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10 of the Best Waterproof Sofa Covers in 2021 to Keep Your Couch in Tip-Top Condition

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It’s fun to eat and drink on the sofa while you’re watching your favorite TV show. The problem, however, is how you keep them clean. If you’re unlucky enough to drop pizza, spill coffee, or have your puppy run all over them in muddy paws, cleaning can be a nightmare.

This is why you need to invest in the best waterproof sofa cover to keep your couch looking as good as new.

Fortunately for you, we have rounded up the top 10 waterproof couch protectors in the market. Our hands-down favorite is the Easy Going 100% waterproof furniture cover, which has a dual protective layer that keeps your sofa clean and dry.

10 of the Best Waterproof Sofa Covers

10 of the Best Waterproof Sofa Covers

Best-Rated Waterproof Couch Slipcover

Easy-Going Stretch Jacquard Couch Waterproof Cover

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: Large and Extra-Large
  • Color Choices: Black, Brown, Camel, Chocolate, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Ivory, Navy, Peacock Blue, and Wine

With Easy-Going‘s dual waterproof feature, your sofa is covered from everything you can throw at it.

If you have a brood of rowdy kids or even rowdier pets, then waterproof couches are a must. Fortunately, the Easy-Going waterproof slipcover for a sofa is here for you. Made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex, it’s a material that is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Easy-Going‘s water-repellent action goes 2 ways, as its front and back layers are both treated with waterproof material. That way, your sofa is covered from all angles.

This waterproof sofa protector is very easy to install as well. Follow the easy-to-read instructions, tuck in the excess fabric, and it’s good to go!

Best Waterproof Sofa Protector with Straps

Easy-Going Waterproof Sofa Slipcover for 3-Cushion Couch

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: Large and Extra-Large
  • Color Choices: Black, Brown, Camel, Chocolate, Christmas Red, Dark Gray, Gray, Grayish Green, Ivory, Light Blue, Navy, Peacock Blue, Sand, and Wine

With Easy-Going‘s dual waterproof feature, your sofa is covered from everything you can throw at it.

No need to worry about sliding waterproof furniture covers. With Easy-Going’s couch cover with convenient straps, it’s sure to keep in place until you’re ready to remove it!

Most waterproof sofa covers easily slide off. If you’re frequently running into this problem, then you need a model with straps. Thankfully the Easy-Going waterproof furniture cover has your back.

With its elastic straps, you no longer have to worry about your waterproof cover sliding off and leaving your couch unprotected. It comes with an extended band that keeps the fabric taut around your couch with foam pipes that hold the cover in place.

Although it is one of the best waterproof couch slipcovers, its design leaves some areas uncovered on the sides (unlike with the brand’s stretch Jacquard protector). That means you have to be careful as you may stain these exposed parts.

Best Waterproof Sofa Cover for Pets

Aujoy Stretch Pet Couch Covers, Waterproof (2-Piece Set)

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: Small, Large, and Extra-Large
  • Color Choices: Black, Beige, Blackish Green, Brown, Gray, Coffee, Light Gray, Light Purple, Navy Blue, Pea Green, White, and Wine Red

The Aujoy waterproof couch covers for pets are lifesavers, especially if you live in a home dominated by cats, dogs, and other furry animals.

Having pets is fun – up until they stain your sofa. And who has time to clean or vacuum their couch every day? If you’re looking to take the hassle out of keeping your sofa looking great, then you should opt for the Aujoy waterproof couch cover.

Although it’s not fully-waterproof (compared to the Easy-Going 100% couch cover), it does the trick of repelling liquids. The caveat here though, is that you still need to wipe the spills with a sponge or duster cloth. If not, the liquid will seep through the couch.

But even with this downside, Aujoy is still a good buy. Given its stretchable and non-slip fabric, it’s a couch cover that provides the minimum protection for your home.

Best Semi Custom Fit

Easy-Going 4-Piece Dual Waterproof Furniture Covers

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: Large and Extra-Large
  • Color Choices: Chocolate, Camel, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Navy, and Wine

Say goodbye to poorly fitting sofa slipcovers! With this 4-piece set, you get a custom fit protector that stays in place.

If you’re looking for custom-fit waterproof indoor furniture covers, then this Easy-Going product is perfect for you. This 4-piece couch cover set includes 1 base cover and 3 cushion covers made with fine microfleece fiber. The separate protector pieces allow this slipcover to git much more snug to your couch, avoiding any uncomfortable sliding.

As with the Easy-Going Jacquard waterproof sofa slipcover, this variant is made with a dual waterproof layer of spandex and polyester. Although they’re similar in most aspects, this product only has a limited number of color offerings (6 vs. the Jacquard set’s 10). So if you’re looking for more variety, then the Easy-Going Jacquard couch cover is the better choice.

Best Modern Design

SunStyle Home Store Waterproof Slipcover for Sofa with Elastic Strap

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: 24″ (Chair and Recliner), 48″ (Loveseat), and 70″ (Sofa)
  • Color Choices: Black/Beige, Chocolate/Beige, Dark Gray/Beige, Light Gray/Beige, and Taupe/Beige

With this modern waterproof furniture cover, you can upgrade your couch’s look – while protecting it from nasty spills.

If you’re particular about the design of your waterproof couch slipcovers, then your top choice should be this product from the SunStyle Home Store. After all, it boasts of a quilted honeycomb design that’s both easy on the eye and water-repellent.

Made with 100% brushed microfiber, this couch cover can effectively keep your sofa safe from spills. It’s also slide-proof, many thanks to its snug elastic bands. As it’s wrinkle-proof and quick-drying as well, you can easily throw it inside the washing machine whenever it needs freshing up.

