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The modern bathroom fixtures industry is highly competitive, and the industry leaders each offer many varied advanced designs in toilets. In fact, the wide array of toilet models now available to consumers can make the purchasing decision for a new toilet quite confusing. Without question, one of the top-quality, most highly reputable manufacturers of contemporary styles in toilets and other bathroom fixtures is Kohler.

If you are shopping for the best Kohler toilet design, you most likely want your final selection to be highly stylish and comfortable with many attractive features. You are probably searching for that perfect design to provide everyone in your home with ultimate levels of convenience. Your new toilet by Kohler can also enhance your overall bath decor while offering long-term durability and smooth, reliable operation.

Leading Features and Functions of the Latest Kohler Toilet Designs

Many plumbers and experienced bathroom fixture sellers favor Kohler toilet designs. This brand is known for producing optimal quality toilets in both one-piece and two-piece models. Features and functions offered by these Kohler designs that make them ever-popular choices among today’s wide range of toilet styles and brands include the following:

• Effective Flush. Kohler toilets are well-known for offering thorough toilet bowl cleansing with a single flush. This is due to their strong gravity flush method.

• Efficient Water Use. Kohler toilet designs use from 0.6 to 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush). This feature will reduce your monthly water bill while preventing excessive water usage.

• Disabled-Use Compliant. Many Kohler toilets are designed to comply with requirements of the American Disability Act (ADA). This will make toilet use much easier and more comfortable for anyone with limited mobility due to illness or injury.

What Makes Kohler a Recognized Brand for Quality and Efficiency?

Since 1873, Kohler has been one of the leading and largest manufacturing companies in the U.S. As well as outstanding plumbing fixtures, this company also produces tile, furniture, cabinetry and generators. Through its own hospitality and real estate group, Kohler successfully markets its products to hotels, private clubs, golf and other sports clubs, retail establishments, event-hosting sites and conference centers.

The company’s CEO, David Kohler, and his innovative staff now provide the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, the restored Kohler Mansion in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, as an active studio environment where artists can create artworks using equipment and materials from this extensive manufacturing industry. This is an example of the Kohler focus on attractive, practical designs and making good use of all materials to benefit consumers and the environment.

Major Attributes and Benefits of Kohler Toilet Styles

One primary benefit of Kohler toilet designs is that their mechanics are much less complex than the working parts of other modern toilet brands. Although it is rare to need repairs for a toilet made by Kohler, plumbers are always pleased to fix a toilet from this brand. They know that the repairs needed will be simple and minimal. This brand designs every toilet model with a comfort-height feature.

Every Kohler toilet is two inches higher than standard toilets produced by other brands. Especially for individuals with back pain and stiffness or limited mobility, this extra height can make using the toilet much more comfortable and convenient. Transferring anyone from a wheelchair to the toilet seat and back again is also significantly easier when the toilet is a Kohler design with this extra height.

Kohler toilets offer two very effective flushing methods, assisted and gravity flushing. Assisted flushing uses electricity to initiate waste removal from the toilet bowl. The gravity flushing method offers siphoning and wash-down techniques for thorough toilet bowl cleansing. Both methods prevent the need for double-flushing your toilet after use to leave it in sparkling clean condition. All designs and models of Kohler toilets are well-suited for use in commercial buildings, in apartment and condo complexes and in private residences.

Different Features and Functions of Varied Kohler Toilet Models

The attractive toilet model varieties from the Kohler brand offer different features and functions. Many provide pleasing comfort when seated yet have compact designs. For this reason, a model with this sleek design can fit into a small or rather cramped space. This can help you and your interior designer decide the best placement for your new toilet in relation to your bathtub, shower and vanity or pedestal sink.

This brand is also known for producing toilets with powerful flushing capacity using AquaPiston technology. After quiet, smooth flushing action, the toilet refills quickly and efficiently, saving water usage. Some Kohler toilet models also have insulated cisterns for minimal moisture condensation. These toilets all offer reliable performance with no water leakage. They are affordable and stylish, offering pleasing and distinctive designs.

How Can You Choose the Ideal Kohler Toilet Style for Your Bathroom?

As you shop for a new toilet for your home bathroom, you are most likely considering models with features that will make your selection the best suited for use by your entire family or household. If you have small children who are ready to graduate from potty chairs to using the regular toilet, a compact round toilet design with a closed-front seat may be best.

For older adults or anyone with impaired mobility, larger elongated toilet designs may be easier to access from a walker or wheelchair. Large or tall people often find elongated toilets with open seat fronts more comfortable for use. The different streamlined, compact toilet designs from Kohler can fit most anywhere, with room to spare, even in small, irregular shaped bathroom layouts while offering plenty of legroom for users.

The Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

The following Kohler designs may be good models to examine and consider before making your purchase decision for a new home bathroom toilet:

Santa Rosa Compact Yet Elongated 3810-7 Toilet Design

Offering attractive, sleek style and compact design, this one-piece Santa Rosa toilet from the Kohler brand is visually appealing. It can add contemporary fashion to your home bathroom decor. Although it is a convenient, space-saving fixture, this model has an elongated bowl for extra user comfort.

