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Swoodz The Best Poster Hanger Review

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There’s been a new home wall decor trend involving magnetic poster hangers. To be honest, it sounded a little gimmicky and the reviews have been mixed. So we ordered a few and tested them out to find it they’re worth it.

What we found, the magnets work on thin paper. Also, a lot of them were made from low-quality materials and some looked to even been a splinter waiting to happen.

Best Magnetic Poster Hanger

If you have a thick piece of art or a movie poster that’s heavy, things get messy. However, in our test we did find one that worked reliably. The Swoodz magnetic poster frame was made of better materials and had the ability to hold more weight and thicker materials.

What I also liked is that it’s much thicker like in the picture seen above. It looked nicer when placed on a poster and felt worth the money compared to others.

It had two screws in the back that help the wooden sticks grip on to the poster. Definitely helps for movie posters and thick papers.

The magnets worked will for thin sheets of paper.

So after reviewing this, I do like the look and style of these magnetic poster hanger or magnetic poster frames. If you’re thinking about getting one I’d recommended the Swoodz one for the reliability and it looks.

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