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Budget Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

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Decorating your rooms is one of the great joys of owning a home. You can choose the color of paint, the size of the furniture and the type of lighting. One of the more popular ways to decorate a home’s kitchen is in a farmhouse style.

Whether its traditional country or modern, farmhouse décor can be had on a budget. 

Budget Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Tips

Budget farmhouse kitchen with rustic shelves

Choosing Colors

Styling your traditional country kitchen, whether it’s in an old farmhouse or a newly-constructed home, starts with deciding on a color palette. Stick with white or light colors on the walls and ceiling to make the room feel airy and open.

You can add pops of color in inexpensive accessories such as vases, rugs, towels, planters and wall art. Try to choose pieces made of natural materials like glass, linen and wood to stay true to the country feel. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse style kitchen

If you want your farmhouse décor to have a modern feel, don’t be afraid to combine styles that will give you an eclectic look.

A modern farmhouse can be styled with a combination of vintage and industrial furniture, accessories and artwork. If you have a large glass kitchen table, granite countertops or aluminum bar stools, add a chandelier in distressed wood or some low-cost lace curtains to get that farmhouse vibe.

Rustic Farmhouse

Try surrounding your rustic wooden table with mid-century metal chairs or adding a retro-inspired painting in your walk-in pantry. You don’t have to break the bank with any of these items in order to have a stylish home.

Need more inspiration to get started decorating your farmhouse kitchen? Check out these budget-friendly accessories.

Budget Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Items

1. Homcomoda Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rugs

Classic gingham checks are a fun and easy way to add a country farmhouse feel to your kitchen. Place one these rugs in front of your stove or sink to help make food prep easier on your knees or back.

2. Felt Letter Board with 10×10 Inch Rustic Wood Frame

Hang this rustic letter board over a shelf or prop it on your kitchen counter for a unique display. Use the letters to greet your guests, leave a message for your kids or post the day’s menu.

3. Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3

Mix it up by adding some open shelves to your kitchen dish storage solutions. Hung on either side of the sink, you can create a chic and artistic display with your monochromatic dish set.

Or make a statement with crystal wine glasses and your favorite bottles of wine.

4. Paper And Pallet Wood Tiered Serving Stand

The distressed white wood on this serving stand will complement any farmhouse kitchen décor. Use the stand to store freshly picked apples or as an island centerpiece when filled with fragrant lemons. The stand is also the perfect way to serve pastries at your next brunch.

5. Elwiya Farmhouse Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you have dedicated space in your kitchen for a coffee or tea bar, these canisters are ideal for storing filters, tea bags and coffee. The galvanized metal makes these look vintage while the letters and the sleek wooden lids give them a little contemporary feel. 

6. AuldHome Farmhouse Galvanized Canisters

Surround yourself with the smells of your grandmother’s kitchen with these candles. The scent of warm milk and caramelized sugar will make your guests think you just took cookies from the oven.

7. Milkhouse Candle Company, Farmhouse Collection Mason Jar Candle

Surround yourself with the smells of your grandmother’s kitchen with these candles. The scent of warm milk and caramelized sugar will make your guests think you just took cookies from the oven.

8. Barnyard Designs Decorative Nesting Kitchen Canister Jars with Lids

Vintage-looking accessories, like this set of canisters, can transform any countertop from contemporary to rustic. They can also keep your space mess-free and uncluttered. In addition, the neutral colors won’t clash with your color palette.

9. Sullivans Small Ceramic Jug Set

Use these ceramic vases to effortlessly decorate your kitchen according to the rule of threes. The different heights and colors provide visual interest and balance each other. Display these vases on an open shelf or as a table centerpiece.

10. OPUX Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

Use a kitchen mat that matches your natural or man-made wood flooring to create a seamless and coherent appearance. The light and dark-colored sides of this mat also give you the versatility to change your flooring without buying a new mat.

11. Poly and Bark Metal Modern Dining Chair

Use a mix of styles in your modern farmhouse kitchen. Add these contemporary metal chairs to your antique dining table. Or place them around an ultramodern glass table accessorized with bowls of dried flowers and fresh fruit to achieve that farmhouse feel.

12. MyGift Rustic Multicolor Cutout Wooden EAT Letters

Distressed and weathered elements help define your space as a farmhouse kitchen. Hang these letters horizontally above the stove or vertically next to the refrigerator for a little whimsy and a gentle reminder of why you love gathering in the kitchen with family.

13. HL Cow Pig Rooster Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Wall Art Set

Balance out your use of contemporary or modern kitchen décor with something rustic like these galvanized animals. Hanging on a wall or leaning on your backsplash, this wall art is sweet and playful. Your kids will enjoy decorating these to make them uniquely yours. 

14. Window Frame Wall Decor 2 Pack

Have a large blank wall in your kitchen that needs a design element? Get creative with these windowpane frames. Use them to showcase a statement wall color or display your favorite photos. Arranged together, several frames in different colors become an abstract art piece. 

15. Farmhouse Kitchen Towels

Too cute to use, display these country-style towels anywhere in your kitchen. Hang a towel rack on your white shiplap walls or on the side of your reclaimed wood island. The natural texture and earthy colors will add charm and character to your room.

16. Gourmet Basics by Mikasa General Store 2 Tier

Smart and stylish storage is essential in any kitchen. Use these wire baskets to store anything from food to crafting supplies. Hang one above your kitchen desk to sort mail, store magazines and keep your cell phone handy and off of your counter.

17. Ceramic Kitchen Sponge Holder Sink Caddy

If you keep a sponge by the sink, why not store it in a cute and down-home style? This simple and unpretentious sponge holder looks adorable sitting on your countertop and would combine well with other farmhouse décor.

18. Comfify Wide Mouth Mason Jar Utensil Holder

Accessories inspired by mason jars are ubiquitous in farmhouse style kitchens. This utensil holder is no exception. It will add a sense of nostalgia to your décor without feeling overly done. Use one to hold wooden spoons and another for spatulas.

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