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50 Laundry Room Ideas & Tips You can Take on Today

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Even though it’s one of the most used spaces in the house, styling your laundry room may also be one of the most neglected home décor tasks. Why spend the effort and money decorating a space that no one but you may see or appreciate? Because you deserve to live in a home where every room is a reflection of you and your family. 

Because even small changes can make a big difference in how you feel about this space, start with adding storage or painting an accent wall and work your way up to retiling the floor and adding new lighting. Who knows? You may even look forward to doing laundry again.

Here are 50 great ideas to help you design your dream laundry room

Laundry Room Ideas

1. Add Surface Area

Laundry room with white brick wall and signs

Install a sleek shelf across the unused space above the washer and dryer to use for folding clothes and storing detergent. Adding a rod for hanging dry or wet clothes frees up space in other parts of the house.

2. Show A Personal Side

laundry room with shiplap wall and teal garbage bin

Make the space unique with your collectibles, items you picked up at a thrift store or family heirlooms. Display the items on open shelving to make it your own.

3. Use Sophisticated Storage

Laundry room with black cabinets and black washers

Installing dark cabinets with matching crown molding elevates your laundry room. Not only do you have additional storage but now the room feels a little more elegant.

4. Make The Most Of What You Have

small laundry room in kitchen with teal cabinets

Turn an unused pantry into a stylish laundry space. Adding dark wainscoting gives the space its own character and visually separates it from the rest of the kitchen.

5. Install Or Upgrade A Sink

laundry room idea with white washing machines and white countertop

Having a sink in your laundry room makes handwashing so much easier. Be sure to finish off the look with a wall-to-wall countertop to make the space feel cohesive.

6. Be Unpredictable

Laundry room with creative wall paper

What better way to show your personality than with wallpaper? A bold pattern in a laundry room is so unexpected, your guests will wonder what else you’re hiding. Have fun and choose a big print and bright colors.

7. Mix Patterns

laundry room idea with shiplap wall

It’s okay to mix patterns in your design as long as you keep them in the same color tone. This classic black and beige combination found in the shiplap and tile gives this laundry room a country farmhouse feeling.

8. Decorate With Plants

Laundry room idea with white walls

Every room in your house deserves a little greenery. Whether real or fake, adding plants to your laundry room décor will bring the outdoors in, which is crucial when you’re decorating a windowless room.

9. Combine Different Styles

laundry room light blue walls

Even a contemporary laundry room looks chic styled with vintage-inspired accessories. The open shelves, storage jars, art work and antique light fixture contrast nicely with the modern granite surface and shaker-style cabinets.

10. Maximize A Small Space

small laundry room idea

Make the most of a small space with a stacking washer and dryer set. Don’t have room for a door? Use curtains to hide them when not in use and no one will be the wiser.

11. Make Your Room Seem Bigger

small laundry room idea

Keep your color palette light and bright to make a small laundry room feel larger. Installing tall white cabinets and extending the white subway tiles all the way to the ceiling will also give the illusion of height.

12. Get Creative With Your Storage

small laundry room idea

This rolling cart perfectly fills the slim space between your washer and dryer. It is ideal to hold any overflow from your cabinets without having to install another shelf.

13. Use Space-saving Solutions

small laundry room idea

Mountable drying racks and a butcher block folding table over your washer and dryer are both great space-saving functional additions in any laundry room. A narrow wraparound shelf works well to display plants and art work.

14. Disguise A Small Space

small laundry room idea

A sloped ceiling is a storage challenge that is easily overcome with strategically place shelves. Add beautiful tile as a backsplash and a light color on the walls and no one will notice how small the space is.

15. Make Easy Modern Updates

small laundry room idea

Integrate modern touches into your laundry room when you swap out the light fixture and replace the floor. The geometric patterns make the space feel fresh and contemporary.

16. Something Old, Something New

small laundry room idea

When renovating an old farmhouse laundry room, why not leave some of the old to go with the new. The vintage wallpaper and lights in this room give it character and tell of its history. 

17. It’s All In The Accessories

small laundry room idea

It’s easy to get this bohemian look with the right accessories. Mid-century art work, patterned rug and lots of natural-fibered baskets lend to the design.

18. Use Feel-good Design Elements

small laundry room idea

This very pretty, very feminine wallpaper is just the right design element to make you smile every time you do the laundry. Adding a rug in the same color palette helps soften and warm the space.

19. Evoke Feelings With Color

small laundry room idea

Blue can evoke feelings of peace and serenity. It is also the color of water. Paired with white and dark brown, a light blue is an ideal choice for creating a calming and refreshing feel. Perfect for a laundry room.

20. A Different Shade of Green

small laundry room idea

This metallic green and chocolate brown color palette is oh so chic and sophisticated. Adding natural materials such as baskets adds warmth to this ultra-modern laundry room. 

21. Use Light Colors

small laundry room idea

Decorating with a soft sea foam green keeps this small laundry room from feeling closed-in. Wrap-around countertops and undersink cabinets provide extra folding and storage space. 

22. Leave No Wall Behind

small laundry room idea

Don’t waste one inch of a tiny laundry area. Adding shelves on all of the walls for display or storage makes a cozy space much more functional.

23. Add A Touch of Class

small laundry room idea

Your friends will be envious of this ultra-organized and chic laundry room. When you have extra room, creating a feature wall using wallpaper and artwork helps elevate this space.

24. Farmhouse Charm

small laundry room idea

Keep your walls, floor and cabinets neutral for a modern farmhouse style. A combination of closed-door cabinets and open shelves help make the room feel airy and light.

