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The Best Poster Frames

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After researching and weighing the pros and cons of various poster frames we’ve come to the conclusion that the Swoodz magnetic poster hanger is the best option for most uses.

The price offered is practical and it offers tools to use the poster in different configurations. 

It’s a solid choice for a majority of uses.

Best Choice

Swoodz Magnetic Poster Frame

This budget friendly poster frame provides a unique and dependable way hang even the thickest of posters.

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All You Need To Know About Poster Frames

Different scenarios are going to determine which poster frame is going to be the best fit for your. You need to consider the size of the poster, the room it’s being placed in, and the weight of the poster.

Certain decor styles will fit better with some frames. While a heavy poster or thick poster won’t work well all the poster frame options.

Picture Name Feature Price
Swoodz Budget friendly, aesthetically pleasing, $
SnapeZo Expensive but looks great $$$
Haitan Budget version of SnapeZo $$
Craig Frames Wild design $$
Seco Easy to use, doesn’t look the best $$

1. Swoodz Magnetic Poster Hanger

The Swoodz magnetic poster hanger is our top pick for it’s price, easy of use, and aesthetic appearance. There are other magnetic poster hangers to pick but this one stood out.

It was the thickest wooden frames, which looked best with posters and art work that were 18 inches + in size. The other frames were thinner and didn’t look as good with posters. Also, it has a tightening mechanism which makes it dependable for large and heavy posters. 

The finish was high quality and the packaging made it gifting ready. Some of the other magnetic poster frames in the style came in plain card board tubes. Didn’t look great for a gift. 

When comparing it to the other poster frames, it price was much lower. It was a unique was to hang a poster.

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  • Budget Friendly
  • Dependable Hold Comes with All Hanging Equipment (just need hammer)
  • Free Screw Gift + Optional Jute String for Hanging


  • Not a full frame

2. SnapeZo Movie Poster Frame

The SnapeZo is definitely the biggest splurge but so worth it.  It comes in the most color options so it’s easy to match with any poster design and fits the most traditional “poster frame” look. However, it’s 3X-4X the cost of our main pick, the Swoodz poster frame.

It’s simple to add any poster to the frame and it will keep it safe. The cover is it comes with is anti glare but some complain that it hasn’t worked the best. A higher anti glare can be purchased for an additional 35$. This can set you back more than $100 in total but will be the best set up in a sunny or well lit location.

Also, it doesn’t come ready to hang. You’re going to have to purchase some hanging material as well. There are some pre drilled holes for J-hooks.

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  • Traditional Poster Frame Design
  • Easy To Change Posters
  • UV Protection For Poster


  • Some complaints that order was received damaged
  • Anti-Glare may not work well
  • Due to plastic backing it’s not possible to use traditional mounting gear

3. Haitan Snap Poster Frame

The haitan snap poster frame is similar to the snapeZo frame at nearly half the cost. It comes with the same easy poster changing function. If your looking for something that’s easy to set up, this is a good choice.

There’s minimal assembly and it comes with some screws and anchors to attach it to the wall. It does have a plastic backing so don’t except to be able to drill holes into it. 

On the flip side, there seems to be some issues with the shipping. Some customers have had their deliveries arrived warped and scratched. It doesn’t have the anti glare and UV protection on the snapeZo frame.

If you’re looking to for a traditional frame in black or silver and are ok with possibly returning it to order another if it comes damage go with this one. Beware of areas that are brightly lit. There may be excessive glare.


  • Traditional Poster Frame Design
  • Easy To Change Posters
  • Low Cost for Style of Frame and Size


  • Some complaints that order was received damaged
  • No Anti-Glare
  • Limited Color Options

4. Craig Frames

The Craig frame is a good option if your looking for something unconventional to hang your poster. The frames ornate a usually used for art but who says you can’t put a poster in them as well?

An epic fantasy  poster (hello game of thrones) would look great in one of these. The price is low for what you get so don’t expect the highest quality. 

It’s made of wood covered in acrylic paint. Some people had issues with the plastic appearing cloudy. Make sure you remove the protective film.


  • Unconventional Frame Design
  • Easy To Change Posters
  • Low Cost For Ornate Design


  • Not the highest quality but good for price
  • No Anti-Glare

5. Seco Front Load Frame

The Seco frame is the least expensive of the bunch and comes with it’s own unique pros and cons. The snap on function of the frame makes it easy to use. However, it only comes in a silver color that won’t aesthetically fit all posters.

If you want the least expensive frame that will get the job done, this is the option for you. It comes with the screws necessary to hang it. 

No one’s going to notice this frame and it won’t look like something expensive. It does get the job done and it easy to use.


  • Super Easy to Insert Poster or Art
  • Lowest Cost
  • Easy to Hang


  • Not the highest quality but good for price
  • Doesn’t stand out and looks somewhat “cheap”

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