It offers a 3.5-gallon flushing performance in a 1.28-gallon toilet design. This toilet can save as much as 16,500 gallons of water each year. It provides optimal, reliable performance and durability. This model is available in a wide variety of color choices to enhance any bathroom decor, including stunning black. Even in a small bathroom, this streamlined design never looks over-stated.

This stylish modern toilet is floor-mounted and made of china. Its tank and bowl form an integrated design that is easy to clean and maintain. The chair-height seating level of this model offers easy access and comfort of use. Due to its unique structure, this elongated toilet bowl provides extra comfort while requiring no more installation space than a rounded bowl.

This toilet design includes the AquaPiston canister that enables water-flow into the bowl from all points of its sides for a stronger, more effective flush. This feature eliminates clogs and the need for extra flushing. This model has 90 percent less exposed seal material than a flapper measuring 3 inches to ensure performance without water leakage.

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• The seat of this toilet is spacious and very comfortable.
• This Kohler toilet model is a quality product that is reasonably priced.
• This toilet is easy to install, even for novices.
• This stylish, one-piece toilet model is easy to clean thoroughly.

• This Kohler toilet design does not have a soft-close lid.
• Some customers report that the top edge of the bowl beneath the toilet seat is not smoothly finished.

Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth Dual-Flush Toilet

The white ceramic finish of this two-piece toilet will complement and brighten your bathroom interior. The round shape of this bowl is ideal for smaller size bathrooms and powder rooms. The left-side nested trip lever controls your choice of a 1.1 or 1.6-gallon flush. This model includes a 2-1/8-inch, highly durable glazed trap-way.

Its design complements and enhances other products of the Wellworth collection. This model offers the DryLock Fast Install System that ensures fast and effective installation with no resulting water leaks. Just by using a socket wrench, you can easily secure the bowl and tank without leaving unsightly bolt holes in the tank.

This attractive Kohler toilet design has Class Five technology for strong, consistent flushing action. It is designed to handle bulk-flushing with use of a large flush valve that releases water rapidly with direct-fed-jet power for a pristine clean toilet bowl. The universal red seal of this model is designed for long-term use with only a small area exposed to the toilet tank water.

The round bowl and seat front of this toilet design make it suitable for use in bathrooms with irregular wall lengths and shapes. It can fit easily into areas that cannot accommodate larger toilet designs, allowing plenty of space for tall users and anyone with long legs.

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• Customers report that this siphonic flush toilet is less expensive than most others on the market.
• This toilet displays a sleek, sculpted shape, which can complement other items of your bathroom decor.
• This model uses less water than many modern toilets yet it resists clogging.
• Users are pleased that about 80 percent of the time, using the 1.1 GPF option will cleanse this toilet bowl thoroughly.

• Some customers report needing to depress and hold down the flushing handle to ensure complete cleansing of the toilet bowl.
• This toilet design may be slightly too high for comfortable use by some children.

Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron Elongated Toilet

This stylish Cimarron Comfort Height toilet from Kohler offers the extra comfort of chair-height seating. This two-piece model has an elongated bowl and provides 1.6 GPF while offering a sleek, compact overall design that saves valuable bathroom space. It includes advanced AquaPiston technology and provides 90 percent less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper.

As water flows into the valve from 360 full degrees, it produces a smooth, reliable stream of water entering the bowl from all angles. This sophisticated white china toilet design will blend with and complement many varied styles of bathroom interior design. 

The advanced AquaPiston technology significantly enhances the strength and thoroughness of the flush. The yellow seal helps to prevent leaks from wear-and-tear, swelling or shrinkage. The AquaPiston canister provides a lighter-touch flush than a flapper, which reduces the occurrence of short, ineffective flushes that must be repeated to clean the bowl.

The flushing activity of this toilet model is optimized when the 3:2 ratio between the valve intake and outlet captures the natural force and power of gravity. This oval-shaped toilet design delivers consistent top-rated bulk flushing for expert cleansing of the entire toilet bowl. 

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• This toilet from Kohler is easy to install if you read the instructions carefully before you begin.
• Users report that this toilet model operates faster and with more power than many others on the market.
• This toilet design operates smoothly and quietly through the flush and refill cycles. 
• This is an attractive yet strong toilet construction that is designed to withstand heavy, long-term use.

• Some customers report that when first installed, the toilet was unsteady and needed adjustments before use.
• Some customers report that water movement during flushing is weak toward the front of the toilet bowl.

Kohler K-6669-7 Memoirs Stately Elongated Toilet

This model is an attractive elongated black gravity-flush toilet from the fashionable Memoirs collection of the Kohler brand. It offers classic style and a water-conserving flush action. Its eco-efficient 1.28-gallon flush can result in as much as 16,500 gallons of water savings each year while ensuring good operation.

This toilet offers comfortable height for ease of use. Its concealed trap-way makes cleaning simple and effective, and its gravity-flush design is dependable. The AquaPiston canister admits water flow into the toilet bowl from all sides, reinforcing the power and efficiency of the flushing mechanism.