Best Faux Leather Cover

Subrtex Waterproof Sofa Covers in Leather

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: 2-pack, 3-pack, Small, Medium, and Large
  • Color Choices: Black, Chocolate, Ivory, Light Gray, Orange, Taupe, and Wine

Protect your couch in sophisticated style with Subrtex’s faux leather waterproof couch slipcovers.

Add some leather elegance to your couch with the Subrtex waterproof sofa. Made with water-repellent material, it’s an elegant way to keep spills and stains from ruining your couch.

Despite being made from faux leather, the Subrtex couch cover is highly-stretchable. It also has an elastic band that keeps the protector in place, meaning it won’t slide around on your couch.

Although the Subrtex couch cover offers much in the way of sophistication, it only covers the sofa’s seating area. So if you want complete coverage – including the back and the sides – you need a full sofa protector waterproof cover like the Easy-Going Jacquard set.

Best Color Selection

Ameritex Waterproof Sofa Protector

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: 68″ and 78″
  • Color Choices: Beige (2 styles), Dark Gray (2 styles), Blue, Chocolate (2 styles), Green (2 styles), Light Gray, Pink, and Sand

With the Ameritex waterproof couch slipcovers, you can protect your couch from spills and stains in your color of choice.

Want to change your waterproof sofa covers to suit your mood? With the Ameritex couch cover, you can do so for 12 straight days. With its range of color options, you can waterproof your chair in a color that blends with the rest of your aesthetic, ensuring it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Apart from having a wide array of colors, it also features a puppy paw design – an excellent waterproof couch cover for pet lovers too.

While the Ameritex couch cover is famous for its style, it does more than just look pretty. For one, it’s made with a water-repellent yet eco-friendly material. It also features an anti-skid design, so you don’t have to worry about your pets (or kids) pulling the cover out of place.

Best Color Selection

Taococo Sectional Sofa Protector (Waterproof) With Pillowcases

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: 2 by 71″ – 91″
  • Color Choices: Dark Blue, Pale Yellow, and Wine

With the Taococo waterproof furniture covers, you can keep your sectional sofa free well protected.

Due to their unique shape, sectional sofas need specially-designed waterproof couch slipcovers. Since conventional designs can end up slipping, the Taococo proves to be the best waterproof sofa cover for sectionals, thanks to its flexible design.

Made with soft yet stretchy fabric, it protects your sectional sofa from dust, spills, and stains. Although it can repel almost any type of liquid – it does not work well with alcohol. So if you like drinking liquor on your sofa, you may need something a little more durable.

Best For Storing Furniture

Hersent Extra Large Waterproof Couch Protectors

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: 8.8 x 12 feet
  • Color Choices: Transparent

When it comes to moving furniture or long-term storage, Hersent can offer extra protection against the elements.

Thinking of moving or storing your couch? It’s a wise idea to keep your sofa protected from dust, paint spills, and anything else it could encounter in storage. The good news is, you can do this easily (and cheaply) with the Hersent waterproof furniture covers.

Made from 100% recycled thick plastic, this oversized furniture cover offers the ultimate protection – and more. Compared to DIY plastic covers, the Hersent is resistant to wear and tear. That way, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of holes developing during long-term storage, which could leave your sofa exposed.

Best For Kids

Catalonia Waterproof Indoor Furniture Covers

Product Details:

  • Available Sizes: 80 by 60 inches
  • Color Choices: Brown/Taupe, Camel/Taupe, Gray/Taupe, Light/Dark Gray, Wine/Taupe, Brown/Taupe, Buffalo Red/Off-White, and Navy/Taupe

Plush yet delicate, the Catalonia is the best waterproof sofa cover for households with kids and/or pets.

If you want comfy yet waterproof couch slipcovers for the family, don’t look any further, as this Catalonia model has it all. Made with 100% polyester and microfleece, it offers a plush seating experience – without the worries of spills and stains.

While it is one of the best waterproof sofa covers for pets and kids, it doesn’t have elastic bands or other fasteners to keep it secure, which is definitely a downside if you live in a house of boisterous kids.

Still, the fact that you don’t have to mess around attaching sofa covers means you can chuck it over your couch in seconds and remove it just as easily.

Buying Guide

How to pick the best waterproof sofa cover?

Choosing a sofa cover

Consider the following factors when choosing the best couch covers for your home:

  • Material: Pick a slipcover that’s made with water-repellent material, such as microfiber, Jacquard, or leather.
  • Fasteners: Elastic straps or bands and foam strips will help keep the cover in place.
  • Size: You want a couch cover that fits well on your sofa. If not, it will just slide around – even when it does come with fasteners.
  • Color: Choose a waterproof sofa slipcover that blends with your living room design.

What makes a sofa cover waterproof?

Whether a sofa cover is waterproof will depend on the material used. The best fabrics that repel water include microfiber, Jacquard, and leather.

Do waterproof sofas covers protect against all liquids?

This will depend on the fabric used on the waterproof sofa protector. For example, the Taococo couch cover can repel most liquids, except alcohol.

Will a waterproof sofa cover always protect against spills?

Yes, especially if it’s attached properly. This is why choosing the right size is essential, as it will ensure your sofa is protected.

Which sofa covers offers the best protection?

Easy-Going’s 100% sofa protector waterproof cover is one of the best couch covers in the market. It has a dual protective layer, which repels spills – and prevents leakages that may happen along the way.


Putting a sofa cover

A waterproof sofa cover is an excellent investment to keep your sofa looking as good as new and free from spills and stains.

Our top pick is the Easy-Going Stretch Jacquard Couch Waterproof Cover, stylish yet durable. If you have an odd-sized sofa such as a sectional, check out the Taococo Sectional Sofa Protector.

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