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5 Best Industrial Floor Fans

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Industrial floor fans provide a condensed stream of air, producing a high CFM without taking up much space. Most frequently, they are around 20-inches or less, so you can use them even in small rooms. Our list includes all of the best industrial floors fans and we’ll provide our overall recommendations.

We recommend the Tornado 20-inch High Speed Industrial Fan. This product is small enough to fit into the majority of rooms and comes with three distinct CFM outputs, letting you customize how you use the fan. It’s also 40% quieter than traditional fans, and comes with a two-year motor warranty.

Our alternative recommendation goes to the Lasko High-Speed Fan, which is uniquely shaped as a large X. Due to this shape, there are 8 locations from which air comes out, producing a current in all directions. Just like the Tornado fan, this also has a quieter motor. One thing that sets this product apart from the rest of the list is the inclusion of USB ports, so you can charge other devices while you’re using it.

All of the five industrial floor fans on this list produce a high amount of CFM. CFM, or cubic feet per minute of air, is the measurement that demonstrates how much air a fan can move in a set period. The fans we’ve selected have a great CFM with a range of additional features. If you’re not sure which to go for, check out our buying guide for some advice.

5 Best Industrial Floor Fans

5 Best Industrial Floor Fans

Best Overall

Tornado – 20-Inch High-Speed Industrial Fan

Product Details:

  • 23.6 L x 6.5 W x 23.2 H inches
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Three speeds
  • 40% quieter
  • OSHA approved
  • 2-year warranty

If you’re looking for a sleek design fan with high-speed capabilities, then this is the industrial floor fan for you. It measures 23.6 L x 6.5 W x 23.2 H inches, making it ideal for smaller working spaces, like a kitchen, residential room, store, or even a warehouse or factory.

The fan tilts completely on a 360-degree spectrum, allowing you to create air currents that push air around the room. With high-quality powder-coated steel and a closed motor, this fan will last for years without issue.

The Tornado fan comes with three different speeds — 4750, 4200, or 3800 CFM of airflow at high, medium, and low respectively. Even at the highest speed, the Tornado fan uses a quiet motor, which is said to reduce the fan’s noise by around 40% compared to standard motors.

The rust resistant grill that covers the fan blades is OSHA approved and it ensures you’re always protected from the spinning blades. The fan comes with a 5.9 ft, extra-long power cord and thermal protection, letting you plug in the fan and use it anywhere in the room with ease.

All of Tornado’s products come with a 2-year engine warranty, so you can use the fan without worrying it will burn out.

Best Budget Pick

Soleaire Firtana High-Speed Floor Fan, Black 20”

Product Details:

  • 23.8 L x 6 W x 22.3 H
  • 5-foot cable
  • 4,650 CFM max; three speeds
  • Safety case

With a large triangular base supporting this Soleaire Firtana floor fan design, you’ll be able to rotate the fan on its axis at a full 360-degrees. The casing has a handle at the top, which you can use to move the fan around, or to hang it up on the wall to create an airflow from above. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose from three distinct speeds, the maximum achieving an impressive 4,650 CFM.

The fan’s cable is 5 feet long, which is a middle of the range size for floor fans. 5 feet is enough length for you to plug it into most outlets in a room, so you can keep it fairly central. The fan is 23.8 L x 6 W x 22.3 H inches and comes with a small-gapped cage, protecting fingers from accidents.

This fan is also the cheapest option on the list, providing a fantastic range of features and power considering its economic cost.

Best Industrial Drum Fan

DEWALT DXF-2042 Air Circulator

Product Details:

  • 20-inch diameter
  • 5,000 CFM
  • Moves on an axis
  • 5.9-foot cable

If you’re looking for an industrial fan, both in power and style, then the DEWALT DXF-2042 is a good option. It measures 20-inches in diameter, which is comparable with the other fans on this list.

The fan comes with three speeds, the most powerful of which reaches 5,000 CFM. That is the highest of the fans we’ve included on this list. The pivoting head also allows for dynamic circulation, pushing air around the room as it moves on its axis.

The DEWALT DXF-2042 also comes with a 5.9 ft. power cable and portable handle for easy carrying.

Best Mobile Design

Maxx Air Industrial Grade Air Circulation Tool

Product Details:

  • Extreme wind output
  • Two speeds
  • Axis rotation
  • Quality materials
  • 9.8-foot cable

The Maxx Air industrial fan has an extreme output, allowing you to create strong wind currents throughout your room. The fan has two speeds and can tilt on its axis to distribute the wind current to all corners of your room.

The motor is contained by powder-coated steel and has premium quality materials used throughout. It also has a set of wheels on the base, allowing you to transport and maneuver the fan with ease.

Considering the 9.8 ft cable– the longest on this list – you can use this fan even in larger rooms.

Best Industrial Blower Style Fan

Lasko High Speed Fan

Product Details:

  • X-shaped
  • 12-inch diameter
  • Three speeds
  • Silent motor
  • USB ports

This industrial blower fan looks like a large blue X and it’s the most unique design on this list. It comes with three different fan speeds and it releases air in 8 different directions.

The fan is only 12-inches in diameter, which makes it the smallest on our list of industrial floor fans. The fan comes ready to use, so you’ll only have to get it out of the box and plug it in to start using it. Also, the motor this fan uses is surprisingly quiet, generating less noise than other fans on this list.

One feature of this fan that is different from the others on the list is its USB port. You’ll be able to connect up to two devices to your fan, powering and charging them while the fan works.

Buying Guide

How to pick the best industrial floor fan

Industrial Fan

If you’re not sure how to find the perfect floor fan for you, then we recommend asking yourself two questions: what style of fan do you want and what CFM are you going to need?


Although all of the floor fans on this list are industrial, they come in different designs. Most are the standard floor fan size of 20-inches, but some are smaller. If you’re in a smaller room, you should aim to find a fan that is less than 20-inches.

Although 20-inches is small enough for smaller rooms, it could take up too much space if your room is cluttered. That’s why we’ve offered some smaller sizes on the list.


CFM is the amount of air that a fan can move in a given minute. The higher the CFM, the more air your fan will move. If you’re looking for something powerful, then you should look for a higher CFM.

Especially if you’re in a hotter climate or in a larger room, this higher CFM will help you cool down.

Which is the best industrial fan?

Industrial Fan

Out of the industrial fans on this list, we recommend the Tornado 20-inch. Not only does it have silencer qualities on its motor, it also has one of the highest CFMs on this list. The balance between these two features makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking for an industrial floor fan.

What is the quietest industrial floor fan?

On our list, there are two industrial floor fans that have silencer technologies. Both the Lasko High Speed Fan and the Tornado Circulator have motor modifications that help make them more quiet.

If you were to pick one of these two, we recommend the Tornado 20-inch. This product has a high CFM, but doesn’t make much noise. Its motor is modified to be 40% quieter than other traditional floor fans.


Industrial Fan

Our list contains the best 5 industrial floor fans that are currently available. All of these fans offer a high CFM, a range of additional features, and quality materials, so they’ll last for years.

If you’re looking for our overall recommendation, we recommend the Tornado 20-inch Fan, which has a range of additional features that put this fan above the rest. For example, you’ll be able to use this fan with 40% less noise, while also reaching impressively high speeds. The 5.9 ft. cable is also more than enough to connect to any wall outlet in a small or medium sized room.

All of the fans we’ve selected will provide you with a high CFM, great materials, and a solid choice for the best industrial floor fan for you.

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