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Best LED Shower Heads

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The average person can spend upwards of 60 hours taking a shower every year. So why not add a bit of glitz, glam, and whimsy to your showering experience?

The best LED shower heads can provide you with just that. These unique fixtures transform boring old bathrooms into a fun disco tech you’ll never want to leave. They’re not all just for looks. They can provide you with a spa-like experience and serve a few practical purposes, too. Plus, these shower heads are great for kids who detest shower time.

LED shower heads are all the rage these days, so there’s no shortage of good options out there. With this guide, we aim to help you find a fixture that’s right for you.

Why Invest in an LED Shower Head?

The overall global shower head market was valued at roughly 990 million dollars in 2018. It’s only expected to increase more in the coming years. LED shower heads are a big part of that figure.

More and more people are looking to invest in their bathrooms. Renovations are more common than ever as old trends are being replaced for new ones. So, why should you choose an LED shower head? Well, there are several good reasons.

Enhanced Lighting

Whether you have an alcove shower or one that’s lined with glass walls, there’s a good chance that lighting suffers in that area. Showers tend to be dimly lit, creating a cold and unwelcoming environment.

An LED shower head fills the space with light. Instead of having to go through a costly renovation to hardwire a recessed lighting fixture, you can just pop one of these fixtures on to get the job done. It’s easy, cost-effective, and efficient.


The lighting these shower heads provide isn’t the same as what you’d find throughout the rest of your home. Its mood lighting. Thus, these fixtures are a great way to take advantage of chromatherapy.

Essentially, chroma-therapy is the process of using lights to improve your mood, stimulate your senses, and help you relax. It’s said that specific colors can have a dramatic effect on your mood. There’s nothing better than starting off your day with a short chroma-therapy session to improve your mood and get energized.

Visual Temperature Indicator

Some models have an integrated temperature monitoring system. It provides some visual feedback on how the water feels. Instead of constantly checking the temperature with your hand, you can just take a look at the lights to know when things are just right.

Increases the Value of Your Home

We mentioned earlier that LED shower heads are quite popular in today’s bathroom trends. You can take advantage of that and increase your home’s value.

If you’re completing a full renovation, you can experience a significant return on investment. High-end remodels that include the shower can double your investment. LED shower heads are just a small piece of that puzzle, but every bit counts.

It’s Fun!

Last, but not least, LED shower heads are just fun to use. It’s a great pick me up that people of all ages will enjoy. Kids, in particular, love the experience these lights provide. This can prove to be a useful tool to ensure that children are adopting the right hygiene habits.

Even adults will have fun. Many models feature additional features to turn your small shower into a fun party space. What’s not to like about that?

How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

There’s a common misconception that LED shower heads require batteries or a hardwire connection. In reality, these fixtures rely on hydropower to operate. It’s similar to the technology used by hydroelectric dams.

Within each shower head, there’s a small mechanical engine and turbine. When you turn the water on, the force of that water turns the turbine. The engine is connected to a three-phase rectifier that transforms that mechanical energy into usable power to turn the LED lights on.

LED lights consume very little power. The amount of energy used by a single LED is inconsequential, allowing this simple technology to create a cool light show in your shower.

Plus, the mechanics are all safe. You don’t have to worry about accidental shocks. All of the components are sealed off. Plus, the power generated is so low that you wouldn’t even feel a shock if it happened.

Finding the Best LED Shower Head

Thanks to the popularity of LED technology, you can find these fun shower heads from a wide range of manufacturers. They come in a plethora of designs to choose from. To ensure that you’re getting a shower head you won’t regret buying, keep the following factors in mind while you shop.

Spray Settings

The great thing about modern shower heads is that they can do so much more than douse you with water. These days, manufacturers implement spray patterns to give you a unique experience. Some even come with multiple settings that you can change with a simple flip of a switch.

Pulsating sprays provide some light pressure on your body to alleviate aches and pains. Meanwhile, air-infusing shower heads make the water feel soft and light. The possibilities are endless, so choose a unit with settings you’ll use.


