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7 Best Kichler Ceiling Fans

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Kichler, which is primarily a lighting company, was founded in 1938. Since then, this brand has risen to the top of the lighting and fan market in the United States. It offers a range of reasonably priced ceiling fans with geometric designs. Typically, their fans are on the larger size since Kichler specializes in fans that range from 50-70 inches.

Our favorite Kichler fan is the Kichler 300365MWH – Ceiling Fan with Three Walnut Blades. This design is beautiful and it has three carved wooden blades that join at the center light point. It also has a 3000k LED light that’s bright enough to light up your room while the fan cools it down. In addition, it has the highest CFM on this list, reaching an impressive 6,789 CFM even with its relatively small 52-inch diameter.

If you’re looking for a more modern design, then we would suggest the Kichler 300275AVI SPYN, which also has a diameter of 52 inches. This design has three flat wooden blades that connect to a central iron motor. The slate grey design will look fantastic in a modern home, and the motor generates 3,636CFM of airflow. This will keep your room cool, while also blending easily into the modern aesthetic.

All of the fans on this list are examples of Kichler’s excellence. We’ve provided a range of fans of different sizes and aesthetics. If you’re not sure which fan to go for, then check our Buying Guide for some suggestions.

7 Best Kichler Ceiling Fans

7 Best Kichler Ceiling Fans

Most Popular

Kichler Lightning 300206BAP 70-Inch Ceiling fan

Product Details:

  • 70-inch diameter
  • 20-inch downrod
  • 6,757 CFM
  • Wall control

The most popular Kichler design is this large 70-inch ceiling fan. It has 5 blades, each made from antique brushed tin, giving the final design a clean and modern appearance. The downrod of this fan is 20-inches, so it will hang down from the ceiling more than other fans on this list.

This fan is best suited for larger rooms and can easily manage the temperature of the majority of rooms. It produces 6,757 cubic feet of airflow per minute.

One downside to this fan is that it doesn’t come with any light source. The fan is controlled by a wall control, which is also a downside when compared to the remote-controlled fans on this list.

Best Modern Style

Kichler 300275AVI SPYN – 52-inch Ceiling Fan with LED Lights

Product Details:

  • 52-inch diameter
  • 3,636 CFM
  • LED light
  • Wall control

If you’re looking for a modern-style Kichler fan, this is the ceiling fan for you. The central motor is steel, with three wooden blades that create an exceptionally aesthetic final product. Since it has a diameter of 52-inches, the fan is best suited for medium and large rooms. It has a total airflow of 3,636 CFM.

In addition to having multiple fan speeds, this ceiling fan also has an LED light. You can activate the fan and lights from the included wall control.

Best Scandinavian Style

Kichler 300365MWH – Ceiling Fan with 3 Walnut Blades

Product Details:

  • 65-inch diameter
  • 9548 CFM
  • 3000k LED light
  • Wall control

This sleek design has three carved wooden blades that connect to the central motor. The design is beautiful and will fit in with modern and light aesthetics. The fan has a diameter of 65-inches, making it one of the larger fans on this list, so it would work best in a larger, open room.

This fan has the best airflow capacity on the list, producing 6,789 CFM. The fan also has an LED light in the center, which is 3000k in intensity.

In addition, the fan has a wall control that you can use to change the speed and turn the light on and off.

Best for Small Spaces

Kichler 300230OBB – 15-inch Ceiling Fan from Terna Collection

Product Details:

  • 15-inch diameter
  • Central LED panel
  • Remote control

This is the smallest fan on the list, with a diameter of only 15-inches. This is a great fan for small rooms or corridors. It is made from oil-brushed bronze and also comes with a central LED light. The blades rotate closely around the fan, attached all along their side and following the shape of the fan when moving.

In addition, the fan comes with a remote control, which is one benefit of this fan over others on this list.

Note that this design is definitely not for everyone. If you’re looking for something modern, we would recommend staying away from this design.

