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Can Curtains Be Hemmed?

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Long, flowing curtains are elegant and timeless. But, there’s a point when curtains are actually too long and may present a tripping hazard. If your curtains are too long, but you love their color and style, you may consider hemming them. 

The good news is that curtains can be hemmed and it is actually quite easy to do. You can either do this at home by sewing or gluing the curtains. Or, you could go the professional route and hire a tailor to do the job for you.

Can Curtains Be Hemmed?

Can Curtains Be Hemmed

Curtains can be hemmed in order to make them shorter. This is a very easy alteration to do and is something that most people have to tackle at some point when decorating their home.

You should consider making this adjustment if your curtains are too long. Nothing can pull down the sophistication of a room like curtains that are obviously the wrong size for your windows.

Having curtains that do not fit your windows will instantly attract the eye and look very unappealing. This will cheapen the space no matter how well decorated it is or how nice the curtains are. Therefore, it’s something you should try to fix if your curtains are looking a bit too long.

Can Tailors Shorten Curtains?

Can Tailors Shorten Curtains

While most tailors work with dresses and other clothing, many tailors will also take on other kinds of work.

So, you can hire a tailor to hem your curtains to make them the right length for your windows. This is an easy solution that guarantees professional-looking results.

If you have never done any hemming, and don’t know where to even begin, this could be a good option for you. However, you’ll need to compensate the professional for their work, which is a downside.

You should ask around as all tailors will have different prices for different jobs.

When Is It a Good Idea to Hem and Shorten Curtains?

When Is It a Good Idea to Hem and Shorten Curtains

There are certain instances when you should seriously consider hemming your curtains.  The most common reason for needing to hem your curtains is because they are too long. This creates pooling on the floor that’s messy and oftentimes unappealing in the room.

This can also lead to your curtains becoming dirty and filled with dust from the floor. It isn’t functional, and it doesn’t look very nice either.

You may also need to hem your curtains if you have decided to change up the way the room feels. Maybe you have floor-length curtains, but now want to cut them shorter.

This is a good idea if you want to liven up the space and make it more carefree instead of being so sophisticated. This is an easy fix that involves shortening and hemming the curtains to your desired length.

Do You Need to Hem Curtains if You Shorten Them?

Do You Need to Hem Curtains if You Shorten Them

If you have decided to shorten your curtains, you also need to plan on hemming them. This is very necessary as you do not want to simply leave a raw edge.

When you cut fabric, you are leaving a raw edge behind that is exposed and vulnerable to fraying. This can damage your curtains and result in the bottoms fraying and becoming shorter over time.

This is also unappealing and looks messy and cheap as you see the strings sticking out and unraveling. That’s why you need to also hem the curtains to hide those raw edges.

What Are the Best Ways to Hem Curtains?

Now that you know that curtains can be hemmed, how do you hem them yourself? If you do not want to spend the money on a tailor, you should take note.

The good thing is that hemming curtains isn’t very hard, and most people can accomplish it even if they don’t have any sewing experience.

Hem by Sewing

You can hem curtains by sewing the edges once you have cut the curtain fabric. You will need to carefully measure where you want your curtains to fall, then add two to three inches extra before cutting.

These extra inches leave enough room for you to fold the edge over twice to hide the raw edge inside the fold. This protects the raw edge from fraying and makes it look clean and professional.

Then, all you have to do is sew a straight line across the folded edge to secure it in place. A simple stitch will do and won’t even be noticeable as long as you use a matching thread color.

Hem With Fabric Glue

One really easy way to hem your curtains without a sewing machine is to do so with fabric glue. This allows you to accomplish the same thing without any sewing equipment or skills.

You will need to do exactly what you would do if you were sewing the edge. However, once you have the edge folded once, apply a thin line of fabric glue before folding it once more.

You will need to lay out the curtains and have something to put over the hem to apply pressure. This will help the hemmed edge to stay in place until the glue has dried.

It is important to keep in mind that a glued hem will be stiffer than one that is sewn. This may not matter for some fabrics, but light or sheer curtains won’t work as well with this method.

Is It Easy to Hem Long Curtains?

The truth is, hemming curtains really isn’t hard at all. Anyone can do it with or without prior altering experience.

The most important part of hemming curtains is making sure to measure accurately. This can make or break your final result, as you do not want to make them too short.

Other than that, hemming curtains is very simple and straightforward. Just take your time and work carefully to reduce any chances of making a mistake.


As you can see, curtains can be hemmed, and doing this is very simple. You don’t need to have any experience to alter your curtains. And, you could even hire a professional tailor if you don’t think you’re capable of doing it yourself.

If you have any questions about how to hem curtains or why you should hem curtains, leave a comment below.

Hemming curtains is something that might be a necessity if your curtains are too long. You will want to do this to make them look better and be more functional instead of just pooling on the ground.

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