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The Best Kitchen Countertops Organizers To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

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Keeping your kitchen countertops organized can feel like a daily mission with the busy lives we lead. Everyone in the family has different kitchen items they used and leave all over the place. It can feel like an uphill battle.

With these kitchen organization hacks and tips your day will go by 10X more smothely. Keep your sanity in check and kitchen organized with these countertop organizers everyone should have in their homes.

Best Kitchen Organization Hacks

1.This modern plastic stackable vertical stand.

It’s perfect for storing all those water bottles you bought because you keep finding one that looks even cuter. In small apartments, cabinet space can be limited and this the best way for you to free some up and keep your water bottles looking organized.

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2. This super long white more supreme sink shelf & multiuser organizer

It’s labeled as a sink shelf but it can be used in several different ways. Its thin designs ensures it’ll fit in many placers. It’s great behind the shelf to place your soap, some decor, and towels.

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3. This 2 tier sliding basket organizer by simple house

It’s elegant design helps it fit in better when you place it on a countertop. It’s a great solution for your most used kitchen essentials. You can put K-cups or Nespresso cups in it, your most used spices and condiments, and even utensils.

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4. This OXO good grips stainless steel sink ware caddy

A sleeker way to store your kitchen sponger and soap and other dish cleaning essentials. It comes with adjustable dividers so it’s fully customizable to whatever you need to put in it. Its stainless steel construction will compliment a stainless kitchen.

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5. This Youcopia Teastand and Tea Bag Organizer

It’s super cute design saves time in opening and reaching into a drawer by keeping your teabags looking neat and tidy on your countertop. It can store up to 100 tea bags for you. Many tea bags come in pretty designs so it’s never a bad idea to put them on display

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6. This mDesign Lazy Susan spinning food storage turntable

This lazy Susan make everything easily reachable. It’s perfect for going in a corner space of your kitchen countertop. Also, very handy for putting your daily kitchen essentials. If you have to leave things on your countertop putting them in a container helps keep them looking tidy. Using a lazy susan makes it practical.

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7.The 2 tier standing rack by EZOware Kitchen

Another great way to store your more used kitchen essentials. It’s thin design helps it stay out of the way on counter tops. The chrome plating makes it go well with your stainelss steel appliances. It works in other rooms of your home as well.

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8. A revolving spice rack organizer

If you want to keep your spices on your countertop in a stylish and tidy way this revolving spice rack is the best way. It’s very practical and holds up to 12 spices. This helps a lot when cooking since any spice you need is within reach. You’ll be grateful when your cooking 4 things at once to save time and you forget to take out spice and your going crazy trying to prevent things from burning! I know I do.

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9. This BetterThingsHome 5-tier height adjustable pan and pot organizer

This pot and pan organizer rack helps make cooking more practical. Having the post and pons within arms reach will help you when your cooking. If you need extra cabinet space it’s a good way to keep the pots and pans on the countertop and still look tidy. The adjustable height in a nice touch.

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10. The HOMFA Kitche microwave or over rack shelving units.

If you have a small kitchen this is a great way to add more shelf space. Open displays are very trendy right now and when done right look organized and clean. It even has hooks to keep you’re cooking utensils on. It’s a clever way to make the best use of space by adding shelves on countertop space that’s already taken by a microwave or oven.

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11. The Cook n Home 2 Tier Stainless steel counter storage organizer

This sleek 2 tier stainless steel counter shelf is great if you are going for a modern design in your kitchen. It adds a more decorative touch and it’s customizable with the mini shelf on top. Goes great in many places at home.

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12. Add a gourmet basics mini countertop storage basket

These are typically used for countertop fruit storage but can be used any way you want. You can add various kitchen utensils, coffee bags, spices, or even snacks. It helps save time in the morning putting daily kitchen essentials that you can grab on the go.

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13. Use a Galvanized silverware organizer

An easy way for you to storage your eating utensils on a countertop while still looking stylish. If you love farmhouse, vintage, or rustic decor it’s a must-have for you. It makes setting up the dinner table that much easier.

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14. This stylish SINGAYE kitchen storage microwave rack in champagne.

If you prefer a more decorative look this will fit your kitchen better than the stainless steel option. The champagne color look elegant and gives you an option that may better match your home. Keep in mind you microwave or oven color to pick the one that best matches. Super handy!

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15. The Lavish home Bamboo sink and countertop shelf.

This cute bamboo shelf is perfect over your kitchen sink or anywhere else in your home. It’s wood style is super trendy right now and looks great with any decor style. Perfect for putting your dish soap, towel, sponge, and other kitchen essentials.

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16. The Cuteadoy Mug Rack tree in bamboo

This cute mug rack tree is the perfect way to keep your mugs looking organized and stylish on your countertop. The bamboo design goes with many decor styles and keeps your kitchen looking decorative. It’s super hand and saves a little time in the morning when drinking your coffee and tea by keeping your mugs in arms reach.

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