25. Light and Bright

small laundry room idea

Light wood shelves and folding surface are the perfect complement to the crisp white walls and cabinets. Decorating with fresh flowers and plants provides visual interest. The space feels clean, fresh and modern.

26. Create A Showstopper

small laundry room idea

A tile floor, such as this one in a fleur-de-lis pattern, is an eye-catcher in your laundry area. Repeating the grey and white color palette throughout the space in the door, shelf and folding table provides balance. 

27. Use Decor As A Distraction

small laundry room idea

By painting everything white and adding stylish shelving and charming accessories, no one may notice the pipes coming from the wall. A gauzy white café curtain makes a great undersink coverup.

28. Keep It Simple

small laundry room idea

It doesn’t have to take much time or effort to update a laundry room. A few simple galvanized buckets, some wallpaper, a nice-sized throw rug and some hanging dried plants will do the trick. 

29. An Easy Update

small laundry room idea

Instead of replacing old or scratched appliances, try applying some peel-and-stick decals to the top and front of your washing machine and dryer. They’re a quirky and fun way to add some personality to your laundry area.

30. A Little Bit Country

small laundry room idea

Gingham curtains and painted shiplap instantly give your laundry room country charm. To avoid the room looking too much like a cliché, add some contemporary finishes like black and white artwork or an ironing board in a funky style.

31. A Wired Approach

small laundry room idea

Can’t hang cabinets? These easy-to-install wire shelves are lightweight and can be hung at any height. Complete the informal look with wire baskets that are both decorative and can be used for storage.

32. Stay True To The Classics

small laundry room idea

A black and white color scheme is classic and sophisticated. Use a variety of green plants to add pops of color and give the design a little more visual appeal.

33. Use Different Shapes

small laundry room idea

Incorporate different geometric designs into your décor for a clean and modern look. The cabinets, tiled wall and floor have different shapes but work well together because they are in the same tone.

34. Fake A Customized Look

small laundry room idea

The unique features in this laundry room give it a customized feel. From the rustic wood wall to the sleek counter top to the built-in litter box, this laundry room shows off the owner’s personality. 

35. Simple is Best

small laundry room idea

In a simple design, avoid making your small space feel crowded. Use just a few decorative pieces made from natural materials and in earthy colors to give the space warmth and personality.

36. Feminine Farmhouse Design

small laundry room idea

A space to call your own even when doing the laundry, this room is nothing but charming. With its beaded chandelier, antique armchair and oodles of flowers, this farmhouse laundry room is transformed into a chic hangout.

37. Multi-purpose Room

small laundry room idea

Try this concept when you need a laundry room that does more than laundry. The sleek metal tub, laminate flooring and concrete countertops make it ideal for washing Fido or rinsing off muddy boots. Keep it stylish with wood cabinets and shelves in a simple silhouette.

38. Light and Bright

small laundry room idea

Floor-to-ceiling shiplap, tall cabinets topped with crown molding and bright lighting give this small laundry area an airy and spacious feel. Add some organic elements with flowers, plants and baskets to keep the space from feeling sterile.

39. Show Off Your Collectibles

small laundry room idea

Wood shelves displaying your collection of apothecary jars instantly adds a rustic charm to this laundry room. Custom labels will help keep the space looking tidy and organized.

40. Combine Elements For Balance

small laundry room idea

Neutral colors, clean lines and sleek surfaces define this ultra-modern laundry room. To provide balance to the design, accessorize with flowers, plants and natural-fiber baskets.

41. Comfortable Cottage

small laundry room idea

If you’re not into fussy rooms, stick with the no-nonsense design of a simple cottage laundry room. Whitewashed shelves and mirror along with vintage accessories create an unpretentious and cozy quality.

42. Not Too Serious

small laundry room idea

A sleek gray countertop and gray tiles make this space feel sophisticated. Fun decals above the washing machine don’t allow it to feel too serious.

43. Easy Country Charm

small laundry room idea

Give any small laundry area a little bit of a country vibe with a few well-placed accessories. Use woven baskets, galvanized metal containers and bouquets of flowers.

44. Feminine Farmhouse

small laundry room idea

Show your love of all things feminine in this stunning laundry room. Start with flowers on the rug and curtains, add delicate marble tile and finish the look with a vintage ceramic farm sink.

45. A Place For Everything

small laundry room idea

You’ll get inspired to stay neat and organized when your laundry room has this kind of storage. Each basket can hold anything from clothes pins to cleaning cloths to detergent pods.

46. Bring The Room To Life

small laundry room idea

If your laundry room has a window, it can be a great place to showcase your green thumb. This simple white room comes alive when you add hanging and potted plants.

47. Double Duty

small laundry room idea

Adding a stylish farm sink and arched mirror transforms this space from just a laundry room to a makeshift dressing room or extra vanity. Vintage-looking accessories and subway tiles add to the character.

48. A Built-in Accent Wall

small laundry room idea

When renovating an old home, leave some exposed brick as a rustic accent wall. This will give your laundry some color without having to paint. To make the red in the brick pop, keep the rest of the room colors neutral.

49. Using A Small Space

small laundry room idea

Contrast the rich wall color with lighter accessories to make the room feel balanced. Using hanging storage in addition to shelves maximizes a small space.

50. Highlight Something Unusual

small laundry room idea

Accentuate a structural element with a wallpaper in a striking geometric pattern. A concrete floor and brick wall add to the industrial vibe.

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