Most Unique Design

Kichler 300160OBB 60-inch Ferron Fan in Brushed Bronze Oil

Product Details:

  • 60-inch diameter
  • 4,390 CFM
  • No light
  • Oil-bronze finish
  • One long blade

This design is unique and it only has one extended blade that transects the whole of the fan. The diameter of this blade is 60-inches, allowing the fan to produce a large amount of airflow. You can expect airflow of around 4,390 CFM with this fan, which makes it great for medium and large rooms.

The fan is incompatible with a light kit, meaning you won’t be able to add a light to it. However, it does have 6 speeds, so it offers the greatest variety of speeds on this list.

It is finished in oil bronze and is also available in polished nickel and brushed nickel.

Best Modern Abstract Design

Kichler 300168NI 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Brushed Nickel

Product Details:

  • 54-inch diameter
  • 5,780 CFM
  • Loop-the-loop style
  • No light

This loop-the-loop designed fan is covered in brushed nickel. This design is sure to catch your guests’ attention. It measures 54-inches, with two fan blades that twist out on each side of the fan.

Although it looks more like an art piece than a ceiling fan, this design creates a large airflow of 5,780 CFM. This, combined with the size, is more than enough to cover a medium and large room.

One downside to this fan is that it doesn’t come with a light.

Best Minimal Design

Kichler 300356AVI Reid 56-Inch Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

Product Details:

  • 56-inch diameter
  • 3,699 CFM
  • No remote or wall control

This 56-inch ceiling fan has the most minimal design on the list. It has three flat blades and a central motor, and the whole design is made of iron and has a dark tone to it. It produces 3,699 CFM of airflow and will cover both a medium and large room.

One of the biggest downsides to this fan is that both the remote and wall control are sold separately, so you’ll have to make an additional purchase if you want to get this fan. However, if you’re replacing a Kichler fan, you can use your old remote and save yourself the cost.

The fan also doesn’t come with a light kit, but it does have a location where you could install one if you’d like. Although it has a beautiful modern design, this fan is lacking other features. If you want those additional features, you’ll need to purchase them all separately, making this our least favorite fan on the list.

Buying Guide

How to pick the best Kichler ceiling fan?

Huge ceiling fan

When deciding on a Kichler ceiling fan, there are two main things you should consider: the size of the fan and the aesthetic.


Most Kichler fans are fairly large, with diameters of over 50 inches. Therefore, they are best for covering larger rooms and will create a high level of airflow. If you’re looking for a fan for a smaller room, you should note that the fans on this list are mainly for medium or large rooms.

We have included some smaller models, but be sure you check the size of the fan before buying. In general, the larger the diameter of the fan, the more powerful it will be and the more airflow it will generate. If you’re looking for a fan for a smaller room, then look for a ceiling fan that is under 40-inches.


While the size of the ceiling fan is important, if you want it to fit elegantly into your home, you should also try and match the aesthetic to your current style. For example, if you have a particularly modern home, then select a fan that aligns with this style.

A fan that doesn’t match your home’s aesthetic will make your fan stand out, and not in a good way.

Are Kichler ceiling fans good quality?

Kichler is an incredibly popular brand of ceiling fans and it has a reputation for creating great ceiling fans with interesting designs. Their fans provide a solid CFM and are all a good choice. Kichler fans are all also very energy efficient and are made from great quality materials.

One thing to note about Kichler is that their fans tend to be on the larger size. For the sake of this list, we’ve included one of their smaller fans, but the majority are 50-60+ inches in diameter. If you’re looking for a ceiling fan for a small or medium room, this may not be the best brand for you.

However, ultimately, Kichler is a reliable brand with years of outstanding service.


Ceiling fan

This list has the top 7 Kichler fans currently on the market. We’ve selected the most popular fans, or fans that excel in particular categories. In addition, we’ve included fans with different styles and sizes.

Our favorite Kichler fan is the Kichler 300365MWH – Ceiling Fan with Three Walnut Blades. This fan is large enough to cover both medium and large rooms, and it also has a unique design that will look great in any modern home.

That said, if you’re looking for a fan for a smaller room, then we suggest looking for a smaller fan. There is a range of small and large fans by Kichler on this list, so you can select one that suits your needs in terms of size and accessories.

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