Leakage-free flushing and refill performance are enhanced by the sturdy canister design, which offers 90 percent less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper. This modern toilet design offers reliable clog resistance and a simple structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This two-piece model exhibits the architectural elegance of the Memoirs collection. This advanced toilet design is also an example of the Kohler brand’s insistence on optimal levels of quality in its product designs and production. Attractive and practical style, strong flushing power and ultimate toilet cleanliness after each flush are emphasized in each and every model. Toilet clogs are prevented without wasting water.   

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• You can purchase this Kohler toilet from the Memoirs collection with a slow-closing lid.
• The dual-flush technology of this toilet is impressive.
• This classic toilet design complements all types of bathroom decor.
• This toilet offers rapid, rather quiet flushing action.  

• Customers comment that this toilet is not shipped with a toilet seat.
• Some users report that the flush handle is rather flimsy. 

Kohler K-3817-7 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Toilet

This modern elongated toilet model from the Kohlers Memoirs collection provides extra room and comfort for users. Its extra height offers convenient chair-level seating suitable for most adults. As a WaterSense toilet design, this model complies with EPA flushing requirements, including the use of at least 20 percent less water than 1.6-gallon toilets use.

The AquaPiston canister permits water flow into the toilet bowl from all angles, for a complete, powerful flush. This model offers 90 percent less visible seal material than a 3-inch flapper design to prevent water leakage. This toilet is designed to prevent wasting water while resisting clogging. 

The classic style of the Memoirs collection is displayed strongly in this toilet model. It can conserve as much as 16,500 gallons of water annually as a high-performance 1.28-gallon flush design. This black china toilet combines elegant style with sensible ergonomics for clean, crisp, sophisticated lines.

At the same time, it provides the latest in advanced flush and refill technology with updated gravity flush capacities. This model offers a pleasing mixture of traditional fashion and contemporary functionality to enhance the interior decor and daily use of any home bathroom. 

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• Customers praise the pleasing classic lines of this contemporary toilet design from Kohler. 
• The large trap-way of this toilet design improves the cleaning action during the flush cycle of this model.
• Customers like the two-stage flushing option of this toilet for conserving water when only light flushing power is needed.
• Some customers report installing this toilet in less than one hour.


• A few users report that the top of this toilet’s tank has a slight tendency to incline outward from the wall.
• Some customers comment that the water tank lid for this toilet does not fit securely. 

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Kohler Toilet for Your Home Bathroom

We hope that this buying guide with Kohler toilet model reviews has been helpful to you in deciding which design best suits your preferences and needs. Before selecting your new Kohler toilet model for installation in your home bathroom, you may want to consider the pros and cons of the toilet styles that we have discussed. By comparing their many benefits and features along with some possible shortcomings, you may be better prepared to make a firm buying decision. 

When looking at the advantages offered by the Santa Rosa 3810-7 Elongated AquaPiston Technology Left Hand Model and the K-3987-0 Wellworth Dual-Flush Toilet, we can see that model 3810-7 is a stylish, one-piece compact toilet design with an elongated bowl for ease of use and the AquaPiston canister for a powerful, effective flush.

The K-3987-0 Wellworth Dual-Flush design offers strong Class Five Flushing and a DryLock Fast Install System for smooth installation and no water leaks. However, model 3810-7 does not come with a soft-close lid, and model K-3987-0 often requires depressing and holding down the flush handle for a few seconds to ensure complete, effective flushing action. 

Toilet model K-3589-0 Cimarron Elongated Toilet offers comfortable chair-height seating and a convenient and water-saving lighter-touch flush. Model K-6669-7 Memoirs with Elongated Technology and a Concealed Left Handle offers classic style and a fully cleansing gravity flush and concealed trap-way. Model  K-3589-0, however, is reported to have rather weak front-bowl water action when flushing, and some customers report that model K-6669-7 has a somewhat flimsy flush handle.

Toilet model K-3817-7 offers a two-piece integrated design, an elongated bowl and cleansing AquaPiston technology. It also complies with EPA flushing requirements. Yet its tank may incline slightly outward from the wall, and some users report that the water tank lid does not fit securely.  

After considering the varied features, qualities, pros and cons of these recommended toilet designs from the respected Kohler brand, our choice is the Santa Rosa model 3810-7 sleek, elongated toilet design with AquaPiston technology for a super-flush, strong Class Five Flushing and a DryLock Fast Install System for easy setup and the prevention of water leaks.

This fashionable, one-piece design is attractive and easy to clean. It is also easy to place and coordinate with other bathroom fixtures and decor due to its streamlined design. This contemporary toilet design also includes a spacious, comfortable seat and is reasonably priced to suit many varied customer budgets. 

Of course, your final purchasing decision for a new fashionable and functional toilet for your home bathroom is entirely your own. Ultimately, you will be the one who selects your new toilet after comparing different brands and models. You have most likely researched and compared the pros and cons of many varied products.

Now, you are well prepared to choose the ideal contemporary toilet make and model to provide stylish and practical use for everyone in your household. Enjoy shopping, and bring home the very best Kohler toilet model on the market today to brighten and enhance your bathroom decor. 

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