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Best Rugs For Dining Room

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Stylish and Practical Dining Room Rugs: Floor Coverings for the Contemporary Era

Many years ago, large woven mats made of natural grass, reeds and fibers were early rugs in banquet rooms. They lay beneath or around rough-hewn benches, stools and tables of stone or wood. These natural rugs had hand-painted designscreated with natural plant dyes. These early styles led to today’s fancy or simple rug designs. They also brought simple color and style to plain or fabric-draped rooms.

There are many styles, colors, textures and patterns in dining room rugs today. They can consist of natural or synthetic materials. Yet, like the floor mats, these modern rugs for dining room use are fashionable and functional. They are easy to clean when spills of food or beverages occur. You have many choices for the best rugs for dining room floors.

Choosing the Ideal Rug: A Decorative and Durable Dining Room Floor Cover

Your new dining room rug needs to have the essential qualities of fashion and function. You need a floor covering that complements and enhances other items of your room decor. With the fast pace of life today, we all know the importance of choosing a rug that is easy to clean. You need a floor cover that can withstand everyday wear-and-tear in a busy home. Different dining room rug designs that offer these qualities include the following styles:

1. Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection

This stylish rug from the Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection (Model No. SGH281R) offers an attractive Moroccan diamond design in medium-red and ivory. Its pattern is a trellis motif, adding a pleasing geometric feature to your dining room decor. This rug is ideal for placing beneath the children’s table in a large family dining room. During holidays when you entertain friends with young children, you will be glad to have this rug. It will catch the food and beverage drips and spills from the children’s table and is easy to clean.

This stylish 8 by 10 feet casual shag rugis power-loomed and made of strong polypropylene fibers. It is non-shredding with a plush 2-inch pile. This versatile shag rug design will complement and enhance various styles of decor. These styles include Moroccan, transitional, contemporary-chic and modern-glamorous modes of decor. The manufacturer of this rug is in Turkey. The rug is available in more color choices such as ivory-gray, slate blue and navy blue-ivory. It is one of the best rugs for dining room decor.

• This attractive rug is very soft underfoot.
• This colorful rug resists fading and staining.
• The attractive colors of this rug will brighten and enliven your room.
• You can roll this rug for storage when not in use.
• Pets may chew on this shag rug and damage its appearance.

2. Modern Abstract Rugs by Persian Area Rugs

This stunning gray, black, red and white swirls modern abstract area rug (Model No. 2305) is from Persian Area Rugs. Its dynamic and colorful design will brighten and enliven your dining room decor. The tasteful abstract pattern of this rug gives modern energy and elegance to any room. This rug also offers cost-efficiency and practicality. This unique rug design is also available in the color choices of turquoise, blue, beige and other hues.

This plush rug in rich colors has fibers of high quality polypropylene. It is soft and it protects your dining room floor. It also provides a comfortable walking surface. Its strong, close-woven synthetic fibers ensure easy cleaning of spills with a sponge. This attractive rug is stain resistant and will not streak or fade in color with long-term use. You can select a rug with dimensions of 8 by 11 feet or 9 by 12 feet.


• This abstract rug design will complement and enhance contemporary dining room furnishings.
• This bold rug design will make your dining room look larger and more open.
• The surface of this rug is resilient. It fades imprints from feet and furniture.
• You can remove liquid spills on this rug by blotting its surface with a clean cloth or a sponge. For more serious stains, use a mild detergent or stain remover.


• If your dining room decor is delicate or intricate in design, this rug is not the ideal selection.

3. Maples Rugs Pelham

This low-profile and lightweight rug is from the Maples Rugs Pelham brand. It has attractive vintage style and offers modern, easy to maintain material. This fashionable and functional rug has 100 percent nylon pile. It also has a soft felt fabric backing as padding. We recommend this design if you have a beautiful natural wood dining room floor to protect. You may also prefer this rug’s thin and sleek style. This American rugs manufacturer specializes in producing low-profile rug designs with lustrous sheen. This rug will help prevent any trips, slips or falls by your family members or dinner guests due to its lack of bulk. You can buy this scroll-patterned rug in the color choices of blue-gray, khaki and wineberry red. It measures 7 feet by 10 feet.


• The nylon pile surface of this rug also resists stains, mildew and fading.
• With its padded felt-fabric backing, this low-pile rug offers smooth, soft walking comfort.
• Minor beverage spills and stains seem to disappear in this rug’s ornate scroll design.
• This rug’s nylon construction will wear well with smooth and even coloration.


• This understated rug design is not suited for rustic or minimalist dining room decor.

