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The Best Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 300 Reviews & Buying Guide

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After reviewing about 25 living room sofas that met the requirement, asking a few decor specialists and digesting all the information for about 40 total hours our top sectional sofa under 300 is the Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa. 

Coming home after a long day to sit on a couch you actually enjoy is one of the small luxuries we all like to enjoy. However, with a price tag coming in at $1000-$2000 it can be a daunting investment depending on where you are in life. You can still get a decent sectional at a budget price.

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The best overall sectional sofa under 300 is the Honbay convertible sofa which comes in light grey, dark grey and grey. This sectional tops the by packing as much value into an affordable budget as possible and remaining under $300.

Design wise this is an aesthetically pleasing sectional for the living room that comes in neutral tones which will work well with a wide range of decor styles. 

Assembling it is quick and easy if you follow the included instructions. It measures 78” by 30” by 35” making it ideal for small spaces like a studio or urban apartment. 

Honbay made a sectional that offers pretty good value at the price point. Consider getting some decorative pillows and a throw blanket to help it stand out and make it your own. 

Another added bonus is the convertible chase which will let you experiment on which side is best for your space. You can even convert it to a regular couch if you need the extra space on occasions such as parties. 

Seat cushions are on the firm side but tend to ease up after some regular usage for comfort.

Best Second Pick: Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch – Best runner up

The Walsunny convertible sectional still offers a good budget pick, however the Honbay sofa was a little more comfortable and offered more reliable quality. If you do like the Walsunny’s look it’s still a solid choice.

If the Honbay sectional isn’t available or you prefer the dark grey style of this Walsunny sofa it’s another good option under $300. There’s an added benefit of having the option to move the chaise to either side of the sofa or removing it all together for special occasions.

The seat cushions are firm offering good back support. They break in over time and get softer after a few uses.

 For those that live in an urban apartment or studio this couch takes up minimal space in the living room. 

You can give it more comfort appeal by adding more pillows and a comfortable and cozy throw blanket. It’s an inexpensive way to upgrade the look of this budget friendly sectional in the living room.

Another Good Option: Pretzi Convertible Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise

Plush bonded leather makes this sofa a stunning addition to your living space. The simple recline function adds to comfort and relief of back pain. Traditional rolled arms and channel-tufted form with nailhead detailing adds layer of interest.

The Pretzi is an up and coming sectional sofa that came out recently. Its price is a slightly over $300 but it includes shipping putting it at a lower cost overall (at the time of writing). 

It comes in light gray, dark gray, brown, and beige allowing it to fit in with most home decor styles. The clean lines of this sofa give it a sense of modern appeal for the living room which stands out from our other top two sofas under 300.

Remember to measure before ordering as this is a small couch so you have the right expectations to arrive. A good trick is to measure it out using tape on the floor to get a real sense if it is a good fit for you and your family.

For a small space in an apartment or studio it will fit nicely, however it’s smaller than most expect a sectional sofa to be.

It comes in a soft linen fabric which is easy to clean and comfortable for lounging.

 Best Leather Sectional under 300: HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Leather

If you prefer the look of leather then the Honbay leather sofa is your best bet for your living room. It comes with a solid and decent build considering the price with a durable faux leather finish.

Honbay comes out with another great budget pick in a leather style sectional with an ottoman and reversible chaise. If you prefer the look of leather over linen or cotton this is an ideal budget sectional for you.

This sofa is great for a small living room, your first apartment or a vacation rental home. It measures at 78 x 30 x 35 so it will fit about 3 people, however not all will find it comfortable for 3. Most will be fine seating 2.

It comes in a deep black tone giving it modern appeal The upholstery is a faux leather which is durable and stain resistant. Watch out if you have pets since their claws make holes in the material, however it is fairly resilient. 

This sofa comes in 2 boxes and you will find it easy to assemble. Assembly takes about an hour and a half or less if you have someone to help you.

It’s not going to compete comfort wise with more expensive options but it gets the job done at a great low price.

Aoxun Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

The Aoxun is another up and coming sofa that gives comfortable and firm support. The convertible chaise is a nice option and it’s a good couch for a cramped space.

This is a cozy space saving sectional that comes in a relaxing beige most find fitting for their living room. It’s a fairly new sectional by auxon that looks good and is easy to clean.

Keep in mind this sofa is on the firm side so those that want a deep sunk in feeling won’t find it here. You can put it together easily in about an hour and quicker if you have some help.

The affordable pricing will definitely catch your attention if you’re looking for a small sectional for a dorm or small living room. It’s a comfortable and stylish solution.

Best Modern Sectional Under 300: Divano Roma Furniture Modern

The Divano Roma sectional came with missing pieces for a few people so make sure you have everything before starting assembly. Besides that it is a little harder that most expect.

Modern metallic legs on this small modern sectional give it elegant appeal for the living room. It comes in grey and beige orange (wooden legs on the beige) that will fit a decent amount of living room styles. At the time of writing the grey option costs less.

Seeing a hardwood frame at this price point is great since hardwood frames are the most durable material option that can be used for furniture. It’s wrapped in a microfiber upholstery which is great to see as well at this price point.

Microfiber upholstery is easy to clean so spills will be,slightly, less of a worry. Assembly is quick and painless with the biggest step being secrewing on the legs of the couch.

Some don’t find the sturdy seat cushions on this as comfortable as they’d like so keep it in mind before your purchase.

