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7 Best Large Ceiling Fans

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Technically speaking, large ceiling fans are fans that are greater than 50-inches. They’re perfect for rooms that are greater than 175 sq. ft. If the rooms are smaller than that, the fan will either not adequately fit into your room, or will be so large that it makes the room look strange.

If you’re looking for our overall recommendation, we recommend the Honeywell Ceiling Fan 51473-01, which is 62-inches. This ceiling fan has a range of additional features that make it stand out from the crowd, like the ability to attach a light fixture and compatibility with Google Home and Alexa. The smooth design of the fan also makes it look fantastic in a range of different environments, making this a great large ceiling fan choice.

If you’re just looking for the largest ceiling fan on the market, then we recommend the Minka-Air Ceiling Fan F8962. This fan produces a large 8,252 CFM of airflow, letting you cool down even the largest of rooms with ease. You’ll also be able to connect both Home devices and a 20 W light kit to the fan. And, because of its silent DC motor, this fan doesn’t make noise while working, which is a nice advantage of this fan.

All 7 fans on this list have a range of great features, so you can find a large ceiling fan that will also offer additional features. If you’re not sure which fan you want to buy, then check out the buying guide.

7 Best Large Ceiling Fans

7 Best Large Ceiling Fans

Largest Ceiling Fan

Minka-Air Ceiling Fan F8962

Product Details:

  • 84-inches
  • 8,252 CFM
  • Light kit and Alexa compatible
  • Silent DC motor
  • Remote control

If you’re looking for the largest possible ceiling fan, then you won’t be disappointed with this 84-inch fan and its 8 long blades. Considering the large size of this fan, it’s no surprise that it can produce an impressive 8,252 CFM of airflow.

In addition, you can connect a 20 W LED light kit to this fan, which will help you illuminate your space from above. However, the light doesn’t actually come with the product. Additionally, you’ll be able to connect the BOND-BD 1000 Hub so you can pair it with Alexa and Google Home.

The motor is a silent DC motor, allowing you to use the fan without creating a large amount of noise. Even at the highest of the 6 speeds it offers, you won’t hear a thing apart from the whoosh of air.

You can control the fan by using the included remote control. This will give you full capabilities to change the speed of the fan and dim the light if you have one.

Best Overall

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 51473-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • 62-inches
  • 3,051 CFM
  • Dimmable lights
  • Reversible blades

Our overall recommendation goes to this exceptional Honeywell ceiling fan, which is 62-inches. The fan produces a total of 3,051 CFM of airflow, allowing you to cool down rooms consistently throughout the day.

The fan has an integrated set of LEDs, which you’ll be able to dim throughout the day. The ceiling fan ranges between 10-100% of 2700k, letting you completely customize how much light is in your room.

The Honeywell 51473-01 also comes with a remote control, so you can move between the 3 fan speeds. If you already have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you’ll be able to install a Bond Home to then connect the fan directly to those devices.

In addition, the fan comes with reversible blades, so you can choose between a matte black finish or an ash finish, depending on what sort of design you want.

Best Overall

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • 52-inches
  • Two fans in one
  • 3,010 CFM total

If you’re looking for a more unique design, then we recommend this dual ceiling fan. This is composed of one long bronze metal bar, intersecting a central light fixture, with a ceiling fan on either end.

The ceiling fans are dark wood, with three blades that create up to 3,010 CFM of airflow. The entire product measures 52-inches in diameter, making it the perfect choice for medium-sized rooms.

Best Farmhouse Style

Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga – 59-inch Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • 59.8 inches
  • 6 blades
  • Dimmable LEDs
  • 3 Speeds
  • 6,098 CFM

This sleek design measures just short of 60-inches, and has 6 oiled bronze blades, allowing it to fit into most aesthetics. It has a central E26 bulb base, with an LED light kit with two 8 W dimmable bulbs. The light kit is encased in frosted glass, giving the light a softened effect.

This ceiling fan also comes with a remote control, so you can alternate between the three speeds. From this remote, you’ll also be able to dim the light and turn it on and off with the touch of a button.

The fan produces an impressive 6,098 CFM of airflow, and it also has a completely silent motor.

Best Modern Design

Minka-Air F896-65-CL Extreme H20

Product Details:

  • 65-inches
  • 2,538 CFM
  • 8 coal blades
  • Remote control

This 65-inch Minka-Air fan is another one of the best large ceiling fans. It can produce a total of 2,538 CFM, letting you cool down your space with ease. With 8 blades all finished in coal, the product looks sleek and will fit into a variety of different environments.