In the shower world, the size of the head usually indicates how much water you’ll be covered with. Larger rain LED shower heads are quite popular because the stream can cover your entire body. Not all showers can accommodate these heads due to their size. Take some measurements of your shower before you commit to a large fixture.

Color Options

Many LED shower heads come with tons of color options. These color options play an important role in your chromatherapy experience we mentioned earlier. For example, red is meant to stimulate energy while blue is all about helping you feel calm.

If you want the most versatility possible, stick to a model that has multiple color settings. These units typically have multiple diodes in one LED casing, allowing you to create unique colors at will. Some even have cycle settings that randomly choose colors, which is a nice touch.


Speaking of color options, how do you want to control those settings? Basic units may not have controls that let you choose colors manually. However, high-end options may come with a remote to help you select colors before you get in the shower.

Water Usage

Water conservation is a hot-button topic these days. Tons of brands offer water-saving LED shower heads. The average shower head uses 2.1 gallons or more per minute. This is referred to as the flow rate. If you want to conserve even more water, stick to a model that has the WaterSense seal of approval. This means that it uses 2 gallons per minute or less. Generally, a rate of around 2.5 is ideal if your priority is comfort and efficiency.

Extra Features

Finally, what kinds of extra features do you want? LED shower heads can be designed to go above and beyond when it comes to technology. You’ll have no problem finding units with programmable color patterns, preprogrammed light shows, and more.

Some even have integrated Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your smartphone! Think about those extras so that you can make your shower as cozy as possible

5 of the Best LED Shower Heads on the Market

DreamSpa All Chrome LED Shower Head

Looking for a simple and affordable LED shower head? Check out this model from DreamSpa. It’s a beautifully designed fixture covered in a mirror chrome finish. The material is sleek and offers a modern twist. Plus, it’s very easy to clean.

The cool thing about this shower head is that it has an integrated temperature monitor system. It will light up according to the temperature. It cycles through blue, green, and red to indicate temperatures between 95 degrees Fahrenheit up to 108 degreed Fahrenheit. If the temperatures rise beyond that upper limit, the shower head will flash to alert you.

While you can’t adjust the colors manually, the shower head does have some great spray settings. There are five in total. A simple turning disk on the shower head lets you choose between patterns like Hydro Mist and pulsating massage.

Overall, this product does a good job across the board. It’s easy to install and has all the necessary features you’d need to create that spa-like experience you’re after.

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  • Chrome finish
  • 5.2-inch diameter
  • 5 spray settings
  • Color-changing LEDs
  • Temperature monitor
  • 2.5 GPM
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty


  • Turbine a lot of noise
  • Only has 3 colors
  • No way to adjust color manually

TRTIUAV Colorful LED Shower Head

The LED shower head from TRTIUAV offers a lot of benefits. Not only does it have integrated lights, but the product also works to improve the quality of your water. It’s a handheld model with an integrated negative ion filter. Thanks to the clear material of the handle, you can see the tiny minerals balls in action.

Once the water has gone through the filter, it can power the water turbines. This model has 7 different color options. It automatically cycles through all of the colors to give you a unique light show while you shower.

While the shower head doesn’t come with its own hose, it is compatible with most handheld setups. You can screw one end of the handle to your existing hose without any issues because it follows international design standards.

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  • 7 LED color options
  • Can be used with most hoses
  • Handheld design
  • Built-in negative ion filter
  • Chrome and clear finish
  • Cycles through colors automatically
  • High water pressure


  • Doesn’t come with a hose
  • Can’t choose color manually
  • No temperature monitor

KAIREY Color-Changing LED Shower Head

Here’s another handheld shower head worth considering. This time, it’s from KAIREY. Like the previous product, this model features 7 color options to choose from. While there’s not a built-in temperature monitor to let you know how warm the water is, the LEDs do cycle through various colors as your shower. It does this pretty rapidly, creating a fun light show that younger kids will enjoy.

