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What Are Standard Card Table Dimensions?

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You probably don’t know this, but card tables have a lot of history. The first ones, built in the 1700s, were used to show off wealth. They had intricate designs and played an important role in social settings at the time.

Today’s card tables are much more humble. You can get a basic card table for around $50, and if you aren’t using it for a Friday night poker game, you can set it up for guests to put food on during your next potluck.

You might be curious about the different sizes and designs of modern card tables. By the end of this article, you should feel more confident in your knowledge about card tables.

What Are Standard Card Table Dimensions?

Standard Card Table Dimensions

Card tables are designed for four people playing card or board games. They provide space so each person playing has room on top of the table and a little bit of legroom.

While they can come in all shapes and sizes, the basic card table is a 34in x 34in square. The legs under most modern card tables fold up for easy storage, so they’re shorter than most tables, usually either 28 or 30 inches tall.

What Size is a Square Card Table?

Square Card Table Dimensions

The square card table is standard today. They come with folding legs for easy storage and are built from lightweight materials so they’re easy to carry. They are designed to support the weight of games and food, but nothing heavy.

While you can find square card tables in a lot of sizes, the typical square card table is 34in x 34in. This is enough space for four people to play a game while providing some legroom. Since the legs fold up, they are fairly short, usually 28-30 inches.

What Size is a Fold-up Card Table?

Fold-up Card Table Dimensions

Card tables were originally used to demonstrate wealth. People would show off their money by hosting card games, and card tables were set pieces of furniture intended to feed into that.

Today’s card tables, however, are more utilitarian and intended for every home. You can find a basic, fold-up square card table for right around $50. They are usually 34in x 34in and stand less than three feet tall.

What Size is a Round Card Table?

Round Card Table Dimensions

Card tables don’t just come in squares. They can come in circles, too. The rounded edges make them harder to push up against other tables, but they can feel cozier and enhance the feeling of sociability.

Rather than measure their width and length, round card tables are measured in diameter. While you can find a range of sizes, the typical round card table is 36 inches across.

What Size is a Rectangular Card Table?

Rectangular Card Table Dimensions

Rectangular card tables are useful for large parties or if you’re hosting a dinner. They allow you to create a lot of extra table space in a short time. Then, you can easily take it all down when you’re done with it.

The typical rectangular card table is 48in x 92in. You can find them in smaller sizes, or you could even use a standard folding table to play games on.

What Are Good Tablecloth Sizes for Card Tables?

A person playing cards on table with white cloth

If you use your card table for overflow holiday meal seating, you will need a tablecloth. While the standard slate color is fine for games, it won’t work for special occasions.

Because card tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll need to look for a tablecloth to fit your card table. Assume that you’ll want six-to-eight inches of table cloth hanging over the side.

This will provide enough tablecloth so that it won’t ride up and expose the bare table top, but not so much that someone might accidentally pull it off.

What Are the Standard Heights of Card Tables?

Card table

Card tables need to provide enough space for a small group of people to sit close enough without being able to easily cheat. They also need to be just tall enough so that people can sit at them without having to reach up.

It’s a delicate balance. Fortunately, most standard tables satisfy both without having to sacrifice the convenience of folding legs.

Most card tables have legs that when folded out provide the table with an average height of either 28 or 30 inches. For a basic square table with 34in x 34in dimensions, that still provides plenty of space underneath to fold the legs in for easy storage.

Do Card Tables Come in Different Sizes?

Group of aging men playing cards at a square table

The first card tables were a way to flash a little wealth to house guests. People with means would invite others over to socialize over a hand of cards. The specialized table they sat around was intended to let everyone know that the host had extra cash to spend.

While we think of card tables as squares with folding legs, today you can still find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. That includes fancier card tables that are intended to show people that you have a lot of money.

There are squares, rectangles, circles, and even non-traditional shapes like pentagons and hexagons. You can also find them in a wide range of sizes, from the standard 34in x 34in square to a 48in x 92in rectangle.


Card tables come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. They are perfect for having guests over to socialize over a hand of cards. They can also provide overflow seating during large gatherings of family or friends. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can shop around and find the one that is right for you.

We hope you feel more confident in doing that after reading this article. If you do, you can leave a comment down below. We’d also love to hear any insights about card tables you have. You can also share this article on social media.

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