans will last at least a decade. So, when you have them installed, you’re making a long-term decision about how that room will look. That means you need to make sure you buy the right color upfront.

These days, ceiling fans come in a variety of designs and colors, which means you have a lot of options. You can buy ceiling fans that blend into your ceiling or fans that stand out. The question is which is right for you and the particular room you’re looking for.

This article will introduce some ideas about how to pick the right color ceiling fan for you and whether it should stand out or blend in. We hope you find it informative.

What Color Ceiling Fan Should You Buy?

Ceiling Fan Style

Ceiling fans used to come in a limited range of colors and designs. However, in recent years, demand from homeowners and builders has resulted in a wide variety of colors and designs. So, when picking the right color fan, you have options.

You can also switch up the appearance of the fan. For example, you can buy a fan with a black base and metallic or wooden blades. This allows you to create a complex, layered look.

When it comes to picking the right color ceiling fan, there is just one rule. Don’t pick a fan that is the same color as your ceiling but of a different hue. If your ceiling is plain white, don’t pick a fan that is eggshell white because that will create an uncomfortable visual effect.

You want your fan to do one of two things: either blend into the ceiling or create a sense of contrast.

Today, designers favor a visual feast when putting together a room. They complement not just the color of the walls and ceiling, but works of art and furniture. So, fans that stand out are currently popular.

One thing to consider is the height of the ceiling. If your ceiling is low, it’s probably painted white to make it feel a little higher. You might want a fan that matches the ceiling color so you can keep up that illusion.

If your ceiling is higher, you might want a fan that is a different color to break up the monotony of a single-color ceiling, especially in large rooms. A classic black fan can add some pop to a large, empty, white canvas.

We also recommend picking a color that goes well with your furniture. Keep in mind that furniture styles and colors change, so if you regularly swap out your furniture for the latest fashion, you’ll want to look for fans that will match a variety of aesthetics.

Which Ceiling Fan Color is Best?

Wooden ceiling fan

There is no simple answer to the question of what ceiling fan color is best. It’s always going to be the fan that looks the best in the room and that best projects your style.

The best ceiling fan will match your furniture and fit your needs. If you have a low, small ceiling, then white is probably a good color to go with. However, if you have a large, high ceiling, a black fan will add some color.

Those colors are also good, basic colors if you regularly swap out your furniture and don’t want to deal with the hassle of also swapping out your ceiling fan.

But, you might have rooms where you are going for a very particular look, and getting the right color fan might help pull it off. For example, a room that you have designed to have a natural look might need a green fan. Or, a gold fan with wood blades might help pull together a room with a 1920s design.

In addition to color, there is also a lot of variety in design. Color might take a backseat to design in certain situations. The design of the blade, and even the number of them, might be more important in some situations, like in a room intended to look sleek and modern.

Should Ceiling Fans Blend in or Stand out?

Bright ceiling fan

The choice of whether a ceiling fan should blend in or stand out comes down to personal choice. Your home’s décor, including your ceiling fan, needs to reflect your personality and the image you’re trying to project.

There are a couple of things to also take into account.

The first is the height of your ceilings. If your ceiling is low, it’s probably painted white because white helps make a room look bigger. If that’s the case, especially if the room is small, a white fan will help preserve the illusion. A contrasting fan will only highlight the small size.

If your room is large, contrast will help break up an empty-looking ceiling. You can look for fans that will give the room a bit of a pop.

Also, a new trend is black ceilings. They can add a touch of sophistication to a room, but they can also overpower it. If you have an all-black ceiling, we suggest going with a white fan to keep the room from looking too dark.


The only firm rule when choosing the color for your ceiling fan is to not pick the same color as the ceiling, but in a different shade. Either get one that will blend in with the ceiling or one that will contrast it.

It’s important to pick the right color fan because it’ll stay in that room for many years. So, you want to make the right choice from the start, because swapping out fans is expensive and requires electrical work.

Hopefully, you’ve got some good ideas for how to pick the right color ceiling fan. If you feel like you’ve learned something, feel free to leave a comment down below. You can also share this article on social media.

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