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Is Cherry Wood a Good Value?

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Among the hardwoods, cherry is popular among consumers and woodworkers alike. It lasts a long time and looks better the older it gets. So, it’s not only durable, but it also holds its value for longer than woods that dull with age.

But, it’s also expensive. If you want furniture made from solid cherry, be prepared to invest some money. It’s also important to remember that high price and value don’t always mean the same thing. So, the question is whether cherry is worth the cost.

If you’re looking for wood furniture, it’s important to know if cherry is a good value. We researched the issue and wrote this article to answer your questions.

Why is Cherry Wood Furniture so Expensive?

Cherry wood costs a lot of money because a lot of people want it, but there’s a limited supply of it. Cherry wood furniture is also expensive because it’s so popular.

While demand has increased, it’s been difficult for supply to keep up. And, even though cherry wood isn’t as hard as other hardwoods that are used to make furniture, all hardwood grows more slowly than softwoods, like pine. That means supply is slower to come to market.

Cherry also has a reputation for looking better as it ages. Many hardwoods start to fade, while cherry takes on a richer, deeper look. So, its value stands up a bit better than other woods. And, that reputation bumps up the price tag just a little.

Is Cherry Wood Furniture Worth it?

Cherry Wood

Cherry is one of the most prized North American hardwoods for making furniture. While it is harder than softwoods like pine, it’s also softer than other hardwoods. That makes it easier for woodworkers to cut and shape.

A piece of cherry wood furniture will also take on a deeper color as it gets older, rather than fading like other wood furniture. That means it will look better as it gets older and, since it’s hardwood, the furniture will last longer.

But, do those benefits make it worth the investment? Cherry wood furniture costs a lot upfront, and demand for it has inflated the price even more. However, it also holds its value and looks better than other wood as it gets older.

Does Cherry Wood Make Good Furniture?

Cherry is popular with furniture makers because it’s a softer hardwood. So, while it is more durable than a softwood like pine, it is easier to work with than oak and hickory. This also means that cherry wood makes good furniture.

The color of cherry also deepens as it gets older and it lasts a lot longer than cheaper furniture. These great qualities are why cherry is a good wood to make furniture from.

Does Cherry Wood Last Long?

Cherry Wood

Hardwoods like cherry have a reputation for lasting a long time because the wood is thick and dense.

Cherry is softer than hardwoods like oak and hickory, so it’s prone to getting dinged. But it’s less fragile than wood like cedar. Regardless, if it’s properly cared for, it should last a long time.

Of course, the lifespan of any piece of furniture is heavily influenced by how you care for it. For example, you should stain cherry to protect it from the elements and you shouldn’t leave it outside. That way, it will last a lot longer than if you put it out in the rain unprotected.

Is Cherry Wood the Best Furniture Wood?

When it comes to furniture, each kind of wood has its strengths and weaknesses. Even a softwood like pine, which won’t last long, can be the best option for certain pieces of furniture.

Cherry does have two considerable strengths. As a hardwood, it has considerable durability. If you take care of cherry, it will last a long time. It will also darken with age and take on a richer, deeper color.

It is also easy to work with. Among the hardwoods, it’s one of the softest. Compared to very hardwoods like oak and maple, which are difficult to work with, cherry is much easier. Woodworkers love to work with it, and people love to display pieces made from it in their homes.

So, does that make it the best furniture wood? That all depends on what you’re looking for.

How Much Does Cherry Wood Cost?

Cherry wood furniture is among the most expensive of the hardwoods. And, since hardwoods are among the most expensive woods, that means cherry is among the priciest.

In addition to being expensive, cherry also retains value better as it gets older. But, although it looks great, it’s easier to damage because it’s a bit softer. A pristine piece of cherry furniture will hold its value longer than other woods that fade.


Cherry Wood

Furniture built from cherry wood is popular because it’s sturdy and looks better as it gets older. That also means that demand is so high that it’s pretty expensive. So, you need to ask yourself if a piece of cherry wood furniture is worth the price.

In addition, cherry wood’s appearance deepens and becomes richer as it ages, so it holds its value better. You might not invest in a bedroom set for its resale value, but the fact that it retains its value means that you will get a better return on your original investment.

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