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Best Glue for Fabric to Wood

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There are a variety of reasons to use wood in a home renovation project, from the classic to the modern. If you’ll be working with wood while redecorating, it’s important to know what adhesive to use. In order to avoid headaches, we’ve tested some of the top-selling fabric to wood adhesives on the market.

Short on time? 3M’s super-strong all-purpose adhesive can be used for jobs as simple as securing a loose doorknob or as complex as building a cabinet. For extra heavy-duty projects, we recommend Gorilla Glue — a brand that will hold to the most difficult surfaces.

5 Best Glue for Fabric to Wood

5 Best Glue for Fabric to Wood

Best Overall Won’t Cause Fabric To Crisp

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Permanent Spray Adhesive Glue

Product Details:

  • Compatible Material: Wood, Foam, Fiberglass, Leather, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Fabric
  • Type: Can

The top fabric to wood glue your money can buy.

When you need to get something done, you don’t want to wait around for glue that takes forever to dry. That’s why 3M Super 77 is a trusted go-to for crafters, DIYers, and everyday problem-solvers. It dries fast, and it won’t crack or wrinkle fabric like other glues can, so your project will turn out just how you imagined it. And with no offensive fumes, you can use it indoors or out without worrying about getting a headache or upsetting your family – especially helpful when crafting with kids!

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Permanent Spray Adhesive is the best adhesive on the market. It’s perfect for sticking together just about anything, including paper, cardboard, fabric, insulation, plastic, metal, and wood. It can also be used to seal foam and reinforce fiberglass — a must-have tool for crafting enthusiasts.

3M’s unique adhesive technology passed the California Air Resources Board’s CARB 117 Standard, which mandates only compliant and low volatile emissions for manufacturers in the region. This certification lets manufacturers create high-quality products with minimal negative environmental impact

Best for Interior and Exterior Applications

Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue

Product Details:

  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Type: Can

Good for all-round use – inside and out.

Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue is a waterproof, all-purpose glue that’s ideal for woodworking and craft projects. It dries clear and sets fast.

Use it indoors or outdoors, even in damp conditions. This all-purpose adhesive works well on porous or nonporous surfaces. Waterproof when fully cured, Titebond Ultimate resists moisture penetration, making it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor projects like boat building, furniture repair, fence building, and more.

Approved for indirect food contact, this material is suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications. It does not delaminate or crack, even with UV exposure, and is impervious to weathering. This waterproof formula is non-toxic and can be cleaned up with a little warm water, leaving behind no unsightly residue.

Best Non Toxic

ELMERS Carpenter’s Wood Glue

Product Details:

  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Type: Bottle

Safe for kids, and safe for the environment. Elmer’s Wood Glue is non-toxic. Perfect for school projects and around the home!

Durable and easy to use, this wood glue is ideal for permanent bonding and repairs. The glue can be brushed on, dries clear, and is water-resistant. It features a low odor, no-fume formula that makes it ideal for classrooms or other areas where ventilation is limited.

It doesn’t get easier than this: just apply the glue, clamp the pieces together and let it dry. Elmer’s Wood Glue has no odor and gives you a lifetime of satisfaction. Suitable for both carpentry and home repairs, this adhesive is water-resistant, non-toxic, and easy to clean up with water

Elmers offers the best of both worlds with their high-quality adhesives. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time carpenter, Elmers is there to keep your projects strong and hold them together.

Best for Crafts

Mod Podge Waterbased Sealer, Glue & Finish

Product Details:

  • Compatible Material: Wood, Glass, Paper
  • Type: Bottle

The ultimate craft adhesive, sealer and finish.

Mod Podge is the ideal adhesive for arts and crafts projects. It dries clear and seals porous surfaces – wood, paper, canvas, etc. – for a permanent finish that is waterproof, stain-resistant, and repels dirt. It bonds paper, fabric, wood, and more to create innovative home decor projects.

Mod Podge is easy to use – it brushes on like paint but dries clear, with a hard and glossy finish that is as beautiful as it is durable. Conveniently dries fast for multiple coats, so you save yourself time and get the most out of your project. Simple to use with a brush or even a sponge for more intricate designs, it’s a versatile clear coat option for any project.

Mod Podge is made in the USA by a household name that has been making exceptional adhesive solutions for many years. As the premier manufacturer of craft and hobby adhesives, you can be sure that their products are of the highest quality and that your crafting experience will be better than ever.

Best Value Pack and Waterproof

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Spray

Product Details:

  • Compatible Material: Metal, Concrete, Wood, Aluminum, Brick, Tile, Fabric, Rubber, Glass and More
  • Type: Spray Can (x2)

Perfect for larger projects.

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Spray is the perfect DIY tool for tackling the biggest and toughest projects. This value pack contains 2 cans of spray that each contain enough product to treat a considerable surface area, making it ideal for large jobs such as woodwork, carpentry, and even patio furniture. The clear, nontoxic formula dries clear on virtually any surface.

Unlike some of the other glues in this list, this product is a waterproof sealant with an easy brush-on application for large projects. It forms a permanent protective barrier against water, mildew, and stains. It is specially formulated to penetrate deep into the wood grain, sealing out moisture for longer life in everyday wear and tear areas like stairs, decks, fences, and roofing. It also works well on smaller projects such as cabinets.

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Spray is the ideal product for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. It’s formulated to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as exposure to UV rays, water, and even oil. This makes Gorilla a perfect product choice for all sorts of projects, including roofing, car maintenance, plumbing, the construction of sheds and other outdoor structures, and much more.

Buying Guide

How To Pick The Best Glue For Fabric To Wood

Check out our top tips for picking the best fabric to wood glue:

What Are You Making?

If you’re working on an arts and crafts project, glue such as Mod Podge is ideal — it can be diluted with water to create a washable, flexible paint that doesn’t crack or chip. If you’re working with something that requires more durability, you’ll want to choose a hard-wearing, long-lasting glue like Gorilla Glue.

Other Properties

When it comes to adhesive, no solution is one-size-fits-all. Different projects call for different traits and features. If your project will be outside, then you may want an adhesive that has UV protection or is waterproof. Inside projects should use adhesives with low odors or chemicals that are safe for children and/or pets.

What Glue Do You Use To Stick Fabric To Wood?

The best adhesive to use for fabric to wood is contact cement. You’ll want to apply it to both the fabric and wood surfaces and let them sit for a few minutes so the glue can get tacky. Then you’ll want to place the fabric onto the wood and press it down firmly.

Can You Use Gorilla Wood Glue On Fabric?

Gorilla Wood Glue is a fantastic all-purpose glue that can be used on just about any project you can think of. Gorilla Wood Glue can be used on a variety of different surfaces and materials including wood, metal, plastic, cloth, glass, ceramics, rubber, and more.

Can You Modge Podge Fabric To Wood?

Yes! If you want to modge podge fabric to wood, you can definitely do it. Mod podge tends to be suited towards art and crafts projects, so if you’re dealing with a more heavy-duty application, consider one of the other glues on our list.

How Do You Glue Vinyl Fabric To Wood?

You can use a good quality contact adhesive to glue vinyl fabric to wood. The contact adhesive will need to be applied to both the fabric and the wood and then they should be pressed together for a few minutes before leaving to dry, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Glue for Fabric

With a variety of excellent adhesives on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one will best fit your particular needs. However, after hours of careful research and analysis, we have found that there is no better solution for laminating fabric or adding a protective coat to a painting than 3M. It’s easy to use and effective, perfect for projects big or small. While Mod Podge is best for small DIY projects like scrapbooking, 3M is great for large-scale crafting and DIY work.

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