The fan also comes with an easy-to-use remote control, which lets you change the speed of the fan. You’ll be able to tap on one of the six available speeds and turn the fan on or off from this remote control.

Best Minimalist Design and Fan Size Options

Monte Carlo 3, Maverick 60-Inch Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • Range of sizes
  • Dark walnut curved blades
  • 60-inches
  • 4,551 CFM
  • 6 fan speeds
  • Reversible motor

If you’re looking for a minimalist design, this beautiful product by Monte Carlo is the fan for you. Available in 52, 60, 70, and 88-inch designs, you’ll be able to customize your fan exactly how you want it. The three blades of the fan are curved, creating a sleek design in a dark walnut.

The 60-inch model creates a solid airflow of 4,551 CFM, which puts this design in the middle of the list in terms of power.

This fan comes with a remote control, so you can change between 6 different fan speeds. You’ll also be able to reverse the motor, changing the direction of airflow to warm up your room if it’s cold outside. One thing this fan isn’t great for is noise since it doesn’t have any silencing features on its motor.

Best Large Windmill Style Fan

Progress Lighting Springer Collection 60-Inch Aged Walnut Coastal Ceiling Fan

Product Details:

  • 6,377 CFM
  • 60-inches
  • 6 speeds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Silent and reversible motor

This fan has a very alternative design, with a complete windmill formed of 12 individual large fan slabs. The fan is 60-inches and produces 6,377 CFM of airflow when at full power. You’ll be able to pick between 6 different speeds, the aforementioned CFM being its maximum. If you want to heat up your home, you’ll also be able to reverse the motor airflow.

The fan comes with a lifetime limited-warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. It also has a DC motor, meaning that it is almost completely silent, even when at full power.

One thing to note about this fan is that you can’t connect a light fixture to it. So, if you’re specifically looking for a fan and light combo, this isn’t the best fan for you.

Buying Guide

How to pick the best large ceiling fan

Large Ceiling Fans

When deciding on which large ceiling fan is best for you, you should take into account what additional features you want, how powerful you need it to be, and what size it is.


If you’re specifically looking for a large fan, then we’ve got the biggest fans around on this list. When a fan is above 60-inches, it is designed for larger rooms. Make sure your room is the correct size for these larger fans, otherwise it will produce either too much or too little airflow for the room. And, it will also look out of place.


On this list, we’ve included fans with a wide range of CFM. We have some fans that produce an incredibly high amount of CFM, which will be perfect for the largest rooms in your house. However, we’ve also included some lower CFMs, which will be much more suited to medium-size rooms.

Additional Features

Some of the fans on this list offer compatibility with lighting fixtures. Additionally, some of the fans we’ve selected offer compatibility with a range of home devices, like Alexa and Google Home.

One thing to consider when you’re buying a ceiling fan is if you want any additional features. If you want these features, such as a light fixture, then make sure that the large fan you’re buying can actually fit the light you’re looking to purchase.

Once you’ve considered the size of the fan, the CFM power it has, and any additional features, you’ll know if the fan you’ve selected is the right one for you.

Are bigger ceiling fans better?

Not always. Some smaller or medium ceiling fans produce much more CFM than large fans, and they also use less energy. In general, the larger ceiling fan you pick, the better it is in terms of CFM, but this isn’t always the case.

Be sure to check the fan’s CFM before just committing to it because of its size.

How big does a room have to be for a large ceiling fan?

Large Ceiling Fans

If you’re going to buy a large ceiling fan that’s greater than 50-inches, you should make sure that your room is above 175 square feet. If your room is over 350 sq. ft., then you should look for a ceiling fan that’s greater than 60-inches in diameter.

Which is the best large ceiling fan for an outdoor space?

If you’re looking for the best possible fan for an outdoor space, then we recommend the Minka-Air Extreme Ceiling Fan. This ceiling fan is compatible for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s also the largest on our list, making it the perfect fan for you.


Large Ceiling Fans

Our list contains the top 7 large ceiling fans that you can currently find on the market. These fans come with a range of additional features, like light fixtures, and will easily cool down your large rooms of over 175 sq. ft.

If you’re looking for our top recommendation, we suggest the Honeywell 51473-01, which is a large fan that also has a range of features. You’ll be able to use this fan in a range of rooms because it’s 62-inches and has a modern design.

On this list of the best large ceiling fans, you’ll find a range of great fans for your home. No matter what size and accessories you’re looking for, you’ll find something that will fit well in your home.

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