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Can Curtains Puddle on the Floor?

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When picking out the right curtains for your home, it’s important to know what styles will look classy and which ones may end up hurting the decor in your space. Aside from the color and style, the length of your curtains can make a big impact on how they look.

Curtains slightly puddling on the floor

It’s normal for curtains to puddle on the floor to a certain degree. In fact, many designers recommend this luxurious style because it creates a sophisticated look that highlights the beauty of your curtains.

Keep reading to find out if your curtains should be puddling on the floor and if so, how you should be puddling them.

Can Curtains Puddle on the Floor?

Curtains can puddle on the floor and create a breathtaking look that adds class and sophistication to a room. This is a popular style that’s ideal for luxurious spaces with large windows.

White curtains slightly puddling on the floor

Having curtains puddle on the floor creates a softer look than having them end right at the floor. In addition, it can be difficult to line your curtains up perfectly with where the floor begins.

Puddling your curtains is an easy way to draw attention to them and add softness to a room. This immediately elevates the space and can even make your windows appear larger and taller.

How Much Should Curtains Puddle?

Can curtains puddle on the floor, you ask? Yes, they can, and it can even look pretty amazing if done right. Designers recommend leaving 1 to 1 ½ inches of excess curtain fabric at the bottom for pooling.

Curtains puddling more than 6 inches on the floor

But, many believe that a true puddle consists of at least 6 inches of excess fabric. Some people even have a puddle with as many as 16 extra inches of their curtains.

How big of a puddle you want is going to depend on the style of the room and the look you are going for. The puddle can have a big impact on this and will determine how the room feels and first appears to guests.

Are Curtains Supposed to Puddle?

Curtains are not generally made to puddle as they are functional pieces to add to your home. This is a decor tip that people have picked up to make the bottom of their curtains appear more luxurious and intentional.

Statement curtains that are not typically closed

Puddling works best for curtains that are not there for practical purposes, such as statement curtains that you don’t typically close. This is ideal as you will mess up your puddle if you draw the curtains in the evening.

This is why puddling is a design trick, because it’s used for curtains that aren’t necessarily there to cover the window. These types of curtains are mostly for decor and add to the overall appearance of the room.

What Are the Different Ways to Puddle a Curtain?

If you’ve decided that you want to puddle your curtains, you should pick a style. There are three base styles that people use when pooling their curtains for a luxurious look:

Break Puddle

The break puddle is the method of puddling curtains that is the most minimal. This is when you let the curtains fall 1 to 1 ½ inches longer than they need to be. 

White curtains in a break puddle

This creates a small puddle that acts as a stop to the curtains, instead of having them cut off straight at the floor. This is the most common style as it is easy and creates a light and calm look that compliments most rooms.

You do not have to arrange the puddle, and it looks beautiful with any kind of lightweight or draping curtains. There also isn’t so much fabric on the floor that it becomes a tripping hazard or attracts too much dust.

Medium Puddle

A medium puddle has a little more character and can consist of anywhere from three to six inches in length. This will create much more texture and definition within the puddle.

White curtains in a medium puddle

Some people choose to fan the curtains out on the floor or create a large puddle. This is up to personal taste and where the curtains are located in the room.

If that area gets a lot of traffic, you will need to be careful about how you pudddle the curtains and how far they fan out.

True Puddle

A true puddle is what many people aspire to, as this consists of anywhere from six to 16 inches of extra fabric at the bottom. This creates a stunning puddle that immediately catches people’s eye and creates a dramatic effect.

White curtains in a true puddle

This is a puddle that many designers like to create in luxurious rooms with bold curtains. It isn’t realistic for every space, but it does look beautiful.

What Should You Do To Achieve the Perfect Puddle for Your Drapes?

To create the perfect puddle for your curtains, you need to first look at the fabric. The fabric of your curtains will have a huge impact on how well they puddle.

Ideally, you should use lightweight or silky curtains that are easy to move and have a lightness to them. If they are too heavy or stiff, they won’t be able to puddle naturally.

Green blackout curtains

Curtains like blackout curtains are a perfect example of this as they are far too stiff to puddle nicely. These types of curtains should be avoided if you want a nice pooling effect.

The look you are going for will ultimately determine how you achieve your perfect puddle. For a small puddle, you can simply leave the curtains to fall to the ground naturally. They will create the puddle all on their own this way.

Gray curtains in a large puddle

For a larger puddle, you may need to do some tucking and moving around to create the effect that you want. Otherwise, the curtains may flare out and become a nuisance and not look right.

For a true puddle that is large and voluminous, you will need to arrange it yourself. This will give you more control over the area and allow you to puddle the curtains in an appealing way.

Just make sure your curtain puddle is in a place that doesn’t get much traffic, otherwise your puddle will get disturbed. 

Which Ways of Puddling Are the Most Stylish?

The most stylish way to puddle your curtains is to do a true puddle. This is a stunning way of puddling and will instantly elevate the way the room looks and feels.

Extremely long curtains in a true puddle

The downside to this method is that the curtains do need to be extremely long. They may even need to be so long that you need to have custom curtains made to accommodate the extra length.

The second most stylish option is the medium puddle that is still beautiful, but not as dramatic. This is much more realistic and easier to do in spaces where you may not have enough room for a true puddle.


Are you wondering if curtains can puddle on the floor? The answer is yes, they can, and you should even consider adopting this style. Puddling your curtains can create a beautiful effect that is stylish and classy.

If you have any questions about puddling curtains, leave your comments down below.

Puddling your curtains is a great way to separate the bottom of the curtains from the floor without being too abrupt. It creates a beautiful flow to the room that is elegant and eye-catching.

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