4. Persian Area Rugs 4620

This elegant Persian rug design (Model No. 4620) represents our leading choices in attractive, beautiful dining room floor coverings. Its refined design and smooth weave give this rug its chic, appealing appearance and charm. This rug has a moderate price while providing a sense of pure luxury to enhance your dining room decor. You will delight in the varied color selections available for this desirable rug. Color choices include cream, pearl, blue, navy and burgundy.

This stylish rug for your dining room floor comes from Turkey. Its composition is high quality polypropylene. Although listed as an 8 by 10-foot rug, this model has the actual dimensions of 7 feet 10 inches by 10 feet 6 inches. This attractive dining room rug is also quite durable. It retains its original beauty and richness of color. This rug also wears well for your long-term use and enjoyment.


• This rug is elegant yet it resists stains during food or beverage spills.
• This rug brings natural warmth, color and refinement into your home.
• As a stylish item of essential decor, this rug also provides good sound reduction.
• This low-pile rugoffers a thickness that provides walking comfort and resilience.


• This type of low-pile rug can attract more dust and debris than flatter, thinner styles.

5. Safavieh Madison Collection

The strong polypropylene and polyester fibers of this attractive rug design (Model No. MAD611B) help prevent wear and tear. The rug construction is power-loomed for precision smoothness and a slight surface sheen. This rug will set your dining room aglow with its soft radiant hues. It will also provide reliable everyday use while maintaining its fresh new look. This rug is from Turkey and has a strong woven backing for durability.

This rug’s refined power-loomed construction ensures precise details. The enhanced synthetic fibers guarantee a non-shedding rug. Due to low shedding, this rug holds up in high-traffic areas of the home. It looks beautiful on a dining room floor.


• This stunning rug design is available in color choices gray-gold, ivory-aqua and navy-teal.
• This cost-effective rug model has the appearance of a featured designer rug.
• This rug is good for use in homes with children and pets. It has effective stain-resistant construction for easy upkeep.
The slim 0.375-inch pile of this rug makes it ideal for smooth placement beneath furniture legs.


• The backing of this rug can slip on floors and needs use of a gripperto avoid trips and falls.

6. Safavieh Monaco Area Rugs

This stunning and unique rug design from The Safavieh Monaco Collection (Model No. MNC222F-6) displays a charming distressed bohemian design in different vibrant colors. This artistic rug will give your dining room a bright, fresh atmosphere. Crafted in Turkey, this trendy new floor covering offers 0.5-inch, medium height cut pile. This provides a sense of rich volume while offering a sleek, smooth surface. This rug measures 6 feet 7 inches by 9 feet 2 inches.

You will enjoy the vintage style of casual elegance provided by this creative rug design. It is power-loomed from top quality polypropylene fibers to ensure durability. This rug is non-shedding and is easy to maintain in homes with small children and pets. We recommend light sponging of the rug surfaces with water or a mild detergent to remove any stains. This is among the best rugs for dining room use.


• The resilient synthetic materials of this rug will enable it to withstand heavy use.
• This quality rug is machine woven, which ensures a smooth, precise surface quality.
• The deep colors of this rug will enrich the color scheme of your room decor while hiding stubborn stains.
• This rug is ideal for you if you like a touch of dynamic color and design for your dining room decor.


• This rug is not ideal for dining room decor that features pale hues or neutral colors.

7. Safavieh Vision Collection

This silky surfaced, cream-colored rug from the Vision Area Rug Collection (Model No. VSN606F) displays fine quality understated elegance. It is available in many different sizes, including 6 by 9 feet, 10 by 14 feet, and 12 by 18 feet. The sturdy polypropylene and polyester fibers of this rug ensure minimal shedding. The rug’s 0.5-inch pile offers a sleek, sophisticated appearance. It enhances many styles in dining room decor.

This rug retains its sleek, attractive surface quality even in busy dining rooms. Its strong jute backing reinforces the rug’s stability for long-term use. This rug offers abstract striations which strengthen its visual appeal. Its power-loomed construction ensure precision surfacing and durability. This attractive and practical dining room rug is also for sale in aqua, brown, silver and grape colors.


• This rug retains its color and surface texture well.
• The polypropylene and polyester power-loomed construction of this rug prevent fading or streaking.
• This resilient rug can withstand the weight of heavy furniture without damage.
• Food and beverage spills on this rug will remain on the surface for easy sponging to clean.


• This rug may not blend well with traditional or rustic style dining room decor.


When you need a new rug for your dining room, there are many different types and designs from which to choose today. Your tastes may tend toward classic, rustic, sophisticated or casual designs. No need to worry, they are all available. You can choose from myriad different fibers, textures, colors and patterns. Your new dining room rug can contain different types of attractive synthetic materials. One thing is certain—there is something for everyone in modern dining room rug designs today.

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