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5 Best Vacuum Attachments for Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades

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Over time, your ceiling fans will accumulate dust on their blades. If you turn your fan on after not using it for a while, you may end up with dust all over your room. To avoid this, you should use a vacuum attachment and get rid of any dust that has built up on your ceiling fan.

Our overall recommendation for the best vacuum attachment for cleaning a ceiling fan is the EZ Spares. This product comes with two bendable tools that give it more flexibility than the other products on this list. It also has soft bristles, letting you clean your fan without damaging your brush. It fits on 1,260-inch vacuums, which is the most common size.

If you’re looking for more than just one function, then we recommend the GIBTOOL Set of Spare Vacuum Cleaner Brushes. These come in a pack of 9, giving you a whole range of different functions. For example, they can clean your keyboards, your radiators, and of course, your ceiling fan blades. They fit on 1,260-inch vacuums and are perfect for a range of functions.

If you’re not sure where to begin when looking at vacuum attachments, we recommend checking out the buying guide.

5 Best Vacuum Attachments for Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades

5 Best Vacuum Attachments for Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades

Best Overall

EZ Spares, Replacement for Universal Vacuum Cleaning Brush

Product Details:

  • Soft and flexible
  • 1,260-inch vacuum
  • Two-in-one
  • Plastic

This attachment is both soft and flexible, making it perfect for cleaning ceiling fan blades. It’s also great for furniture, high surfaces, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach locations. It will easily fit with any vacuum that uses 1,260-inch friction adjustment accessories.

The product has a two-in-one design and it attaches to an extender that will give you even more reach. Also, it is shaped like a curved wand and can be flexed into several different angles. It is made of plastic, meaning it’s a durable attachment that will last you a long time.

Most Versatile

GIBTOOL – Set of Spare Vacuum Cleaner Brushes 1 ¼ Inch

Product Details:

  • 1,260-inch or 1,378-inch vacuums
  • 9 products
  • Multi-use

This product fits on either 1,260-inch or 1,378-inch products, letting you use this on the majority of vacuums. However, you could always order a separate adaptor if you have a vacuum with a different accessory dimension.

This kit comes with 9 products, including a horse brush which is perfect for cleaning your ceiling fan blades. Considering there are also 8 other products, this kit is incredibly versatile for your home.

From removing dust to cleaning upholstery, this kit can do it all.

Best for Dyson Vacuums

Dyson Multi-Angle Brush Accessory

Product Details:

  • Two bends for flexibility
  • Horse-shoe shape
  • 3.9 L x 13.0 W x 9.8 H inches

If you have a Dyson vacuum, this attachment will fit over your vacuum without a problem. It’s a horseshoe shape with thick brushes around the exterior.

In addition, it comes with a double bent neck, which allows the user to reach up and clean the top of fan blades with ease.

Also, the product measures 3.9 L x 13.0 W x 9.8 H inches.

Best for Shark Vacuums

Replacement Multi-Angle Dust Brush Designed for Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Product Details:

  • For Shark Vacuums
  • 13.62 L x 7.68 W x 4.25 H inches
  • Soft and flexible bristles

This product is a long, flat brush with a high density of individual bristles. This allows you to capture dust on the top of your fans with ease. The bristles are soft and flexible, making them perfect for this task.

The product is built specifically for Shark Vacuums. It measures 13.62 L x 7.68 W x 4.25 H inches.

Most Affordable

Ontel Dust Daddy, Universal Vacuum Cleaner Accessory

Product Details:

  • 36 suction tubes
  • Fits to many vacuums

This product offers compatibility with any vacuum, fitting over the vacuum accessory and securing to it. This makes it a good option if you’re going to be changing vacuums over the next few years. The fact that it fits to any size is something that no other vacuum on this list does. However, the vast majority of vacuums are 1,260-inches, which is why the others follow this specification.

Unlike the others on this list, this product is made of 36 suction tubes, instead of bristles. These tubes give the product even more flexibility.

Buying Guide

How to pick the best vacuum attachment for cleaning ceiling fan blades

Replacement Vacuum Heads

Most vacuum attachments do exactly the same thing— they offer flexibility and clean the fan blades. The only thing you need to pay attention to before buying a vacuum attachment is its size. Make sure to read your vacuum dimensions and see if the attachment you’re going to buy will fit.

Apart from that, you should also try and match the attachment to your brand of vacuum. However, this step is not completely necessary.

Is a duster better than a vacuum for cleaning ceiling fan blades?

Both a duster and a vacuum do a similar job when it comes to cleaning fan blades. The only difference is what happens to the dust.

With a vacuum, the dust is dislodged by the brush and then sucked up by the vacuum, trapping it in the dust compartment. You can use vacuum dust bags for years without changing them. However, with a duster, the dust is pushed into the product. Over time, this will make dusters dirty and you’ll need to shake them out.

To summarize, they do the same job, it’s just about whether you want to replace your duster every year, or your vacuum bag every 2-3 years.


Replacement Vacuum Heads

This list contains 5 distinct vacuum attachments for cleaning ceiling fan blades. You’ll be able to find branded attachments on this list, as well as bargain deals and additional features, like extra flexibility.

Our overall recommendation is the EZ Spares attachment, which comes with two flexible tools. You’ll be able to use them to flex around corners and up onto your fan blades. This product makes cleaning a breeze. And, with its soft bristles, you’ll never damage your ceiling fan

As long as they fit your vacuum, all of the products on this list would make a fine choice.

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