Best Largest Sized Cheap Sectional: Standard Furniture Central Point Chofa Sofas

Standard Furniture’s Central Point sectional offers the most seating space of the sectionals we reviewed. In general it’s not bad for the price and offers okay comfort.

Big cozy pillows are the standout feature of this affordable black sectional with moveable ottoman. The assembly is fast and easy with only 10 bolts needing to be fastened to get set up for a cozy experience.

Polyester is the material used for the fabric on this sofa which most will find sufficiently soft and durable. You’ll get an engineered wood frame which isn’t a surprise considering the price of this sectional, which is good enough.

Some found this sectional to arrive with missing parts so make sure you have everything. If not you can reach out to the manufacturer or go to a hardware store to pick them up.

It measures 81x59x30 inches making it slightly larger than other sectionals on this sofa.

Best Colorful Sectional under 300: Divano Roma Furniture Mid Century Sectional

The Divano Roma offers 9 vibrant color options, but wasn’t the most comfortable couch. The material tends to cling and rip easily. It’s a good accent piece for use in a low traffic area.

This small sectional comes in 76” x 29” x 33” dimensions with mid century appeal and in 8 snazzy colors for those that like a pop in their furniture. The hardwood frame is nice to see at this price point helping it stay sturdy. 

Materials used in this couch aren’t the most comfortable so you may find it beneficial to add a slipcover with a cozier touch to spruce it up. Also, some found the legs to be a bit unstable so doing some handiwork and reinforcing them will also help this piece.

For those with low traffic areas or just want a cheap sectional for appearance instead of function this is a good pick. The colors on it are the most interesting we were able to find at this point and it gets the job done of being a nice piece of decor.

NHI Express Alexandra Convertible Sectional

The instructions were a little fuzzy for the NHI Express and doesn’t offer the best materials. Some received it with missing parts. It works well for small spaces and comes in 4 colors.

The NHI Express Alexandra is a nice looking sectional that comes in mocha, grey, brown, and blue. It’s a space saving sectional with a modern design and a handy convertible chaise and ottoman to adjust to your needs. 

Some haven’t found it to be the most sturdy sectional or have had it arrive with missing parts. Make sure you inspect all pieces when it arrives to ensure they are all there before assembling.

For a kids room, spare room or low traffic area this sectional can get the job done. If you’re a fan of sturdy seat cushions for back support or are hand and can put in a bit of effort in stabilizing the piece it’s a decent piece of furniture.

Best Cheap Reclining Futon Sectional Under 300: Divano Roma Furniture Sleeper Couch Convertible Futon

The Divano Roma Sleeper is a good sized futon sectional for the price. It’s on the firm side and has arrived with missing parts so make sure you have everything before assembly.

Divano made an interesting piece of furniture with this reclining modern futon sectional with a chaise. It comes in a light grey and beige color that offer neutral tones which go well with most home color palettes.

It measures 110” x 34 “ by 32” making it the biggest piece of furniture we reviewed in this guide. If you’re looking for the most seating space or like laying down this is the best sectional for you.

Some have found parts to be missing to do a quick check before ordering to ensure it’s all there and beginning assembly. The seat cushions are firm so it isn’t as comfortable as more expensive sofas but it gets the job done considering the price.

Adding some big pillows and a throw blanket go a long way to upping the value of this couch. Others have had issues with the sturdiness of the legs so it’s a good idea to reinforce them if you don’t feel they’re as secure you’d like. 

Buying Guide For Sectional Sofas Under $300

What to Expect When Purchasing a Sectional Under $300

It’s important to have the right expectation when purchasing a sectional under 300 before selecting one and ordering it. 

Sectional Size

The most common sizes for a 95” x 95” and have depths from 37” to 40”. If you’re used to and expecting a standard sized sofa it will be hard finding one under $300. Most of the sectionals we reviewed are about 78” by 30” by 35”  at this price point.

Seats will be a bit more shallow and the sofa won’t be as long. These sectionals can accommodate two people comfortable but some might not find it ideal for seating 3 or more.

Sofa Cushion Materials

Getting straight to the point, these sectionals are not as soft as more expensive options. Tougher seat cushions doesn’t necessarily mean worse as you might prefer a firm seat for back support.

Keep in mind that the seat cushions will soften and “break in” as you use them over time. However, if you want the deep sinking in feeling when you sit on your sofa you’ll have to get creative.

Decorating Your Sectional

A great hack to really up budget pieces of furniture is getting clever with the decor. Adding some oversized seat cushions and a decorative throw blanket go a long way.

If you love cozy spaces add the coziest pillows and throw you can find to get the experience while being able to save.

How to Make a Sofa Under $300 Work?

Sectionals under $300 are small so they are ideal for small spaces like dorms, studios, urban apartments and vacation homes.

Sofa Position is Important

Most of these sectionals have a reversible chaise making them ideal for experimenting for. Sofas are a big piece of furniture so make sure it works with the flow of the room and doesn’t block anything.

The Right Couch Accents

If you have a dark sectional try adding light throw pillows and blankets to open the space up, especially in small rooms. This also works for a light sectional, however dark accents can work on these to add interest and a bold statement.


For a small space with a small sectional use as little as needed. The more decor you have taking decor space the more cramped you’ll feel. Keep out any free standing lamps and tables you don’t need for a breathable space. 


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