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How Do You Clean a Stain on a Leather Couch With Dove Soap?

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Do you have a stain on your leather couch? You’re probably frustrated and wondering how to clean it. You may have heard about cleaning leather with dove soap. We’re here to help explain if you can use dove soap to clean leather and how to do it.

Don’t keep worrying about that stain on your sofa. Read our suggestions below and find out how to remove the stain on your leather couch.

Should You Clean a Leather Couch with Dove Soap?

Dove Soap

The first thing to note is that you can clean most leather couches with dove soap. That being said, each leather finish is unique. If you are the original owner of your couch, you can ask the finish type from the retailer. They may even give you a care sheet for how to clean stains from your leather.

If you are not sure what the finish is, always clean an inconspicuous spot first. Find a spot that you can test the cleaner on. Clean the area with the soap and allow it to dry. Then, if everything looks good, clean the spot off; if not, you’ll need to do some further research.

How Do You Clean a Leather Couch with Dove Soap?

Cleaning leather couch with Dove soap

Cleaning your leather sofa should be a short process. Allow yourself a little time to gather everything you’ll need. Always remember to not make a final determination until the spot has dried naturally. To clean your leather couch with dove soap, follow the simple steps below:

1. Remove Dust

Make sure your couch is dust-free. This means vacuuming up any excess residue or particles. If you can’t vacuum the spot, dust it with a dry microfiber cloth.

2. Use Soapy Water

Take a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of dove soap. Mix it up until the water is soapy. Don’t add more than a few drops because any more than that could leave behind a soapy residue.

3. Use a Microfiber Cloth

Take a clean, lightly dampened, microfiber cloth and dip it in the soapy water. Try to pick a light colored or white cloth. Make sure whatever you use won’t bleed its color when wet.

4. Clean the Stain

Apply the necessary amount of soapy water to the stain and wipe lightly until it’s gone. Try to wipe in a circular motion around the stain.

5. Dry the Spot

Take a damp microfiber cloth with only water and wipe away the extra soapy water. Let the area dry naturally.

Is Dove Soap Safe for Leather?

Wiping soap off leather couch with white rag

Think of leather like your skin. Because of leather’s natural and raw make-up, it’s like our own skin in many ways. Leather is porous and needs to stay hydrated to keep from cracking. Never apply a harsh chemical to leather, just like you wouldn’t to your own skin.

When you think of leather as your skin, it allows you to decide if something would harm it. Would you use dove soap? Probably. It’s incredibly gentle for your skin. 

The company prides itself on a neutral pH balanced soap that isn’t harmful to skin. Because of this, dove soap is soft and gentle enough to use on leather.

Will Dove Soap Ruin Leather?

Brown authentic leather couch

Dove soap shouldn’t ruin your leather. Remember to try to figure out the leather type before cleaning it. If you know your leather has a protected or semi protected finish, dove soap shouldn’t hurt it. 

This soap will be gentle, but strong enough to allow you to clean stains. It shouldn’t remove your leather’s finish or ruin the dye or coloration.

Because leather is a natural product, it’s rather tough. Think of cleaning a cow that’s been under the sun for weeks. You can easily clean spots on it and not hurt the cow. Because of its natural qualities, leather will hold up well to being cleaned with a gentle cleaner such as dove soap.

Can You Use Dove Soap on Nubuck or Pure Aniline Leather?

Woman lying on leather couch

Nubuck and Pure Aniline leather are minimally protected. Nubuck leather is like suede, but it’s top grain leather. It has a softer finish, almost like a textured microfiber fabric. Because of the abrasion process to get its soft finish, it’s extra porous.

Nubuck absorbs stains and debris easily, so it can be hard to keep clean. Always make sure to clean an inconspicuous area first.

Pure aniline leather has no protection, so it’s the most vulnerable leather finish. It’s dyed, but it’s not protected with a coating. Pure aniline leather is extremely absorbent, so you will need to test it by cleaning an inconspicuous part of the couch first. If it leaves behind residue or a stain, do not continue. 

When cleaning nubuck or pure aniline, you should also use cold water instead of warm. Cold water with a few drops of dove soap will be plenty. Follow the regular steps for cleaning and drying the spot.

Is Dove Soap Safe for Faux Leather?

Faux leather couch

Dove soap is safe for cleaning faux leather. Unlike true leather, faux leather is not porous. It usually has a shiny, clear finish that keeps it from absorbing spills in the first place. 

If it does get a stain, follow the same process as cleaning leather. Start with warm water and a clean microfiber cloth. Then, add a little dove soap, clean the stain up, and dry the area with a damp microfiber cloth after.

Because of its protective faux finish, we suggest cleaning the spot with water first. Try just a dampened microfiber cloth with water. This will likely clean your stain without you having to use soap. If it doesn’t work, use dove soap as it is gentle and non-abrasive.


Leather couches can be expensive, so it’s important to know how to keep them clean. When you get a stain on your leather couch, you can use dove soap to clean it. Because of dove soap’s soft and gentle make-up, it’s safe for most leathers. 

Try to find out what finish is on your leather before trying to clean it. Then, follow the simple steps in this article to clean your sofa with dove soap.

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