The head utilizes silicone nozzles to deliver water. The silicone is placed over the LED lights, creating a softer look than most shower heads. One thing we like about the silicone head is that it’s designed to remain clog-free. The material is self-cleaning, ensuring that limescale doesn’t stick.

The handheld is well-designed. It’s on the smaller side, making it more accessible to people of all ages. It’s covered in chrome for easier maintenance and a sleek look.

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  • 7 LED color options
  • Automatically cycles through colors
  • Handheld design
  • Chrome finish
  • Self-cleaning silicone nozzles
  • Compatible with most hoses
  • Efficient on water usage


  • Doesn’t come with a hose
  • No additional spray patterns
  • No temperature monitor
  • Water flow may be too weak for some
  • Produces noise

PISSION Handheld LED Shower Head

From PISSION is this large handheld shower head. This particular model is considerably wider than some other options on the market. At 4.4 inches, it can provide a rain-like experience when its docked.

Speaking of which, you can use the shower head a couple of different ways. It’s designed for handheld use, but the simple shape of the handle makes it compatible with most docking brackets. Unfortunately, no hose or bracket is included.

When you look at the face of the shower head, you’ll notice that it’s covered with a rubber-like material and clear plastic. The central rubber disk is used for water-saving mode. This mode reduces flow while keeping the LED lights on.

In full mode, nozzles on the clear portion work to create a cascade of water. The lights automatically cycle through 7 different colors. What’s unique about this shower head is that the colors aren’t always uniform. This creates multi-colored light patterns.

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  • 4.4-inch shower head
  • 7 colors
  • Automatical color cycles
  • Handheld design
  • 2 spray settings
  • Screws onto compatible hoses
  • Quiet operation


  • Lights aren’t as bright as other options
  • No hose included
  • No temperature monitor
  • Water tends to sit in head after use

DELIPOP HN-11 Rain LED Shower Head

Turn your shower into a spa oasis with this rain shower head from DELIPOP. It’s a massive fixture with many tiny nozzles. From a design standpoint, this shower head is top-notch. The unit is a simple square covered in sleek mirror chrome. All of the LED lights are located around the perimeter of the head, creating a subtle lighting effect that’s not too overpowering.

Built in to the head is a temperature monitor gauge. It uses three different colors to indicate temperatures ranging from 88 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent accidental scalding, the shower head can also flash to let you know when temperatures rise beyond 100 degrees.

This is a great shower head for water-conscious users. Despite its size, the fixture only uses about 2 gallons of water every minute. That’s less than most shower heads and meets the WaterSense criteria.

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  • Measures 7.78 inches long by 7.78 inches wide
  • Large rain shower head
  • Temperature monitor
  • Only uses 2 gallons per minute
  • Sleek chrome finish
  • Screws onto compatible hoses
  • Quiet operation


  • Weak seal can cause leaking
  • Noisy operation
  • Only has three colors
  • No manual operation

And The Best LED Shower Head is

All of the products we recommended can do a lot to take your shower to the next level. However, the DreamSpa model is the clear winner of this roundup.

The biggest advantage this fixture has is its versatility. While it might not have as many colors as the models from TRTIUAV, KAIREY, or PISSION, it does have more comfort features built-in. For example, it’s the only unit with multiple spray settings. The shower head that’s closest to the DreamSpa unit is the one from PISSION. Even then, the PISSION unit only has two patterns compared to DreamSpa’s five.

On top of that, the DreamSpa LED shower head is bigger than most of the other options. The head is more than 5 inches wide, which is pretty close to the rain shower head from DELIPOP.

DreamSpa has done an excellent job of creating an LED shower head that’s affordable and feature-rich. It has a decent flow rate, plenty of great customization features, and a good LED light system. Thanks to the built-in temperature monitor, the shower head serves a practical purpose. It’s a great investment that can add some spice to your morning routine.

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